New Book.
Jewish Secrets hidden in the New Testament.
The Global Torah Revolution

Authored by Rabbi Avraham Feld
Other primary creator:
OvadYah Avrahami

Reviewed by Yair Davidiy on behalf of Hebrew Nations.

KHT book

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New Book.

Jewish Secrets hidden in the New Testament
 The Global Torah Revolution.
Authored by Rabbi Avraham Feld
Other primary creator: OvadYah Avrahami

The authors of this work are the creators of Kol HaTor (KHT)
The KHT may be defined as originally one of the break-away sections of Brit-Am.
They differed with us over encouraging Ephraimites to come to Israel in the present time and the obligation, or lack of it, of Ephraimites to keep the Torah.
[At present their views on these issues may have been modified. So have ours.]
Most importantly of all there were personality differences.
They are personally still friends of Yair Davidiy. We cooperate at  times.
[We let them use our map of the true borders of the Land of Israel as the Basis for their present cover.]
Both sides have evolved differently.
There is room for both of us but that does not mean that we are responsible for them.
Nowadays the KHT seems to concentrate on religious dialogue. They would like to see Ephraimites draw closer to Judaism.
This is a field that Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations is not interested in.
Rabbi Feld once wrote a book claiming that the real Mohammed was a nice person, pro-Jewish, and a Zionist.
Problem is that few, if any, of the Arabs  agree.
Now they are claiming that the Christian Messiah was really a Torah observant Rabbinical type Orthodox Jew or close to it.
There are Christians who do hold such beliefs so maybe they shall have better luck with them.
 Anyway the present book written by  Rabbi Avraham Feld and OvadYah Avrahami may be found of interest to part of our readers.
Both authors write well.
We found some parts quite interesting though one would need to like the NT to go through all of it.


Extract from "Jewish Secrets hidden in the New Testament":

As this entire book and many others prove:  the NT is saturated with Oral Torah confirmations, unbeknown generally to its faithful readers and interpreters. The NT accepts at face value that Tefillin, fringes, kashrut, Shabbat, Feast Days, Temple purity rites etc., which are chock full of Oral Torah traditions, are correct.  The accusation above is that Judaism was infested with Babylonian paganism during Judah's exile to Babylon centuries before. However, the NT never criticizes the apostles for celebrating at the wrong time, with a different calendric system.  Neither is there any criticism of the NT of that time being misleading to the people by using a Babylonian-influenced calendar or pagan influenced theology. Quite the contrary, it confirms the very traditional Jewish principles which had been formulated in Written Oral Torah format during and after the exile to Babylon.  The above realization alone should be sufficiently convincing to end the misgivings surrounding the topic.
The Judaism of the first century (the birth era of the NT) is the exact Judaism that emerged from the Holy Torah-living-keeping communities of Babylon.  In fact, the NT testifies to the fact that the Judaism of the NT times was kosher and based in Mosaic code.  Had it been pagan influenced by Babylon, the NT would have pointed it out, not sanction it as this book proves.
In fact, the only NT criticism was, that at times, the common folk would be too ritually strict, forgetting the spirit of the Law.  Not that they were lawless like Babylon, pagan like Babylon, and immoral like Babylon.

... The NT has historically been misused to promote hatred of the Jewish people.  Rabbi Yaakov Emden,  more than 450 years ago,   explained that Saul (Paul of the NT)) had as his mission, to differentiate the many Gentiles drawn to erroneous Jewish Messianic sects. As legal Noahides they are not obligated to numerous Rabbinic directives, and this is being understood more every day by both Houses.