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25 January, 2011, 20 Shevet 5771
Current News Items with an Explanation of their Relevance to Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

1. Lebanon,
Hizbolla, and Possible Western Intervention.
Western military fleets are heading to Lebanon & Israel's army is on full alert/By: Elias Bejjani/January 24/2011
Saviour of Jewish Children recognized in New Film.
Prague - New Film About Briton Who Saved Jewish Children.
3. Iran, Lebanon, and Israel.
Iran Changes the Balance of Power
in Lebanon by  Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall
4. Iranian Nuclear program Hit by Special Computer Virus
Israel, the USA, and Britain blamed by Iran for
5. Brit-Am News-Line (incorporating Israeli Daily Report).

# Bombing at Moscow Airport
WikiLeaks Reveals Bush Administration (31 October, 2008) Ordered United States officials to Spy on Israel.
 #Tony Blair: West May Need to Go to War Against Iran.
 #  Population Swap Considered by Leading Israeli Politician.
 # Big Families May be Better!
 # Rape is the Tool of Muslim Hate from Steven


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1. Lebanon, Hizbolla, and Possible Western Intervention.

Relevance to Brit-Am:

Israel had been in virtual possession of southern Lebanon for 22 years until May 2000 when then-PM Ehud Barak gave the order to almost literally run away from it. The Hizbollah took over and have packed it full of missiles and weaponry intended for use against Israel. They are liable to soon take over all Lebanon. This could involve western nations in the area including those of at least-partly Israelite origin.
Zechariah 10:10 says that in the last days Ephraim  will settle in Lebanon and Gilead i.e. Jordan and Syria.
The report below is that of a Lebanese source.

Western military fleets are heading to Lebanon & Israel's army is on full alert/By: Elias Bejjani/January 24/2011
Introduction/Hezbollah, the armed Iranian-Syrian terrorist proxy, is resorting to all sorts of force, terrorism, intimidation, threats, bribery, division, sectarianism, and instigation to install a new puppet government in Lebanon after toppling on January 13/2010 the Hariri national unity one in response to direct orders from its two Axis of Evil supporters, Syria and Iran. In a report that was published today in the Kuwaiti daily Alseyiasi, veteran analyst and journalist Hamid Gheriafi wrote that many Western and Arabic countries have been lately issuing urgent travel warnings cautioning their citizens who are residing in Lebanon to take the highest required measures to avoid being targeted by Syria's and Hezbollah's armed groups and advising them not to travel deep into Lebanon's southern and Bekaa Valley regions or to go to Beirut areas where there are Sunni Shiite tensions. The report stated that the whole democratic and Free World and the majority of the Arab countries are extremely concerned that Tehran's and Damascus's allies could take full control of the Lebanese state and all of its institutions, including both the army and internal security forces. USA, European countries, England, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and many other countries have been conducting around the clock consultations on the highest level to abort this vicious Syrian- Iranian scheme. The Syrian-Iran full control of Lebanon will impose a dire threat to all the Arab countries, Israel, and Europe.

2. Saviour of Jewish Children recognized in New Film.

Relevance to Brit-Am:

Sir Nicholas Winton is of German-Jewish origin whose parents converted to Christianity.
Nevertheless he is identified as British and helped save Jewish lives.

Prague - New Film About Briton Who Saved Jewish Children.
Sir Nicholas Winton arranged eight trains to carry 669 children, most of them Jewish, from Czechoslovakia through Germany to Britain at the outbreak of World War II in 1939.

Prague - A new film about a Briton who organized mass evacuations of children to help them avoid being sent to their deaths in Nazi concentration camps is having a world premiere in Prague, the Czech capital.

"Nicky's Family," a new documentary by Slovak director Matej Minac features details of the operation and about the rescued children.
Sir Nicholas Winton, 101, who had organized the rescue of 669 mainly Jewish children by train from Prague in 1939 waves during a premiere of a new movie based on his life story called "Nicky's Family" in Prague, Czech Republic.

3. Iran, Lebanon, and Israel.

Relevance to Brit-Am:

This follows from item #1 above.
This is part of an unfolding of world forces that may lead to Israelite nations on one side and most of the world on the other.
Israelites will return to Lebanon and settle there.

Iran Changes the Balance of Power in Lebanon
by  Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael
Jerusalem Issue Briefs Vol. 10, No. 24     23 January 2011


    * Iran no longer hesitates to state publicly that its forward defense line now passes through "Lebanon and Palestine." In practice, the Lebanese-Israeli border is in fact Israel's border with Iran.

    * For Iran, Hizbullah serves as a live and successful model for revolutions, one which is reflected in other organizations such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other Palestinian terror organizations, as well as extreme Shiite organizations in Iraq trained by Lebanese Hizbullah.

    * Hizbullah is nourished by the growing strength and power of Iran and draws upon its successes. Both parties recognize that the fall of one also signifies the demise of the other.

    * The Special Tribunal for Lebanon investigating the Hariri murder, which is about to publicize its findings, may offer an opportunity for the West to reverse the trend and take the initiative to reduce Iranian influence in Lebanon, and weaken the power of Tehran to damage the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

...the Iranian-Turkish rapprochement has also found expression in the Lebanese issue during recent months. Iranian President Ahmadinejad had a telephone conversation with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan regarding the implications of the Lebanese crisis and emphasized that countries in the region were the ones who had to find a solution to the crisis in which Lebanon had become enmeshed by fully cooperating among themselves and eschewing foreign intervention.

According to reports in the Turkish media, the Turkish prime minister also had a telephone conversation with King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia and the Emir of Qatar, and said that following the contacts that he had with Lebanese leaders (a meeting in Turkey with Saad Hariri), Saudi Arabia and Qatar, a multilateral meeting was possible with representatives from the United States, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt participating.

Part of a Broader Iranian Strategy

The long-term strategy adopted by Iran towards the Lebanese arena, with Hizbullah playing a decisive role in its implementation, constitutes part of a broader strategy that allows Iran to position itself as a rising regional and international power and in practice as the "just, Islamic alternative" to American hegemony.

4. Iranian Nuclear program Hit by Special Computer Virus.
Israel, the USA, and Britain blamed by Iran for

Relevance to Brit-Am:

Iranian sources have blamed Britain, American, and Israeli intelligence sources for the Stuxnet computer virus which may have slowed down their nuclear bomb development though new reports (see Debka) indicate that North Korea may yet supply them with a bomb.
In Iranian eyes Britain, the USA, and Israel are all on the one side. Our enemies know instinctively who Israel is even if they do not put a name to it!
The British newspaper, The Times, reported that # the effort to create Stuxnet was a US-Israeli project with the help, knowingly or not, of Britain and Germany. #
The Stuxnet computer virus strikes at technology supplied by the German electronics company Siemens. In Word War-2 Siemens also supplied the systems that were used to kill Jews in concentration camps. They are continuing along the same lines in attempting to enable Iran to develop a bomb which it declares it will use against Israel.

Stuxnet- Wikipedia

Stuxnet is a computer worm targeted at industrial equipment[1] that was first discovered in July 2010 by VirusBlokAda, a security firm based in Belarus. While it is not the first time that hackers have targeted industrial systems,[2] it is the first discovered worm that spies on and reprograms industrial systems...Stuxnet includes the capability to reprogram the PLCs [control programs] and hide its changes.[7]

The worm's probable target is said to have been high value infrastructures in Iran using Siemens control systems.[8][9] According to news reports the infestation by this worm might have damaged Iran's nuclear facilities in Natanz[10][11] and eventually delayed the start up of Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant.[12]

Russian digital security company Kaspersky Labs ...concluded that the attacks could only have been conducted "with nation-state support".[16]

Unlike most malware, Stuxnet does little harm to computers and networks that do not meet specific configuration requirements; "The attackers took great care to make sure that only their designated targets were hit...It was a marksman?s job."[24] The attack requires in-depth knowledge of industrial processes and an interest in attacking industrial infrastructure.[3][7] The worm contains, among other things, code for a man-in-the-middle attack that fakes industrial process control sensor signals so an infected system does not shut down due to abnormal behavior.[24] These capabilities would have required a team of people to program, as well as check that the malware would not crash the PLCs. Eric Byres, who has years of experience maintaining and troubleshooting Siemens systems, told Wired that writing the code would have taken many man-months, if not years. [25]

Siemens has released a detection and removal tool for Stuxnet. ...Symantec's Liam O'Murchu warns that fixing Windows systems may not completely solve the infection; a thorough audit of PLCs may be necessary.

Symantec estimates that the group developing Stuxnet would have been well-funded, consisting of five to ten people, and would have taken six months to prepare.[44] The Guardian, the BBC and The New York Times all reported that experts studying Stuxnet considered that the complexity of the code indicates that only a nation state would have the capabilities to produce it.[8][44][45]

Israel now expects that Iran will have a nuclear weapon in 2014 or 2015?at least three years later than earlier estimates?without the need for an Israeli military attack on Iranian nuclear facilities... Israel has not publicly commented on the Stuxnet attack but confirmed that cyberwarfare is now among the pillars of its defense doctrine, with a military intelligence unit set up to pursue both defensive and offensive options.[50][51] When questioned whether Israel was behind the virus in the fall of 2010, some Israeli officials broke into "wide smiles", fueling speculation that the government of Israel was involved with its genesis.[52] American presidential advisor Gary Samore also smiled when Stuxnet was mentioned,[24] although American officials have indicated that the virus originated abroad.[52]

In 2009, a year before Stuxnet was discovered, Scott Borg of the United States Cyber-Consequences Unit (US-CCU) suggested that Israel might prefer to mount a cyber-attack rather than a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities...Experts believe that Israel also somehow acquired P-1s [type of centrifuge for developing nuclear weapons] and tested Stuxnet on the centrifuges, installed at the Dimona facility that is part of its own nuclear program.[24] The equipment may be from the United States, which received P-1s from Libya's former nuclear program.[54][24].

 A diplomatic cable obtained by WikiLeaks showed how the United States was advised to target Iran's nuclear capabilities through 'covert sabotage'.[56]

Some have also referred to several clues in the code such as a concealed reference to the word "MYRTUS", believed to refer to the Myrtle tree, or Hadassah in Hebrew. Hadassah was the birth name of the former Jewish queen of Persia, Queen Esther...Also, the number 19790509 appears once in the [Stuxnet] code and might refer to the date "1979 May 09", the day Habib Elghanian, a Persian Jew, was executed in Tehran.[28][60][61] This data is not conclusive, since, as written by Symantec, "Attackers would have the natural desire to implicate another party."[28]

Ralph Langner, a German cyber-security researcher, called the malware "a one-shot weapon" and said that the intended target was probably hit,[62] although he admitted this was speculation.[25] Langner also speculated that the infection may have spread from USB drives belonging to Russian contractors.[63]

5. Brit-Am News-Line (incorporating Israeli Daily Report).

# Bombing at Moscow Airport (24 January) suicide bomber tentatively attributed to Chechyna separatists or another Islamic group from the Caucasus. ca. 35 killed, 180 wounded.

# WikiLeaks Reveals Bush Administration (31 October, 2008) Ordered United States officials to Spy on Israel http://www.israelnationalnews.com/

#Tony Blair: West May Need to Go to War Against Iran

#  Population Swap Considered by Leading Israeli Politician.
Leaked confidential documents published by Al-Jazeera and the Guardian reveal that during her tenure as Israeli foreign minister in Ehud Olmert's government, Tzipi Livni pressed for the "transfer" of some of Israel's own Arab citizens into a future Palestinian state as part of a land-swap deal that would exchange Palestinian villages now in Israel for Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

# Big Families May be Better!
A recent sociological study from Bar Ilan University shows that (contrary to stereotype) all other things being equal children from large families learn better than those with none or fewer siblings.

# Rape is the Tool of Muslim Hate from Steven Shamrak <stevenshamrak.e@gmail.com>
A group of seven young men allegedly trapped a 21-year-old mother in her laundry in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, and raped her as her children slept. The men, Mohammad Zaoli, 21, Aru Gar, 19, Mohammed El Nour, 18, and Akoak Manon, 18, and three youths aged 17, 16 and 14. All of them came to Australia as refugees from Sudan and Afghanistan.

Incorporating (for the time being):
Israeli Daily Report


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