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16 August, 2011, 16 Av 5771
1. Russians warn NATO targeting Syria.
2. The Big Split in the Revolutionary Islamist Movement: Sunni and Shia Blocs Emerge
By Barry Rubin
3. U.S. Marines Train in Israel at IDF Urban Warfare Training Center.

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1. Russians warn NATO targeting Syria*
Perilous Times
Russians warn NATO targeting Syria*
Diplomat sees plan as 'preparing for an attack on Iran'

Posted: August 08, 2011

WASHINGTON -- Moscow's envoy to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has warned that the Western alliance is planning to attack Syria to help overthrow the regime of President Bashar Assad "with the long-reaching goal of preparing a beachhead for an attack on Iran,"

Dmitry Rogozin, who made the accusation, is in a position to assess whether such planning is being done.

"Military planning against Iran is under way," he said. "And we are certainly concerned about an escalation of a large-scale war in this huge region."

His comments came after Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned Assad that he faced a "sad fate" for not implementing long-promised reforms following continued regime attacks against widespread demonstrations in Syria, especially in Hama which remains a major center for the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.

In suggesting that an attack on Syria would be in preparation for an attack on Iran, such planning, if it indeed is being contemplated, would underscore Western concern not only for Syria's continued relations with Iran but also the spread of Iranian influence in the Arab world and its continued nuclear enrichment program.

Israeli officials have said that Iran is continuing to improve its uranium enrichment capability with the goal of building nuclear weapons, and Israel may not delay much longer in launching a military attack against Iran's nuclear facilities.

2. The Big Split in the Revolutionary Islamist Movement: Sunni and Shia Blocs Emerge
By Barry Rubin


A development of huge importance is happening in the Middle East, equivalent perhaps to the Sino-Soviet conflict?s effect on the Cold War era: the division of revolutionary Islamists into separate Sunni and Shia camps.

Of course, there have always been tensions and conflicts between Sunni and Shia Muslims, notably bloody fighting in Iraq. Islamists often attempt to portray this as a Western conspiracy but most Muslims know it is a historical reality within Islam.

Iran's regime tried, with some success, to bridge this gap, becoming patron of Sunni Hamas and majority Sunni Syria. Similarly, the non-Muslim (it pretends otherwise but most Muslims know the truth) Alawite-dominated Syrian regime claims to be Shia and sold itself for a while to Sunnis as a cross-confessional champion of resistance against Israel and the West.

The Sunni-Shia fighting in Iraq did not break this attempt to forge cross-confessional Islamist alliances. But now two other events have done so. The most important is the Syrian revolution. Everyone must take sides. Iran and Hizballah, itself a Shia group, sided with the Syrian regime. Egypt's increasingly powerful Muslim Brotherhood and the Brotherhood-spawned Hamas are against the Syrian regime, hoping that their fellow Muslim Brotherhood allies will take over in Damascus.

Those who don't understand this situation think that choosing against the Syrian regime is some proof that the Turkish stealth-Islamist government is moderate. No such thing. It is simply taking the Sunni side, also hoping that a congenial Islamist state will emerge as an even closer ally than President Bashar al-Assad has been for them.

The second event was the Egyptian revolution. Finally, the Brotherhood has the hope of establishing a Sunni Muslim Islamist power of its own, an alternative Islamist center to that of Iran. Possibilities also exist for a Sunni Islamist regime in Libya and at least a stronger Islamist political presence in Tunisia.

Make no mistake. Both Islamist blocs hate the West and want to expel its influence from the Middle East and expand their own power by overthrowing additional regimes. Both Islamist blocs hate Israel and want to wipe it off the map. Neither group will be moderate in any way. But with inevitable competition, there will be less cooperation.
PS: A reader asks:

What is Russia's attitude toward the Islamist movements?

They are establishing good relations with Hizballah and the Muslim Brotherhood particularly, they had been building a strong relationship with Syria before the upheaval; they have decent relations with Iran (critical at times but oppose sanctions so help them). In short, they are cozying up to the Islamists to undermine the US but not going beyond a certain point. Probably one factor behind the scenes is making deals that Islamist movements won't help Russia Islamists, an arrangement that seems to be working since only al-Qaida and Saudi institutions do so.

3. U.S. Marines Train in Israel at IDF Urban Warfare Training Center
The narrow streets and tall cement buildings of the world-renowned IDF Urban Warfare Training Center echoed with shouts in flawless English last week as U.S. Marine Corps soldiers delved into another close-quarters-battle drill.

As part of the cooperation between IDF ground forces and the U.S. Marine Corps force stationed in Europe, a company of U.S. Marines came to Israel for a month of intensive training alongside IDF soldiers at IDF facilities. Dividing their time between the Adam Base in central Israel and the Tze'elim Base in the south, the soldiers trained in urban warfare, reconnaissance and target shooting.

As they embarked on a training exercise at the UWTC, Platoon Sgt. Robert Hattenbach explained, "We've never been to a mock town like that of the IDF."

He noted the facility's size and unique structure.

"It's important for our soldiers to train in different sites, preparing them for anything," he said.

The Marines were thrilled to train at the city, raving about its realistic feel.

A smoke grenade hit the floor, rapidly secreting thick smoke of a vibrant color used for camouflage against the lurking enemy. Yelling out commands, M4s ready, Marines snuck from building to building, clearing out every room and securing their objective.

The success of the operation is determined by the captain, and the "enemy" is a squad of the Marines platoon, hiding inside each multiple story building, waiting for the other squads to find them.

"By training here, we can better combat terrorism in any area and field," Hospital Corpsman HM1 Raymond Price elaborated. "Coming to Israel has been an inspirational trip. It's beautiful to see how Israel has managed to preserve so many years of history, culture and tradition."

"This trip was a serious wake up call," said Sgt. Hattenbach. "The instructors at the Adam Base took the time to explain to us what's been going on in Israel and we realized that Israeli people are just like us. We now better understand what Israel really is and when we go back to the U.S. we can tell people that."

During earlier exercises that involved IDF forces, the U.S. Marines were impressed by their Israeli counterparts.

..unlike IDF soldiers, the Marines volunteered to enlist.

"We have a responsibility for our country," the Marines said. "You can't just sit at home hearing of everything going on in the world and remain idle."

This particular company, the Marine Corps Fast Team Security Forces, enlisted for five years, three of which they spend deployed to Europe or Africa. After further infantry training, they are sent to battle fronts in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

Before departing Israel, the company will go for a well-deserved rest at the Dead Sea.


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