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16 March, 2011, 10 Adar-Sheni 5771
1. 47% of Germans think Israel exterminating Palestinians
2. Israel Navy Uncovers Weaponry on board German Cargo Vessel.
(a) Official Announcement.
Debka Report.
(c) The Weapon Haul.
Navy: Anti-ship missiles, Farsi manual found on seized vessel by Boaz
3. Pakistan's Jewish Problem.


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1. 47% of Germans think Israel exterminating Palestinians
By BENJAMIN WEINTHAL  The Jerusalem Post 03/16/2011 02:52


BERLIN. A think-tank affiliated with Germany's Social Democratic Party issued a new report last week that revealed high levels of anti-Semitism in Germany, Poland and Hungary, as well as varying manifestations of racism, homophobia and prejudice in eight European countries.

Dr. Beate K pper, a researcher from the University of Bielefeld who co-authored the Friedrich Ebert Foundation's study along with her colleagues Andreas Zick and Andreas Hoevermann, told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that the study showed a strong presence of 'anti-Semitism that is linked with Israel and is hidden behind criticism of Israel, and is not neutral.'

She termed the outbreak of Jew-hatred in Germany 'remarkable' because there were widespread Holocaust remembrance and education events in Germany.

The study ' 'Intolerance, Prejudice, Discrimination: A European Report' 'questioned roughly 1,000 people in each of the selected EU countries.

The investigation was limited to Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Poland and France...

Asked to respond to the statement that 'Israel is conducting a war of extermination against the Palestinians,' 47.7 percent of the study's participants in Germany expressed agreement ' the highest number in Western Europe.

The statement is a typical question used to probe attitudes about equating Israel with the Nazi campaign to exterminate European Jewry.

Given Poland's lukewarm foreign policy toward Israel, the finding that 63.3% of the Poles questioned agree that Israel is seeking to obliterate Palestinians may be deeply alarming to some.

The statement 'Considering Israel's policy, I can understand why people do not like Jews' met with 35.6% affirmation in Germany, while 35.9% of British respondents were in agreement. In the Netherlands, 41.1% favored the assertion, as did 55.2% in Poland, 45.6% in Hungary and 48.8% in Portugal. France declined to participate.

The researchers also asked whether 'Jews try to take advantage of having been victims during the Nazi era.'

Almost half the Germans questioned responded in the affirmative; the country's 48.9% result was the highest among the Western European countries. The Netherlands provided the lowest percentage, with 17.2% affirming that Jews were trying to exploit the Nazi era. The number for Poland was 72.2%, and Hungary reached 68.1%. France reached 32.3%, England 21.8%, Portugal 52.2% and Italy 40.2%.

...some academics in Germany frequently invoke the notion of 'secondary anti- Semitism' ' that Germans are filled with pathological guilt about the Holocaust and shift the blame to Jews and Israel to assuage their complexes ' to explain the disconnect between Holocaust remembrance events and the rising hatred of Jews and Israel in the Federal Republic. The theory's proponents say it would account for the disproportionate criticism of Israel in the German media and German parliamentary legislative action targeting the Jewish state over seizing the Mavi Marmara.

A handful of German scholars, including Dr. Lars Rensmann, Dr. Matthias K ntzel and Dr. Clemens Heni, have investigated the phenomenon of secondary anti-Semitism in their writings.

2. Israel Navy Uncovers Weaponry on board German Cargo Vessel

(a) Official Announcement
15 March 2011 , 12:56

The IDF intercepted a ship to Egypt discovered to be smuggling weapons for
use by terror organizations in the Gaza Strip

IDF Website

On Tuesday morning (Mar. 15), IDF Navy fighters intercepted the cargo vessel Victoria which was loaded with weaponry. The vessel, flying under a Liberian flag, was intercepted some 200 miles west of Israel's coast. This incident was part of the Navy's routine activity to maintain security and prevent arms smuggling, in light of IDF security assessments.

Security forces were met with no resistance from the crew on-board.

The Israeli Navy is now leasing the vessel to an Israeli port for further, detailed inspection of the cargo.

The vessel was on its way from Mersin Port in Turkey to Alexandria Port in Egypt.

According to assessments, the various weapons on board the vessel were intended to be used by terror organizations operating in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF would like to note that Turkey is not tied to the incident in any way.

The operation was approved, understood to be necessary and carried out according to government instruction following the Chief of the General Staff's recommendations.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz updated the Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, about the findings on board the vessel.

The IDF and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were alerted German authorities about Victoria's interception as the ship was German property. In addition, the government of Liberia, whose flag it was flying under, was notified, as well as France because of its French shipping company.

The operation was under the command of Commander of the IDF Navy, Maj. Gen. Eliezer Marom, and the interception was under the command of Special Navy Forces Commander.

The vessel's crew and content will be transferred to an Israeli port for questioning and further inspection.

The IDF will continue its intelligence and operational activities in order to maintain Israel's security and prevent arms smuggling that will fuel the terror and strengthen its infrastructure in the Gaza Strip and in Lebanon.

According to shipment documents and crew questioning, the vessel initially departed from Lattakia Port in Syria and then proceeded to Mersin Port in Turkey. Turkey has no connection to this incident regarding weaponry uncovered on board.

(b) Debka Report
Israel Intercepts Ship Carrying Arms By Iranian Warships

DEBKA - DEBKAfile Special Report,  March 15th, 2011

The Israeli Navy's elite Shayetet 13 commandos intercepted the German-owned A.S. Victoria Tuesday, March 15 about 320 kilometers off Israel's Mediterranean coast on its way from the Turkish port of Mercin to Egyptian El Arish with Alexandria its final destination.

The Liberian-flagged vessel was carrying a large consignment of weapons bound for the Palestinian Hamas in the Gaza Strip. debkafile reports the consignment was picked up at the Syrian port of Latakia after being offloaded there by the two Iranian warships which transited the Suez Canal February 22.

The ship's documents and crew showed the vessel had departed from Latakia Port in Syria before proceeding to Mercin Port in Turkey. At least three crates of weapons were uncovered on board. Hundreds of others will be inspected when the ship reaches Israeli port. The crew did not resist the Israeli naval commandoes who boarded the vessel.

The US and Israeli navies did not stop the Iranian Alvand missile destroyer and Kharg logistical cruiser when they applied to transit the canal last month, asserting that they could not be stopped as they were not carrying contraband weapons. Egyptian Suez Canal officials made the same determination after reporting they had been inspected. Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak said the voyage was no more harmful than a 'cadets' outing.'

debkafile alone reported the Iranian warships were carrying missiles.

It now turns out that the clean bill of health they all gave the Iranian warships was not based on fact. 
At the same time, debkafile's military sources report that from the time that the Iranian navy ships entered the Mediterranean, US and Israeli warships and spy planes kept their movements under close surveillance: Around Feb. 25-26, the Kharg was seen offloading a large batch of containers at Syrian Navy ordnance depots in Latakia port.

In the second half of last week, the German A.S Victoria docked there and was seen loading the containers delivered by the Iranian warships at Latakia.

It now appears that the ship was instructed to detour to the Turkish port and wait there for a couple of days to disguise its real destination.

But after learning that the arms were bound for El Arish, in northern Sinai, Israel decided to apprehend the cargo before it could be delivered, whether to Hamas in Gaza or radical Egyptian Muslims, which Iran has been backing and funding.

Hamas would have arranged to have had it picked up at Al Arish and spirited into the Gaza through its smuggling tunnels. But it is possible too that Iran, while originally planning to consign the weapons to the Palestinian extremists in Gaza, changed their destination later to Egypt.

debkafile's intelligence sources report that several boats loaded with arms for the Libyan rebels sailed out of Mercin [Turkey] in the last few days. They were bound for the rebel stronghold of Benghazi [Libya].

It was decided in Jerusalem that whatever the destination of the Iranian weapons cargo may be, severing this link in Iran's new weapons smuggling route was absolutely essential.

(c) The Weapon Haul.
Navy: Anti-ship missiles, Farsi manual found on seized vessel by Boaz Fyler

 IDF estimates some 50 tons of weapons found on Gaza-bound 'Victoria' vessel intercepted by commandoes; Rear Admiral Ben-Yehuda says Chinese-made C-704 anti-ship missiles would have threatened Israeli sea-based strategic installations, navy vessels had they reached Strip. Containers were loaded after Iranian ships docked in Syria two weeks ago, he adds

VIDEO - IDF commandoes who seized the "Victoria" vessel some 200 nautical miles off Israel's coast found 50 tons of weapons in containers that were meant to hold cotton and lentils, roughly the same amount that was found on the Karin A, the army said Tuesday evening.
During a briefing on the takeover of the Gaza-bound ship, Deputy Navy Commander Rear Admiral Rani Ben-Yehuda said the Iranian ships that had crossed the Suez Canal a few weeks ago were connected to the arms smuggling attempt.

"This morning a Shayatet 13 vessel identified  - some 200 miles off Israel's coast  - a ship that was making its way from the Turkish port of Mersin to the Alexandria port in Egypt. The (IDF) force questioned the captain of the ship regarding the ship's destination and cargo, and following an initial examination of the vessel's route, which showed that it docked in a Turkish port and prior to that in a port in Beirut, the force asked to conduct a more thorough check of the ship. He fully cooperated," Ben-Yehuda told reporters.

According to the Navy, soldiers who searched the ship found numerous 60 and 120-millimeter mortar shells, as well as two to four Chinese-made C-704 anti-ship missiles with a 35-kilometer range. Had they reached Gaza, the missiles would have threatened Israeli sea-based strategic installations and navy vessels, Ben-Yehuda said.

Ben-Yehuda also presented a Farsi-language manual for the missiles found among the vessel's cargo, which apparently links Iran to the arms smuggling attempt.

"This was not merely a smuggling attempt, but a clear attempt to arm the terror organizations and change the situation in the entire region," said the rear admiral.

3. Pakistan's Jewish Problem
by Tufail Ahmad

Relevance to Brit-Am:
Article shows fanatical anti-Jewish and anti-American hatred that is symptomatic of most third-world countries today especially Muslim ones.
If we do not shape up and get together in time we are liable to find ourselves in trouble.


 Brief Historical Background: The Jews and Pakistan There is a long-held view that the Pashtun tribes, who inhabit the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region, are one of the 10 lost tribes of Israel. Navraas Aafreedi, a Pashtun academic at Lucknow University in northern India, told a newspaper in January 2010: "Pathans, or Pashtuns, are the only people in the world whose probable descent from the lost tribes of Israel finds mention in a number of texts from the 10th century to the present day, written by Jewish, Christian and Muslim scholars alike, both religious as well as secularists." However, attempts by anthropologists to establish a definitive Jewish link to the Pashtun tribes have been unsuccessful.

Nevertheless, historical records indicate that Jews, with no connection to the Pashtuns, have lived in Pakistan and the wider South Asian region over the past several centuries. A 2007 report in the Pakistani daily Dawn noted: "The earliest graves... [of Jews in Karachi] are from 1812 and 1814, with a vast majority from the 1950s." The report also cited Aitken's Gazetteer of the Province of Sind, a British-era government document which was published from Karachi in 1907, as recording that "there were only 428 Jews enumerated in the census of 1901, and these were really all in Karachi. Many belonged to the Bene Israel community who observed Sephardic Jewish rites and are believed to have settled in India [which included Pakistan] shortly after the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus [the Roman Emperor in 69 AD]."

The Dawn report added: "Other research documents record about 2,500 Jews in Karachi, with about 100 in Peshawar at the beginning of the 20th century. At the time of [Pakistan's] independence [in 1947], many Jews migrated to India, but about 2,000 stayed in Pakistan. Their first real exodus occurred soon after the creation of Israel, which triggered many incidents of violence against Jews, and the Karachi synagogue became a site of anti-Israel demonstrations."

Although there is no notable Jewish presence in Pakistan now, the anti-Jewish and anti-Israel protests in Pakistan have taken on an ideological nature, with religious and political leaders blaming Jews/Israel, Christians/the West/U.S., and Hindus/India as the cause of almost all of their problems. By 2010, it could be said that not a week passed in Pakistan without a religious leader, a columnist, or a politician issuing a statement against Israel and the Jewish people, blaming them as well as the United States and India for one or another of the problems facing Pakistan. Although not all criticism of Israel can be described as antisemitic, it does not appear that the Pakistani leaders in their own minds see subtle differences between their hateful ideological sloganeering against the Jews and possibly justified criticism of Israel's policies.


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