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20 February, 2011, 16 Adar-Aleph 5771
Current News Items with an Explanation of their Relevance to Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

1. Israeli Abortion Rates are Down by 19%!by
Maayana Miskin
2. NY: Jewish, Christian Leaders Against 41% Abortion Rate.
by Hillel Fendel.
3. Evil Egyptian Jew Hatred is centuries Old and Continuous!  

Lara Logan and Egyptian Muslim Jew-Hatred
by Andrew G.


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1. Israeli Abortion Rates are Down by 19%

by Maayana Miskin

Relevance to Brit-Am:

Abortion is forbidden. It is also damaging to society and to the women who perfom it. Many fertility problems are caused by abortions. A large proportion (more than half) of all abortions are carried out by women who regret it later and were under unreasonable pressure when they did it.
Any reduction in abortions is a blessing.

The number of legal abortions performed in Israel per year has fallen by 19% in recent years, according to data released by the Health Ministry this week. Arutz Sheva spoke to Doctor Eli Schussheim, head of the pro-life group Efrat, about the news.

The new data 'makes us very happy,' Schussheim said. 'We have been fighting this plague for more than 34 years,' he said of elective abortion.

However, there remains much work to be done, he said. 'We have been following the data for years and the number gets lower and lower, but it is not enough. There are tens of thousands of children who could be born, and we must prevent them from being aborted.' He estimated that for each abortion performed legally through the Health Ministry, another is performed by a private doctor.

Efrat seeks to prevent abortion through education and financial aid to mothers-to-be, and not via legislation. Dr. Schussheim believes that the organization's work on educating women about fetal development is key.

Efrat also offers women financial assistance for a year after birth, due to Schussheim's belief that financial woes are behind many abortions.

The group has convinced more than 25,000 women not to abort their pregnancies. The number of success stories has risen over the years as the group grows larger and better known.

Schussheim lamented the fact that some feminist organizations are critical of Efrat. His organization empowers women, he said, by giving them the information they need to make a truly informed decision.

'It is important to us that feminists recognize that ability to choose, that the woman should get the information and make an informed decision. I never told a woman not to abort, only that she should know the truth,' he said.

2. NY: Jewish, Christian Leaders Against 41% Abortion Rate

 by Hillel Fendel

Relevance to Brit-Am:

See what we wrote in the previous item. Abortion is forbidden.
If anything can be done to reduce abortions in Israelite nations then it should be done.


Rabbi David Zwiebel and other NYC religious leaders call for new efforts to reduce the city's abortions. 'Abortion has become simply another method of birth control,' the rabbi said.            

At a news conference last week, Rabbi Zwiebel, Executive Vice President of Agudath Israel of America, Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, Roman Catholic bishop of Brooklyn Nicholas A. DiMarzio and others said they were not seeking the abolition of abortion, but rather a reduction in the numbers.

The numbers are indeed startling. In 2009, a full 41% of all pregnancies in New York City - twice the national rate - were terminated by abortion, for a total of 87,274. Among the city's black women, the rate was close to 60%.               

Rabbi Zwiebel was sharper: 'We can all debate whether abortion is justified in certain circumstances, and precisely what those circumstances might be' But despite our different perspectives, we can all agree that there is something terribly wrong when abortion becomes just another method of birth control.'              

'Each of us may have his or her own ideas about how to reduce the abortion rate,' the rabbi said.  'From our perspective at Agudath Israel of America, and our experience in the Orthodox Jewish community, the best approach of all is to take steps to change the culture in which our young people are growing up ' a culture that glorifies promiscuity and mocks responsibility ' or at least shield our impressionable youth from the harmful influences of that culture.'

In Israel, alongside 150,000 Jewish births each year, the official number of annual abortions is between 19,000-20,000 (mostly Jewish), and a New Family poll shows another estimated 28,000 illegal abortions. The Efrat organization of Jerusalem, which works to reduce the number of abortions via education and offering financial help to mothers considering abortions for financial reasons, finds no comfort in the fact that these numbers are not as extreme as in New York.

Ruth Tidhar, MSW, who heads Efrat's team of close to 3,000 volunteers, says, 'The number of abortions has remained steady for years, despite the rising number of births, and despite the absorption of a million immigrants from the former Soviet Union where abortion is practically a form of birth control' That's quite an achievement, and Efrat has a very important role in that.'

3. Evil Egyptian Jew Hatred is centuries Old and Continuous!

Relevance to Brit-Am:

Left-wing liberals try and tell us that hatred of jews amongst Muslims is relatively new and is caused by the Arab-Israeli disagreeement. This is not true. The Arab Muslims are just plain nasty!
They should be dealt with accordingly. At the least any dealings with them should keep their ingrained inbred nasty streak in mind!


Lara Logan and Egyptian Muslim Jew-Hatred

Andrew G. Bostom
Last Friday (2/11/11), Lara Logan, chief foreign correspondent for CBS News, was beaten and sexually assaulted in Cairo during a thirty minute assault by a frenzied throng of over 200 Egyptians. According to a report in today's New York Post, Logan's attackers were shrieking, "Jew! Jew!," while they assaulted her. ...The 39 year-old Logan -- who is based in Washington, where she lives with her 2-year-old daughter, and husband -- is not Jewish.

The horrific fate of Ms. Logan -- as a woman in misogynistic Egypt she fared worse, and was sexually assaulted -- reminded me of a plaintive letter published in the Egyptian newspaper Akhir Sa'a during 1948 by a "light-skinned" Egyptian Muslim man.

    It would seem that most people in Egypt are unaware of the fact that among Egyptian Muslims there are some who have white skin. Every time I board a tram I see people pointing at me saying, "Jew, Jew!" I have been beaten more than once because of this. For that reason I humbly beg that my picture (enclosed) be published with an explanation that I am not Jewish and that my name is Adham Mustafa Galeb.

Such virulent Muslim Jew-hatred, inspired by the core, profoundly Antisemitic motifs of Islam's foundational texts -- the Koran hadith, and sira -- dates from at least the 11th century as documented by Jews under living Muslim rule then, in Egypt, and neighboring areas of the Middle East.  S.D. Goitein's seminal analyses of this primary source documentary record of letters revealed a unique strain of Islamic Jew hatred was extant at this time (i.e., up to a millennium ago).

All of the following events which wrought tremendous devastation to Egyptian Jewry under Muslim rule, up to a millennium before the advent of the modern bogeymen of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928: the murderous persecutions of al-Hakim during the early 11th century, one of which was timed for Passover in 1012; Jews in Alexandria and Cairo being pogromed and plundered in 1047, 1168, 1265, and 1324; and Sultan Baybars in the 13th century blaming Jews for starting a plague, and subjecting them to extortion, massacre, and expulsion.

A.B. Clot who resided in Egypt from 1825 to1848, and served Muhammad Ali as a medical adviser, earning the honorific title, "Bey", made these confirmatory observations written in 1840, five years after Lane's travelogue first appeared in 1835:

    The Israelite race is the one that the Muslims hate the most. They think that the Jews hate Islam more than any other nation...Speaking of a fierce enemy, the Muslims say: "He hates me the way the Jews hate us." During the past century, the Israelites were often put to death because they were accused rightly or wrongly to have something disrespectful about the Koran.

And three decades later, such hateful attitudes directed at the Jews specifically, persisted among Egyptian Muslims, as recorded in 1873 by Moritz.. :

    The Muslim hates no other religion as he hates that of the Jews...even now that all forms of political oppression have ceased, at a time when such great tolerance is shown to the Christian population, the Arabs still bear the same contemptuous hatred of the Jews. It is a commonplace occurrence, for example, for two Arabs reviling each other to call each other Ibn Yahudi (or "son of a Jew") as the supreme insult...it should be mentioned that in these cases, they pronounce the word Yahudi in a violent and contemptuous tone that would be hard to reproduce.

Jacob Landau's modern analysis of Egyptian Jewry in the 19th century elucidates the predictable outcome of these bigoted archetypes "constantly repeated in various forms" -- the escalation from rhetorical to physical violence against Jews:

    ...it is interesting to note that even the fallahin, the Egyptian peasantry (almost all of them Muslim) certainly did not know many Jews at close quarters, but nevertheless would revile them. The enmity some Muslims felt for the Jews incited them to violence, persecution, and physical assault, as in 1882...Hostility was not necessarily the result of envy, for many Jews were poverty-stricken and even destitute and were sometimes forced to apply for financial assistance to their co- religionists abroad.

From the 1930s onward, traditional Egyptian Islamic Jew-hatred was complemented by the influx of European Antisemitism, especially Nazi motifs, which resonated with the Muslim masses. During World War II, after the creation of Israel in 1947-48, and following the Suez war of 1956, anti-Jewish pogroms, riots, and finally government expropriations and expulsions caused the final liquidation of the Egyptian Jewish community.

Jihad and traditional Islamic Jew-hatred in Egypt during the contemporary era have of course been re-focused on the neighboring Jewish State of Israel...

A front page New York Times story published January 10, 2009, included extracts from the Friday sermon (of 1/9/09) at Al Azhar mosque pronounced by Egyptian-government appointed cleric Sheik Eid Abdel Hamid Youssef. Referencing well-established Antisemitic motifs from the Koran (citations provided, below), Sheikh Youssef intoned,

    Muslim brothers, God has inflicted the Muslim nation with a people whom God has become angry at [Koran 1:7] and whom he cursed [Koran 5:78] so he made monkeys and pigs [Koran 5:60] out of them. They killed prophets and messengers [Koran 2:61 / 3:112] and sowed corruption on Earth. [Koran 5:33 / 5:64] They are the most evil on Earth. [5:62  /63]

The continual, monotonous invocation by Al Azhar clerics of such antisemitic motifs from the Koran (and other foundational Muslim texts) is entirely consistent with the published writings and statements of the late Sheikh Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi-Grand Imam of this pre-eminent Islamic religious institution from1996, till his death in March 2010.

Not surprisingly, according to Pew polling data, at least 95% of Egyptian Muslims currently view Jews "unfavorably."

This is the irrefragable, mainstream Islamic doctrinal and historical context -- uninterrupted for over a millennium -- which explains why those throngs of Muslim men who sexually assaulted Lara Logan shouted, "Jew! Jew!"


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