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21 January, 2011, 16 Shevet 5771
Current News Items with an Explanation of their Relevance to Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

1. Religious People (especially Jews) Are Happier!

Jews, religious or not, top US 'well-being' index
2. Obama Forced by American Public to Support Israel in UN!
3. Outlines for a Brit-Am Article: What Kind of Israeli Army Do We Need?
A Brit-Am View of the IDF and the Ideal Army.
The Present Reality.
The Torah Position.
Brit-Am Recommendations.


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1. Religious People (especially Jews) Are Happier!

Relevance to Brit-Am:

Brit-Am promotes believe in  the Bible and adherence to Biblical Values. Religious Jews on the whole live by the Bible.
Statistically they enjoy a higher degree of well-being than any other group. This proves the value of the Bible as a guide to life.

Jews, religious or not, top US 'well-being' index
01/17/2011 16:16

Athiests, Catholics, Mormans, Muslims fall behind Jews; Gallup analysis claims "strong positive relationship between religiosity and well-being."

NEW YORK ' For happiness, there's no group quite like American Jews.

Indeed, they scored the highest of any US religious group in terms of  'well-being' ' even though more than half of American Jews qualify as 'nonreligious,' according to the new Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

The survey was taken of more than 550,000 people who were scored on questions used to indicate their emotional health, physical health, work environment and healthy behavior.

Jews were ranked No. 1, followed by nonreligious or atheists/agnostics, Catholics, Mormons, Muslims and other religions.

Protestants scored the lowest.

Individual groups were also divided among the 'very religious' (based on how important religion is in their lives); the 'nonreligious' (those who say religion isn't important); and the 'moderately religious,' (who fall somewhere in between). More than half ' 55 percent ' of US Jews were classified as 'nonreligious,' while 16% were 'very religious.'

Seventy-five percent of Mormons deemed themselves 'very religious,' the most of any group. Nonreligious Americans came in second in the study. Gallup-Healthways said this group, although small in size, likely scored high because it includes unaffiliated Americans who may be religious but don't belong to a specific faith group, as well as atheists and agnostics.

The 'very religious' generally scored higher in the study in each subset than their nonreligious counterparts ' perhaps reflecting the 'social aspects of attending religious institutions,' the researchers suggested.

American Jews were no exception to this calculus; the most religious Jews scored highest on the index.

'The findings confirm that the strong positive relationship between religiosity and well-being that Gallup-Healthways previously demonstrated holds regardless of faith,' Gallup wrote in an analysis of the data.

'Furthermore, the relationship appears to be largely independent of proportions of very religious, moderately religious and nonreligious within each religious group ' and it is more closely aligned with the faith itself.'

Overall, the study concluded that 44% of Americans are very religious; 27% are moderately religious; and 30% are nonreligious.

The survey, conducted over a seven-month period, was the result of a partnership between Gallup and Healthways, a Tennessee company focused on health. It involved a random sample of 554,066 US adults, and had a margin of error of plus or minus 0.5 percentage points.

2. Obama Forced by American Public to Support Israel in UN!

Relevance to Brit-Am:

Brit-Am has proven that the USA represents the forces of Joseph (especially of Manasseh) in our generation.
The USA is also the most Biblically-oriented Nation of all the Israelite peoples.
We have shown how it is indicated that the future return of the Ten Tribes will be lead by Manasseh.
US public support for Israel often prevents the otherwise anti-Israeli sentiments of many in the present US administration from overplaying their hand.
This, in its own way, is further proof that Brit-Am is right.

(a) The Telegraph (Britain)
 Washington is desperately trying to head off a United Nations resolution condemning Jewish settlements in Jerusalem and the disputed West Bank territories that is presenting Barack Obama with one of the most acute dilemmas of his presidency ... The US, which has frequently wielded its veto at the Security Council in support of Israel, finds itself isolated in its opposition to the resolution, which would probably be supported by all other 14 members of the Security Council, including Britain and the other permanent members.

(b) Haaretz (Israel)
Settlement issue isn't Israel's problem, it's Obama's

Arab states draft UN resolution on settlements is putting Washington in the awkward position of having to veto a resolution it absolutely agrees with.

By Natasha
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday the U.S. administration doesn't see the proposed resolution which demands an immediate freeze of all construction at the settlements, discussed at the UN Security Council on Wednesday, as helpful to the peace process.
In fact, it's mostly unhelpful to the Obama Administration.

Since the focus on the subject became a serious headache for the American peace brokers, for months now, State Department spokesman is carefully avoiding harsh rebukes of Netanyahu's policy, sticking to the more diplomatic "our position on settlements hasn't changed and it's well-known." But it is one thing, to try presenting what currently seems as a dead end as an alternative route to an agreement, after the bid of settlements' freeze was lost, - and quite another, vetoing resolution that reflects the U.S. administration's consistent position on settlements.

3. Outlines for a Brit-Am Article: What Kind of Israeli Army Do We Need?
A Brit-Am View of the IDF and the Ideal Army.

The Present Reality.
At present a male who reaches 18 is conscripted for 3 years.
At 17 conscription may be voluntarily advanced.
Conscription may be deferred for a few years if extenuating circumstances exist.
A man after deferment who is married serves for about a year less. If he has children his service is still further reduced.
A university student who is conscripted enters a special program and serves less.
Nachal Soldiers spend half their service working on kibbutzes as civilians and half in the army.
Hesder Yeshiva students learn in yeshivot for about two years and serve in the army for a total of about 18 months with their service interspersed with periods of Yeshiva learning. Since in the Yeshivot they are used to learning and applying rules of logic etc they are capable of being trained to manage tanks etc in a much shorter period than regular soldiers and to a higher level. Many therefore serve in the Armored Corps but they are also to be found in all branches of the IDF.
About 30% of all front-line troops and more than 40% of frontline officers are now religious Orthodox Jews.
An officer has to sign on for an extra year.
The soldiers receive a moderate monthly payment but if they sign on professionally they are paid relatively well by Israeli standards especially when fringe benefits are factored in.

The IDF now receives more manpower than it thinks it needs. More than 40% of those being called up are deferred.
If you do not want to serve you do not really have to though officially you do. In some situations a person who refuses to serve may be sent to jail. In  other cases they are let go immediately. It all depends on how the wish for deferment is presented.
It is also known that a soldier may do three or so months of basic training and then get out of service if he so wishes though this is not always the case.
Full-time Yeshiva students are also deferred if they so wish.
For decades now senior IDF officers have been declaring that they do not want Yeshiva students in the army.
They prefer that they learn. Israeli society needs more full-time Torah scholars.
Secular politicians however frequently depict yeshiva students as avoiding service for base motives.
This is not so in most cases though a few exceptions will always be found. Such is human nature.
The IDF now puts much emphasis on computerization, electronic warfare, intelligence evaluation, etc.
Ultra-Orthodox former yeshiva students have been found to often have special aptitudes in these fields.
Special training programs exist that train them and pay them well since their input is considered invaluable.

Females are conscripted at the age of 18 for about 2 years.
If they declare they are religious and do not want to serve they do not have to.
Also girls from certain socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds are seldom enlisted.
A girl who gets married and wishes to leave the  service may do so straight away.
A female soldier who needs an abortion gets the first one at IDF expense. The second time she will usually be  released from service.
Studies have been made that female participation in the IDF is not cost-effective and detracts from fighting ability.
Nevertheless due to political and social pressures girls are to be found in numerous fields.

There is also Miluim or annual military service for former soldiers who have completed their regular terms. Officially it is about 40 days a year up to the age of ca. 40 for frontline soldiers and a little more for non-frontline soldiers.
In practice many are never called to annual service though some are. They who wish not to serve can usually evade it.
When Yair Davidiy served it was for about one month each year.
We now understand that this may have changed.

The Torah Position.
In Biblical times only males served in the army. There are indications that females were used for subsidiary tasks (preparing food etc)
BUT the Rabbis nowadays are against ALL compulsory service of females, especially military.
The age of service could be from 20 to 60.
Levites served from 30 to 50 though one source say that in the period from 20 to 30 they were in training.
Levites did not serve in the army. They learned Torah etc though in some cases could also fulfill police duties.
Someone who had just married etc could defer his service.
A person who had problems (such as excessive phobia etc) could also usually be exempted.
One could get out of participating in battle but once battle had begun anyone who retreated could have their legs broken.

Brit-Am Recommendations.
In our opinion the following changes should be made:
Compulsory Service should be for only 12 months beginning from the age of 20.
Anyone who serves should be very well recompensed and be given a good wage, housing rights, and educational incentives.
Married soldiers should serve as long as the others though if possible be posted close to home.
Females should not serve.
There should be more emphasis placed on full-time professionals in all fields including frontline combat duties.

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