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21 March, 2011, 16 Adar-Sheni 5771
1. Japan. Fukushima Nuclear Accident - a simple and accurate explanation
by Dr Josef
2. Sarah
Palin in Israel.
(a)  What's Palin Doing in Israel' by Dan Ephron.
(b) Sarah
Palin visits Western Wall by Yoav Zitun.
3. Royal wedding to include Jewish custom by
Ilan Mester



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1. Japan. Fukushima Nuclear Accident,  a simple and accurate explanation
by Dr Josef

Relevance to Brit-Am:
This article explains in scientific yet non-technical terms how the type of reactor that is now in the news in Japan works, what the problem is, and how it came about. It is worth while having some notion of these matters to understand a little of the problems involved.


2. Sarah. Palin in Israel

Relevance to Brit-Am:
Sarah Palin has a sympathetric Israelite-type character and we believe she is a capable person and a genuine friend of Israel.

(a)  What's Palin Doing in Israel' by Dan Ephron

Sarah Palin touched down here yesterday, the fourth would-be GOP candidate for president in the past three months alone to make what somfe commentators have started to call the Republican hajj. Wearing a large Star of David around her neck, Palin prayed at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, then spent two hours with guides in the Western Wall tunnel, an archeological site whose excavation in 1996 caused Palestinians to riot. 'She was clearly excited about the holiness of the place,' Likud Knesset Member Danny Danon, who accompanied Palin, told the Daily Beast. 'She wanted to touch the clay in the tunnel and then touch the water in the ritual bath.'

Palin has already pointed out that President Obama has yet to visit Israel during more than two years in office. At a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, she was expected to distance herself from the position of some fellow Tea Partiers'chiefly Congressman Rand Paul'in favor of cutting aid to Israel.

But in the complicated arithmetic of vote-getting, the trip probably won't help her with most American Jews should she run in 2012. To begin with, Jewish voters tend to be liberal. Nearly 80 percent of them cast their ballot for Democrats in every presidential election since 1992. (The McCain/Palin ticket got 22 percent of the Jewish vote in the 2008 presidential campaign, according to exit polls.) ...Palin... advocates the unrestricted expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, in contrast to the longstanding American government view that settlements are obstacles to peace. Among American Jews, about 65 percent favor dismantling some or all of the settlements, according to polls.

So what draws Palin and others to Israel, including Mike Huckabee and Haley Barbour last month, and Mitt Romney in January' For one thing, a chance to curry favor with a much larger constituency that follows the events in Israel no less fervently than Jews: Christian evangelicals. The evangelical community in America numbers tens of millions and votes overwhelmingly Republican. One of its arms, a John Hagee group called Christians United for Israel (also known by its acronym CUFI), now claims to be the biggest pro-Israel organization in America, larger even than AIPAC.

...When Huckabee was in Israel last month, he visited a Jewish settlement and proclaimed there was no chance Palestinians would get their own state in the West Bank. Palin, albeit in a private moment Sunday, chastised Danon over Israel's policy of barring Jews from praying on the grounds of the al Aqsa mosque, the site of the long-destroyed Jewish Second Temple. 'She asked me, why are we being apologetic all the time'' he said.

...'Showing up here gives them an opportunity to play in a harmless and safe way in the international arena while looking like globally savvy statesman,' says Charles Levine, who heads Lone Star Communications and has advised Huckabee and other American politicians on visits to Israel. That Israel is covered intensively by the American press is a bonus, he says. 'When Al Gore visited while campaigning for president in 1991, he told me he got more publicity from two days in Israel than he would have gotten from pounding the pavement for weeks in the U.S.'

Finally, of course, there's the matter of fundraising. Levine points out that while most Jews are liberal, many wealthy Jews support Republicans. With some of them, like the casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson or the bingo billionaire Irving Moskowitz, there's no better way to make an impression than by having your photo taken with Netanyahu or touring the City of David'a settlement project bankrolled by right-wing Jews. 'You don't need the 70 percent of Americans who vote Democrat to support you,' Levin says. 'You need a couple dozen of the right people to passionately believe you are their man.'

(b) Sarah Palin visits Western Wall by Yoav Zitun

The 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee and former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, landed in Ben-Gurion airport on Sunday afternoon for her first ever visit to Israel.

"As the world confronts sweeping changes and new realities, I look forward to meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss the key issues facing his country, our ally Israel," Palin said in a statement.

Palin began her trip by visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem, where she met with the Rabbi of the Western Wall, Shmuel Rabinovitch, who escorted her on part of her a tour.
Rabinovitch mentioned that Palin shared her views on United States-Israel relations, saying she believes there are no disagreements between the two countries. She also voiced her "absolute" support of Israel.
"We're happy to accommodate Jews and non-Jews visiting the Western Wall. You could feel Palin's love towards the people of Israel and her great interest in the story of Purim," said Rabinovitch.

"Israel is absolutely beautiful and it is overwhelming to see and touch the cornerstone of our faith and I am so grateful to get to be here," Palin told reporters. "I'm very thankful to know that the Israeli and American link will grow in strength as we seek peace along with you," Palin said.

The former Alaskan governor is a possible candidate in the 2012 presidential election, and as such a visit to Israel has become an imperative stop on a candidate's way to the White House. She is also known for her enthusiastic support of Israel, even in difficult times.

3. Royal wedding to include Jewish custom by Ilan Mester

Prince William to step on, smash glass during Westminster Abbey ceremony

We're just six weeks away from the much-anticipated royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The couple will have a traditional Anglican ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

However, to honor the multicultural British society, the event will feature a number of pre- and post-wedding rituals from different cultures and religions - including a Jewish tradition: The Chronicle is reporting that Prince William will step on and smash a glass [in commemoration of the Temple and the need for it to be rebuilt.]

[Britain's Prince William, fiancee Kate Middleton to receive intricately illustrated Ketubah [Jewish marriage Contract] designed by British-born Israeli.]

In other royal family news, Prince Charles is teaming up with the World Jewish Relief's poverty relief project that helps families in the Ukraine, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

 The prince will reportedly become a patron for the organization and support the World Jewish Relief's Ukrainian Livelihood Development Program, which creates job centers and provides training and childcare facilities for those in need. The welfare program in the Ukraine hopes to reach 65,000 elderly Ukrainian Jews.


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