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15 May, 2011, 10 Iyar 5771
1. Pakistan and the Islamic Backing of Obama.
Saudi card in Osama kill 'Advice  turns Pakistan around
2. Despicable Hypocrisy of  Pinky Leftwing Universities.
US Liberals and Coloreds Replace WASPs in Active Discrimination Against Jews
The inroads of Jew-hatred into the islands of activism.
3. Is Egypt a Case mode of What Hussein
Obama is Preparing for Both the USA and Israel??
Government Condoned Persecution and murder of Christians in Egypt!
(a) Brit-Am Note.
Warning from
Obama to Jews and Christians. What You Can Expect!
Obama and Egypt-Type Arab Revolutions.
Quotation from CAROLINE B. GLICK.
(c) The Revolutions in Practice.
Muslim 'Inferiority Complex' Kills Christians
by Raymond Ibrahim

Members of the Fogel Family from Itamar Murdered by Arab Terrorists.


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1. Pakistan and the Islamic Backing of Obama.
Calcutta Telegraph: Saudi card in Osama kill, Advice turns Pakistan around by K.P. NAYAR

Calcutta Telegraph: Saudi card in Osama kill, Advice turns Pakistan aroundby K.P. NAYAR

San Francisco, May 5: Saudi Arabia and Turkey separately played significant roles in persuading Pakistan to give up Osama bin Laden and facilitate his elimination by the US, according to pieces that are slowly fitting the puzzle of Sunday's anti-terror operation in Abbottabad.

In limited, highly classified briefings for key Congressional leaders, the Obama administration has shared some of its assessments that the Saudis advised Pakistan that it was necessary to take the al Qaida bull by its horns as part of a bigger strategy to manage 'the Arab Spring' which is threatening established governments from Oman to Morocco.

The briefings for key men on Capitol Hill dealing with intelligence, defence, foreign affairs and homeland security, which have begun in Washington, are not entirely designed to share highly sensitive information with those who are outside the operational perimeters of the successful plan to eliminate Osama.

They are aimed at building a case for continued American support for Islamabad in the US Congress, including military and financial assistance, on two grounds. One, that Pakistan has unhesitatingly co-operated in the operation to kill Osama. Two, Pakistan has a critical proxy role in managing problems in the strategically crucial Arab world.

It has become necessary to build such a case since clamour is growing in the US among the ill-informed and rabble-rousers that Pakistan must be held accountable for having enabled Osama to live in a 'safe house' close to Abbottabad's military facilities, according to aides of Senators and members of the House of Representatives who have attended some classified briefings.

The Saudis, the Turks and the Pakistanis have all concluded that President Barack Obama is most likely to be re-elected next year. That conclusion implies that a big investment in Obama is worth the effort.

Indeed, it would be even better if they can help him win re-election. The end of a decade-long hunt for Osama,  in fact, a 15-year hunt, if Bill Clinton's failed attempt to kill the Saudi terrorist is counted with an order under Obama's hand will be a highly favourable factor for the President in the re-election campaign which is getting well under way.

Obama will be beholden to the Saudis and the Pakistanis, and to a lesser extent to the Turks, for this huge political capital that they have enabled him to amass.

What the Saudis are seeking is to translate a broad convergence of their own survival instincts with US interests in an Arab world which is in ferment. That convergence cannot be achieved without a greater role for Pakistan in putting down the uprisings in countries like Bahrain and helping preserve the status quo in the Arab world, making way, perhaps, for nothing more than cosmetic changes.

It is well known that Pakistanis serving in Bahrain's police brutally put down the recent Egypt-style Shia protests in the island kingdom. The forces sent in by Saudi Arabia to reinforce Bahrain's security forces were also reportedly made up of significant numbers of Pakistanis.

As the Arab world gets into deeper ferment, Riyadh is counting on Pakistan ' both Islamabad's regular forces and Pakistanis already employed by security forces in every Gulf country ' to provide the last stand for Arab rulers in case the democracy movement in West Asia gets 'out of hand' as the Saudis see it.

It is a role that Pakistan has historically engaged in. During 'Black September' in 1970, when Palestinians nearly brought down King Hussein's monarchy in Jordan, it was a unit of the Pakistani army led by none other than the late Gen. Zia-ul Haq that brutally put down the revolt and preserved Hashemite rule.

Similarly, elite units of Pakistan's army protected the Saudi royal family for decades because the Saudi rulers did not fully trust their own citizens or even those from other Arab countries.

By all accounts, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Pakistan's chief of army staff, would not be averse to reinventing Pakistan's role in global security affairs on these lines.

But such a restructuring of the existing order in West and South Asia would not be possible without the acquiescence of Washington. Which was why the Saudis decided to lean on Pakistan to give up Osama.

2. Despicable Hypocrisy of the Pinky Leftwing Universities.
US Liberals and Coloreds Replace WASPs in Active Discrimination Against Jews!

Jewish Ideas Daily: Anti-Semitism 101
The inroads of Jew-hatred into the islands of activism.

Extracts: One of the many dismaying things about anti-Semitism is its lack of originality. The rhetoric and setting change, but the substance persists. Anti- Semitism on American campuses is no exception, but the mere fact that it exists, and that it is virulent, is sufficient to merit the alarm it has caused.

Enough material has accumulated on this particular instance of the general phenomenon to form a subgenre of its own. Notable book-length entries include Academics Against Israel and the Jews, a collection edited by Manfred Gerstenfeld; Jewish Identity and Civil Rights in America by Kenneth Marcus, which addresses legal issues related to Jews as an ethnic group; and Jerome Karabel 's earlier study, The Chosen: The Hidden History of Admission and Exclusion at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton,, on the history of admissions policies at elite institutions that discriminated against Jews on account of their "character".

These are now joined by a new collection, Anti-Semitism on the Campus: Past and Present, edited by Eunice Pollack, which ably and usefully extends the analytic discussion.

Judgments regarding Jews "character" are at the core of the new campus anti-Semitism as well, but today they relate exclusively to Israel.

TO UNDERSTAND today's phenomenon, it helps to know a little pre-history. A good example is offered by women-only Wellesley College in Massachusetts, where, as Jerrold Auerbach shows here, a strict quota on the number of Jews was in place through the 1960s, and simple requests by Jewish students for postponing examinations on Yom Kippur were denied as blithely as were bids for tenure by religiously observant Jewish faculty. At the same time, in its department of African-American studies, Wellesley employed a professor, Tony Martin, who preached Afrocentric nonsense, and whose class assignments featured The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews ' an infamous tract accusing Jews of being behind the slave trade. When criticized, Martin was defended by administrators on the grounds of "academic freedom" ' today's last refuge of scoundrels. Jewish students, increasingly marginalized, were forced to choose between speaking out and shutting up; legally unrecognized as a minority, they were not entitled to the federal protections against ethnic and other types of harassment routinely afforded to all other groups on campus.

The Martin case is symptomatic in more ways than one. It says something about the sources of the new campus anti-Semitism, which emanates exclusively from the precincts of the far Left, including the Jewish Left, and the Left's political allies: black and Muslim students and their organizations.

It also says something about the abettors.

The bigoted but genteel WASP administrators of the past are gone, replaced by bureaucrats who above all want to maintain quiet, and who will indulge the most blatant anti-Semites in order to do so, especially if the attacks on Jews stem from a designated "victim" class.

As Pollack shows in her own contribution, today's Muslims and Palestinians draw on the earlier experiences of radical black students.

The Nation of Islam, Malcolm X, Amiri Baraka, and Stokely Carmichael were the real pioneers in demonizing Jews and Israel in the universities (and beyond); in the process, they routinely made use of classical anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist tropes.

For their part, professors, including Jewish professors, tie themselves in knots to be on the "right side. "

American universities are not yet so poisoned as are their counterparts in Great Britain and elsewhere. The example of Canadian universities...shows how all this can change in an explicitly multicultural  regime. As for the American people, they are nowhere near as anti-Semitic or as anti-Israel as are Europeans and others; it also helps to keep in mind that universities are not so much bellwethers of the larger society as carefully manufactured and nurtured artifacts. Still, the inroads of anti- Semitism into these islands of activism are a warning of what could yet occur in the world at large of opinion affected by their preachments.

3. Is Egypt a Case model; of What Hussein Obama is Preparing for Both the USA and Israel?
Government Condoned Persecution and murder of Christians in Egypt!

Warning from Obama to Jews and Christians. What You Can Expect!
Obama helped the Egyptians overthrow Mubarak who was a bad man and an enemy of Israel.
He was however a realist and half-sane.
In his place we now have Muslim Fundamentalists who may well turn out to be much worse.
Obama is actually proud of what has been done and is using it as a justification to pressure Israel
to make even more concessions the out come of which is liable to threaten the very existence of the Jewish presence.
The first extract below describes
ty\the present approach of Obama.
The second shows how the Egyptians now treat Christians. It was bad before and now it is getting worse!!
The Christians in question are Copts. Their religion is similar to that of the Catholics.
Many of our subscribers are Jews or  fundamentalist Christians.
We may feel little empathy with these Copts who also may not care much for us.
That is not the point.
The point is that what is being done to them and much much worse is liable to be done to us if
Obama and his Arab friends have their way.
This is a warning!

(a) (b) Obama and Egypt-Type Arab Revolutions. Quotation from CAROLINE B. GLICK.

On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal reported that while Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is in Washington next week, and before the premier has a chance to give his scheduled address to a joint session of Congress, Obama will give a new speech to the Arab world. In that speech, Obama will praise the populist movements that have risen up against Arab tyrannies and embrace them as the model for the future. As for Israel, the report claimed that the Obama administration is still trying to decide whether the time is right to put the screws on Israel once more.
Column One: Obama's newest ambush

(c) The Revolutions in Practice.
Muslim 'Inferiority Complex' Kills Christians
by Raymond
May 14, 2011


Days ago in Egypt, throngs of Muslims (henceforth, "Islamists"), estimated at 3,000, fired guns and rifles and hurled Molotov cocktails at Coptic churches, homes, and businesses in the Imbaba region near Cairo: twelve Christians were killed some shot by snipers atop rooftops '232 injured; three churches were set aflame to cries of "Allahu Akbar," while Coptic homes were looted and torched.

As usual, Egyptian leadership did little to stop this latest rampage. According to eyewitnesses, though the mob opened fire around 5:30 p.m., the military did not arrive till 10 p.m., providing ample time to terrorize the Copts. One priest said "I called everyone, but no one bothered to come. I mourn all those young people who died," naively adding "We now must ask for international protection." Noting that this attack is unprecedented in scope, Muslim liberal writer Nabil Sharaf el Din said "The army is either incapable [of stopping anti-Christian violence] or is an accomplice to the Salafis [Islamists]."

So what triggered this latest bit of Salafi savagery oor, as the MSM calls it, "sectarian strife"' Islamists claim that a Christian girl converted to Islam and the Coptic Church responded by abducting her and torturing her into renouncing Islam. Hence, the wild rampage was part of a "rescue" effort.

This issue of Christian women supposedly converting to Islam only to be kidnapped by the Coptic Church is the Islamists' latest excuse to make Coptic life a living hell (especially ironic since the well-documented reality in Egypt is the opposite: Islamists regularly kidnap and force Christian women to convert to Islam). Indeed, days before this rampage, thousands of Islamists marched in front of St. Mark Cathedral, Coptic Pope Shenouda's residence, demanding the "release" of other Christian women two wives of clerrgy, whom Muslims insist also converted to Islam only to be abducted and tormented by the Coptic Church to return to Christianity.

(The notion of torturing people into returning to their original religion obviously comports well with Muslim logic: aside from the other Sharia schools which recommend outright execution of apostates, the "liberal" Hanafi school, which is dominant in Egypt, maintains that apostate women should merely be imprisoned and beaten till they come to their senses and return to Islam.)

That these Coptic women have publicly insisted that they never converted to Islam does not seem to matter much; one of them, Camelia Shehata appeared on video months ago proclaiming that she will "live and die as a Christian"; she appeared again last week with her priest husband and young child, emphatically denying that she ever converted to Islam, imploring Muslims to leave them in peace.

This supposedly "chivalrous" behavior "rescuing" dammsel converts to Islam even when they insist on never converting highlights the Islamic world's obsession with the issue of conversion: while it is known that those who convert out, the apostates, should be put to death, few people are aware that those who convert in against their will or not, based on false rumors or not are a great source of validation for Islam, and thus must be secured.


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