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2 February, 2011, 26 Shevet 5771
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1. Left-Wing Activists in Israel Funded by NGOs who receive money from Arabs and Europe!
2. Germany Supports Iran!
Israel: Will Germany Uphold the Spirit of Sanctions on Iran? by
Amiel Ungar
3. Is the Muslim Brotherhood About to Take Over Egypt?


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1. Left-Wing Activists in Israel Funded by NGOs who receive money from Arabs and Europe!
From: imra@netvision.net.il.

Relevance to Brit-Am:

In Israel left-wing secular elements along with European Governments and private institutions pay large sums of money to direct the country along courses detrimental to the Jewish People.
This is a phenomenon worth bearing in mind.

By Yotam Feldman


But the more obvious manifestations of the growth of the human rights
community in Israel, was embodied in the material reality of my life. In the
eighties and nineties, a human rights community not only grew, but its
members began to make a reasonable and higher living from it.  My father's
worn down Subaru was switched to a Peugeot, and the Peugeot to Honda, Honda
to BMW. Also the rented apartment in Jaffa that predated gentrification was
replaced by a quite spacious house in Tel Aviv (where I live now.) No doubt
that the relatively naive group authentically committed to the principles of
justice and democracy, began to see the financial compensation coming.

When it came time to support myself, I applied as well to areas that are
linked one way or another to Israeli democracy. I wrote articles and
investigations in Haaretz that dealt in the field that may be defined in
general terms as human rights - something that gave me something fun and and
not a bad salary.  So I began to understand that there was something
irreversible in belonging to this community. It seemed to me that those who
tied their fate - as a result of family ties or private decision - to the
fate of Israeli NGOs promised to himself a livelihood, even minimal, but at
least sufficient, for most of my adult life.

In recent years, I discovered my family's and my case is not entirely
unusual. It is a known fact, but not talked about much, that very many of
the left-wing activists in Tel - Aviv make a living in various forms of the
human rights sector. Many of the prominent activists and sometimes the most
noisy ones at demonstrations, are paid spokespeople, public relations
people, producers and coordinators and, of course, lawyers who head the top
of these organizations. This is a rather confusing situation, as you stand
in a demonstration, or even in small talk, it is not clear if the person at
your side expresses his views as a result of internal mobilization or as an
integral part of his job, like the smart phone, the distribution list for
press releases or the corporate Twitter account.
IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis
Website: www.imra.org.il

2. Germany Supports Iran!
Israel: Will Germany Uphold the Spirit of Sanctions on Iran?

Relevance to Brit-Am:

The present day Germans are mostly non-Israelites. They are a mixture of peoples including Canaanites and descendants of Edom.
They were enemies of Israel in the past and they will be in the future.
Even now they apparently cannot hold themselves back from lending support to those forces that wish to destroy the State of Israel
as well as undermine the US and UK.

Amiel Ungar



Angela Merkel arrived in Israel for the third joint cabinet session with the Israeli government. Despite differences on Israeli communities built beyond the 1949 Armistice border, Merkel claimed that Germany and Israel have an understanding facilitated by common values.

While Merkel is regarded in Israel as a friend, the issue of Iran has sometimes soured Israeli German relations.

Benajamin Weinthal of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies,  in an article that he co-authored with Giulio Meotti in the Wall Street Journal (Jan. 17) referred to the paradox of Germany,  that while considered relatively pro-Israel within the European Union context has been doing a land office business with Iran.

Germany's role began in 2003, when together with France and the United Kingdom, it formed the European 3 to negotiate with Iran.  Some analysts argued then that the motivation was not only to establish a European position separate from the American one that enshrined a negotiated solution, but that it was also an outcome favored by Iran.

Iran, positioned between Russia-the Soviet Union and Western power, has sought good relations with Germany as a counterweight. In the Second World War, the Soviet Union and the Western Allies exercised military control over Iran for fear that it would side with the Axis and forced Reza Shah to abdicate. The Iranians, even under the Islamic Republic, still refer to the common Aryan background shared by the two peoples, but this is downplayed by the Germans.

The German Economic Ministry, headed by the Free Democrats in the coalition, is still conducting seminars to promote German Iranian trade.

According Weinthal, Germany has not shut down the European-Iranian trade bank which the US Treasury Department, that is quarterbacking the sanctions effort, calls a conduit for Iran's missile and nuclear programs. According to Weinthal and Meotti German imports from Iran grew by 28% in 2010 as opposed to 2009, while German exports rose by 5%. Strictly military exports are banned, but the major loophole is the dual-use equipment such as "replacement parts for rescue helicopters".

 David Wroe writing in the Global Post claims that Germany is appreciated in Iran, although it occasionally raises human rights issues, because it is seen as pragmatic and has ?never questioned the outcome of the [1979 Islamic] revolution or the nature of the regime.? For that reason, Germany is also useful for bringing China and Russia on board, because the latter two countries look askance at regime changes.

During the Clinton administration, the Americans fumed that the Germans had tipped off the Iranians about American bugging devices in their Bonn Embassy (Bonn was Germany's former capital before the decision was made to return to Berlin).

In 1995, Bill Clinton protested to Germany's Chancellor Helmut Kohl about the German decision to restructure Iran's $5 billion debt to Germany; he also questioned the sale of high-tech equipment to Iran that would be used for military purposes. Richard Perle, Undersecretary of Defense for the Reagan administration, summed up Germany's policy "the basic German policy has been to protect German industry."

Even as far back as the Reagan years, the United States and Germany clashed over the sale of dual-use technology, except that then it was sales to Saddam's Iraq and Khadaffi's Libya.

3. Is the Muslim Brotherhood About to Take Over Egypt?

Relevance to Brit-Am:

Whatever the immediate outcome may be our understanding of prophecy is that it is only a matter of time before Egypt becomes a virulent danger to both the Jews in Israel and Joseph in the West.
See the Brit-Am Biblical Commentaries of the Book of Hosea especially chapter 9.
Hosea 9 and Muslim Hatred of All Israelites
The Muslim Brotherhood is liable to initiate an Islamic Radicalization of Egypt, The report below (issued at the beginning of the disturbances) indicates that it is an active element behind what i=s now taking place.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Sparked Violence ? Report
Eeyore | January 25, 2011


January 25, 2011
The Muslim Brotherhood has caused demonstrations in Egypt to become violent , Egypt?s state-owned Nile News reported Jan. 25, citing an Egyptian security source. The source named the Muslim Brotherhood, 6 April movement, National Association for Change and Kifaya as the organizers of protests mainly in Cairo, Jiza, Gharbiya and Alexandria. The source said the Muslim Brotherhood forced large numbers of its members into the protests, which then turned violent as demonstrators vandalized buildings and threw stones at security personnel. Egypt?s Interior Ministry said ending the protests is important to national security.


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