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29 May, 2011, 25 Iyar 5771
1. Individual Arab Protesters Against Israel Are Paid Well Per Demonstration by Europe!!
2. Israeli Quislings Suggest Change of Tactics: Undermine Israel from Within!
3. What the US Consul in Israel Does with US Taxpayer Funds.

Members of the Fogel Family from Itamar Murdered by Arab Terrorists.


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1. Individual Arab Protesters Against Israel Are Paid Well Per Demonstration by Europe!!

Business as Usual in Bilin

April 15th, 2011 -  
Very interesting translation of an Israeli interview, from IMRA

Some Bilin Protestors Earn NIS 4,000 A Month
Translation by Dr. Aaron Lerner; IMRA Date: 15 April 2011

?It is hard to say that we are friends, but it is like the experience of a bunch of guys who play soccer on Fridays. Everyone comes and does their thing and goes home pleased. We know the regular protestors by name. Two weeks ago they called out to one of the commanders "Ofir, make sure your soldiers don't pass this point,"

Ideology also doesn't play a role here. It has turned into an industry.

Some of the people get a monthly salary of 4,000 shekels to come for an hour a week and throw stones.

"It's not a bad business, financed by European money."

Col. Saar Tzur on the weekly protests in Bil'in in an interview with Israel Hayom correspondent Ahraleh Weisberg, published in Israel Hayom, Israel Shishi Shabbat, section 15 April 2011

Brit-Am Note:
4,000 shekels is about $1, 150.
Some Palestinians (in Palestinian Authority regions) earn less than half of that per month and many are unemployed with little if any benefits.
Payment for attending a demonstration of about 2 hours could do much to help support a family.
One can imagine that quite a few people (especially young unemployed ones) would be tempted to participate in such "spontaneous" political activities no matter what the cause.

2. Israeli Quislings Suggest Change of Tactics: Undermine Israel from Within!
From: Adam Keller <>
Subject: A fictional Palestine never to become reality and a collision course
        (Gush Shalom's reaction to Netanyahu speech)

Gush Shalom press release, May 24, 2011

In Congress Netanyahu rejects peace, offers a fictional Palestine never to become reality and embarks on a collision course with the Palestinians and the whole world.

The extremist position that Netanyahu presented, wrapped in rhetoric and cliches, constitutes a final closing of the door to renewed negotiations and an embarkation on a   course of collision with the Palestinians and the entire world, towards the inevitable
"diplomatic tsunami" predicted by Defense Minister Barak. In the longer term it may actually turn out that Netanyahu, the very man who demands of the entire world to recognize the principle of "A Jewish State" will be the one who drives the Palestinians to despair of achieving their own state and into demanding a vote for the Knesset instead.

3. What the US Consul in Israel Does with US Taxpayer Funds.
Israeli Broadcasting Authority Daily News reported (May 24-2011that on a hilltop somewhere on the Hebron hills 4 Jewish boys and 4 Jewish girls camped overnight. They do not seem to have been there more than 12 hours and did not do much of anything. They did claim however that they were setting up a new settlement. This was enough to arouse the interest of the Israeli media. It also merited a large black limousine
containing about four occupants from the American Consul to park on the road down below and literally spy on them all night long (Is Israeli TV that boring? These days we have cable!).
The American personnel in question in such cases are usually highly trained and highly qualified. They are also paid well with generous fringe benefits even by US standards. Use of such a large (bullet-proof) vehicles in such territory is also not a negligible expense item.

Israeli do not mind American tourists taking an interest in their goings-on as long as the motivation is a basically a positive one.
But in this case?
Maybe all the boys and girls wanted is a little attention and they got it.
I would guess that in real terms the whole Consular surveillance operation cost the US about $3000 or more.
[ For that money they could have put them all up in a good-quality hotel for about a week!]
It could however be counter claimed that the expense has already been put out in enlistment, training, and maintenance.
Now that the expense has been incurred it may be better to exercise it than leave them unoccupied?
Religious Jewish boys and girls of the kind who occupy hilltops are not usually the type to provide Peeping Toms with anything to get excited about.
Real terrorists are to be found roaming at will in Palestinian controlled areas. Why not conduct surveillance after them?

[ Personal Note:
Yair Davidiy once worked on a Jewish building site in Hebron in the 1990s. This was before the foundation of Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes.
We were visited several times by US military-looking  types (CIA?) who sometimes presented themselves as journalists or researchers. Usually they were pleasant and polite and we did not really mind them. There were however exceptions.
On one occasion they were obtrusive, rude, and aggressive. They were deliberately harassing (by standing close to and repeatedly photographing from close-up) one of the settler leaders who the day before had had an altercation with a Palestinians journalist.
US Government personnel openly patrol Judah and Samaria in order to ensure that Jewish settlers are not "illegally" building in the Land of their Forefathers.
Usually they are unobtrusive but sometimes they are in your-face, overly assertive, and aggressive.


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