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17 April, 2011, 13 Nissan 5771
1. Information About the Alawi Pagan Rulers of Syria
2. German gov't sought to bribe judge during Eichmann trial
3. Glenn Beck a Victim of Conspiracy Frauds
(a) Brit-Am Explanation.
(b) The Article. Why Glenn Beck lost it By Dana Milbank,
4. Jersey (Britain) looks to Israel for help in diversifying.
5. Iran Fortifying Border Entanglements in Southeast.



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1. Information About the Alawi Pagan Rulers of Syria.
The Alawi Capture of Power in Syria
by Daniel Pipes
Middle Eastern Studies

2. German gov't sought to bribe judge during Eichmann trial.
04/11/2011 03:11

BERLIN The West German administration of Konrad Adenauer, Germany's first post-Holocaust Chancellor (during 1961-62), considered issuing payments to an Israeli judge presiding over the Eichmann trial to prevent future Nazi prosecutions, according to a newly released document from the archives of Germany's Federal Intelligence Service (BND).

The weekly Der Spiegel magazine reported on Saturday that a BND agent consulted with Israeli prosecutors 'over the closing argument,' in the prosecutor's office. According to the BND document, the agent notified the Bonnbased West German government that Israeli prosecutors 'would show a positive position toward State Secretary Dr. Globke.'

Hans Globke, who issued a legal commentary supporting the anti-Semitic Reich Citizenship Law which stripped German Jews of their citizenship, was a key aide to Adenauer, and administered the West-German Chancellery.

Adenauer had a single purpose during the Eichmann trial: to extract from the Israeli side what Eichmann planned to say, and which Nazis he intended to incriminate as part of Germany's elimination of European Jewry. High-level posts in West Germany's post-Shoah government were filled with Nazis, including Hans Globke and Reinhard Gehlen, who oversaw West Germany's Gehlen intelligence organization, the predecessor to the BND.

Gehlen was involved in the elimination anti-Semitism of the Nazis on the eastern front during World War II.

While the BND document reveals new light on West Germany's panic about damage to the reputation of the Federal Republic, declassified CIA documents five years ago showed that Adenauer already went to great lengths to protect Globke.

In 1960, the Adenauer government convinced the CIA to exert pressure on Life magazine to delete a reference to Globke in Eichmann's memoirs, which the magazine published.

3. Glenn Beck a Victim of Conspiracy Frauds
(a) Brit-Am Explanation.
Excerpt from the article below seem accurate enough. I only saw the Glenn Beck once and then only for a few minutes.
it was not our immediate field of interest. Nevertheless I did follow here and there commentary about him.
What he said about Soros may not be correct but  it is Soros who has to provide the answer not Beck.
Soros is the one who put himself in the way of suspicion by his own actions and comments.
What Beck said about Reform Rabbis may have been out of place. It was something that could only bring harm and no benefit.
Nevertheless it is easy to see how the impression Beck spoke of could have been made.
The thing about the Rothschilds etc is pure anti-Semitism.
I do not know if Beck is anti-Jewish or not. My impression is that he is not.
He made the mistake that many people on the right make. He got taken in by Conspiracy Theories. These are lies but they are often dressed up in a semi-factual veneer that misleads otherwise good people.
Even in the State of Israel there are people in the otherwise highly revered Arutz-7 network and people on the so-called Sanhedrin board who are, or at least were, also infected by the Conspiracy Theory sickness despite its anti-Jewish sources.
See our article:
Cracker True
This article mainly discuss color prejudice and using what may be the justified resentment of White People as an excuse to hurt Jews. The same point however applies to the adoption of Conspiracy Theories.
There is collusion and co-operation.
The forces of evil instinctively co-operate in order to harm the Jewish and Israelite Peoples.
There is not formal Conspiracy.
People who advocate Conspiracy Theories are the conscious or non-conscious propagators of lies that can only do harm.  
The truth is on our side we do not need falsehood.

(b) The Article.
Why Glenn Beck lost it
By Dana Milbank, Wednesday, April , 5:19 PM

On Wednesday, Fox News announced that it was ending Glenn Beck ''s daily
cable-TV show.

These are not unrelated events.

When Beck's show made its debut on Fox News Channel in January 2009, the nation was in the throes of an economic collapse the likes of which had not been seen since the 1930s. Beck's angry broadcasts about the nation's imminent doom perfectly rode the wave of fear that had washed across the nation, and the relatively unknown entertainer suddenly had 3 million viewers a night and tens of thousands answering his call to rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

But as the recession began to ease, Beck's apocalyptic forecasts andominous conspiracies became less persuasive, and his audience began to drift away. Beck responded with a doubling-down that ultimately brought about his demise on Fox.He pushed further into dark conspiracies, urging his viewers to hoard food in their homes and to buy freeze-dried meals for sustenance when civilization breaks down. He spun a conspiracy theory in which the American left was in cahoots with an emerging caliphate in the Middle East. And, most ominously, he began to traffic regularly in anti-Semitic themes. This vile turn for Beck reached its logical extreme two weeks ago, when he devoted his entire show to a conspiracy theory about various bankers,including the Rothschilds, to create the Federal Reserve.

To make this case, Beck hosted the conspiracy theorist G. Edward Griffin, who has publicly argued that the anti-Semitic tract 'The Protocols of the Eldersof Zion' accurately describes much of what is happening in our worldtoday. A month earlier, Beck, on his radio program, had described Reform rabbis as 'generally political in nature, adding: "It s almost like Islam, radicalized Islam in a way."

A few months before that, he had attacked the Jewish billionaire George Soros, a Holocaust survivor, as a puppet master  and read descriptions of him as an unscrupulous profiteer  who sucks the blood from people. Beck falsely called Soros a collaborator with Nazis who saw people into the gas chambers.

4. Jersey (Britain) looks to Israel for help in diversifying


Jersey is planning to develop e-gaming and clean technology industries with the help of Israel in a move to diversify its economy.

By Sean O'Hare
The Jersey government has formed a strategic partnership with UK Israel Business, an organisation that encourages trade, industry and investment between the UK, States of Jersey and Israel and will send ministers to Tel Aviv at the end of May to discuss opportunities.

Jersey will hope to benefit from Israel's renowned expertise in e-gaming software and water technology while Israeli firms expanding in Europe will be invited to consider Jersey as an alternative option for basing their operations.

Senator Maclean said 'While in Israel, we will be actively marketing Jersey to leading Israeli intermediaries and organisations, to encourage trade and facilitate inward investment.

"Our aim is to make it clear that Jersey is very much 'open for business' with this important market.'

During the visit to Israel, to take place at the end of May, Jersey ministers will visit a number of key financial services and clean technology businesses, and hold round table meetings with e-gaming entrepreneurs.

The clean technology businesses are expected to include renewable energy and electric vehicles.

The spokesman from UK Israel Businesses added: "Israel is considered expert when it comes to clean technologies, including water efficiency and agricultural irrigation.

"Jersey has the agriculture and one of the world's best tidal flows, as
well as a government keen on improving its green credentials."

MInisters will also be meeting with the British Ambassador to Israel, His Excellency Matthew Gould, and the Mayor of Jerusalem.

5. Iran Fortifying Border Entanglements in Southeast
News number: 9001260561 16:39 | 2011-04-15

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran is building a long fence along its border with Pakistan as part of its measures to block the entry of drug-traffickers and terrorists into the country, an Iranian top defense official said.

Iran is on a crossroad of international drug transit route linking the world drug hub, Afghanistan, to the Persian Gulf and European countries.

Iran spends billions of dollars and has lost thousands of its police troops in the war against traffickers and terrorists. The crackdown has cost Iran more than 700 million dollars over the past two years. Last year, Iran allocated millions to strengthen border security and block the entry of terrorists and drug traffickers into the country.

Strategies pursued by Tehran include digging canals, building barriers and installing barbed wire to seal its borders.

On Thursday, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said that the country is rapidly constructing a fence on its border with Pakistan.

"Barrier and road construction along the border [with Pakistan] is being carried out in the impenetrable mountainous terrain [in southeastern Iran] with precision and quality," Vahidi stated.

The Iranian defense minister said the border barrier would prevent villains from crossing into the Islamic Republic and would help the region realize its economic potentials.

The Pakistan-based group Jundollah has been known to cross into Iran's Sistan-Balouchestan province to carry out terrorist attacks.


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