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2 July 2012, 12 Tammuz 5712
1. Quit the Hypocrisy! The Ultra-Orthodox are not Wanted!
by Yair Davidiy
2. Mother and Children Escape Deadly Fire Attack in Central Israel
3. Yochanan Spielberg Murdered in Nachlaot. Bible Codes Expert Killed and Besmirched.


Members of the Fogel Family from Itamar; Murdered (March 11, 2011) by Arab Terrorists for being Jewish .

May the God of Israel Avenge Them.



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1. Quit the Hypocrisy! The Ultra-Orthodox are not Wanted!
by Yair Davidiy

Yair Davidiy Replies to:
To Defend or Not to Defend: Orthodox Jews in the IDF
by Jeremy Rosen

[Preliminary Note: Our Letter was posted to Reactions Section of the above article on the Algemeiner News Blog. It was posted up for a couple of days alongside another letter in support of the article's position.
After that our letter was removed while the other letter stayed. Perhaps we should be thankful that for two whole days we actually received equal treatment!]

Let us clarify the facts a little.
The fact that the Ultra-Orthodox serve less proportionally in the IDF is a problem. It is blamed for contributing to unemployment amongst this sector.
Other factors however are also at play. Many Ultra-Orthodox would make excellent office workers and technocrats in the Bureaucracy. They might even succeed in improving and humanizing it a little.
As a group they are usually more sensitive towards the needs and feelings of others. They are also more conscientious. The Israeli Government Service however does not accredit Yeshiva learning. This is just one example out of many. The Secular Establishment discriminates against the religious.  The status quo is as much as of their making and for their sake.
It is time to stop bluffing.

The same holds for the IDF. Despite the high percentage of National Religious soldiers in front-line units and leadership cadres anti-Jewish elements still prevail in many areas.
Boys and girls outside of religious units on the while loose much of their observance levels.
Why are girls enlisted? Are they really needed? On the whole, probably not. The tasks that girls perform in the IDF could be fulfilled in other ways by males or by civilians at a much lower cost.
The presence of females at such levels and in so many numbers impairs the fighting ability of the IDF. They are conscripted for Secular Ideological Reasons.
Here we have a case where anti-Religious and anti-Jewish Ideology has been allowed to dictate policy at the cost of efficiency.
Female enlistment also has an adverse effect in the long-run on demography. It hurts the Jewish Nation.

AS for the boys, does the IDF really want them? It could be that on a cost-effective basis the IDF receives too many conscripts as it is?
Check the figures. See how easy it now is to receive permanent deferments.
I am not saying that the Ultra-Orthodox should not serve in the IDF. Nevertheless if we are throwing the matter open for debate and consideration then everything else should also be so considered.

According to the Bible, at least ten percent of the male heads of households should be learning Torah Permanently. The Community should be eager to support them.
We could do it. We are big enough to do this and benefit from it. Our National Priorities should be different.

Compulsory Service in the IDF does not need to be for more than a year, instead of the three years now in practice.
Soldiers should be paid well and receive more benefits.
There should be more professional full-time soldiers. IDF Service is a privilege. It should be economically and socially remunerated.
We need a fighting well-paid better-trained army alongside Universal Torah Learning!

Yair Davidiy,

2. Mother and Children Escape Deadly Fire Attack in Central Israel.
June 25, 2012 9:45 am

An attack perpetrated last Friday against a mother and her children in Central Israel could have ended in tragedy, after an Arab man threw a Molotov cocktail at the family's car, causing a fire to breakout. Luckily for the woman and her children inside the flaming vehicle, her husband, Dvir Koula, was able to put out the fire, arriving just in time to rescue his family.

'Jewish blood is not free for the taking,' reads a statement from the local Jewish community's Garin Torani.

[ A Garin Torani is a group of National Religious (usually relatively young) families who settle as a group in socially deprived areas in order to positively influence their surroundings. The Arabs evidently do not like them. Consequently, in this case they threw molotov cocktails at a yound woman in a car with her children.]

Garin Torani members are fervent Zionists who work to spread Jewish culture in the areas in which they live. 'That is not just a clich'' we will ensure that Jewish life, and the lives of those in the Garin, is not freely taken.'

Koula and his family live in the city of Ramla, where Jews and Arabs live together, and where the Ayalon prison in Israel is located.

According to Koula, the attack on his wife and children was an attempt at murder, and not simply vandalism.

Garin Torani's statement added that Israeli police should 'fight to the end against all those who try to bar Jews from living anywhere in the country, including in Ramle.'

Suspects in the case were arrested, according to numerous Israeli media accounts.

3. Yochanan Spielberg Murdered in Nachlaot. Bible Codes Expert Killed and Besmirched.

Reported by Yair Davidiy.

Yochanan Spielberg used to live in Nachlaot which is a mixed religious-secular easy-going neighborhood near the market place in Jerusalem.
It is about 15 to 20 minutes, by foot,  away from where we live.
Spielberg was an intellectual and a scholar.  He was religious. I used to see him now and again at the daily afternoon and evening services at our local synagogue.
He also sometimes attended an evening lesson in Talmud that I too often go to.
I met Yochanan through Menachem who was his business associate, at the time. Menachem was then a resident of a settlement in the region of Benyamin (the west bank of Liberated Israel) but worked in Jerusalem. Spielberg ran Mount Zion Publications selling books. He sold a few books of mine. I also bought a couple of books from him. The books he sold were mostly factual works of general interest or history books.
He also produced and sold a Torah Codes Program.  It was quite good, produced results, was aesthetically pleasing, and adaptable in its application
This program went through several versions. We used it often and published its results with Spielberg's permission.
When we had problems with the Program, we would ring Yochanan and receive a solution.
Recently something went wrong with our Torah Code Program. We received an upgrade. Yochanan wanted to give it to us for free but we insisted he take 100 shekels (ca. 25 dollars) as a token contribution. The program worked well then suddenly stopped. We rang Yochanan on his cell phone. He said the Program was supposed to work normally. He was not at home but would be in the evening and asked that we ring back. We did so but there was no answer. There was no answer for the next few days so we stopped ringing.
Shortly afterwards I went to hear a lesson at the house of a neighbor. Someone was talking about a Torah Codes scholar who lived nearby and had committed suicide. A newspaper article mentioned an expert in Computer Codes who was suspected of being a pedophile. He had been found bound and dead in his apartment. Despite the binding the Police suspected suicide. In Jewish Law and Tradition suicide is a transgression and may leave a mark of disrespect on the family.  For this reason, suiciders sometimes attempt to disguise their deed as murder.
More recent reports indicate that the police may have decided that it really was murder.
Or did they know that all along?
An unconfirmed account claims that the body showed signs of torture.

Yochanan Spielberg according to what I know, and all his neighbors tell, and his closest friends relate, was NOT a pedophile!
The police found nothing in his apartment to indicate he was.
To my knowledge, there was nothing about his demeanor, behavior, or known predilections to indicate any kind of  perversion.
A member of his family suspects that he may have been murdered over a real estate issue.
Other possibilities include vigilantes suspecting him of being a pedophile and having hired professional killers to do him away.
Spielberg was separated from his wife and lived alone. He was also a gentle person. He has been described as a vegan and this description fits his personality.
Criminal types or predatory elements from amongst the minority groups who live nearby may have simply taken advantage of his susceptibility.
There is a woman who appears to be demented and who is mainly behind the accusations against Spielberg. She claimed on an Israeli TV interview that she has a black muscular boyfriend (depicted by a cartoon character) who beats up pedophiles. This woman also stated that Yochanan had been murdered because he was a pedophile.
Since the lady is evidently psychologically dysfunctional neither the police nor anyone else appear to be taking what she says seriously.
There are however several large groups of non-Jewish Africans (Eritreans or Sudanese) encamped in the area.
These will  befriend whoever acts well to them and they will do what they are paid to. In Tel Aviv  recent reports tell of murders, rape, assault, and theft in broad daylight perpetrated by these people.
To understand all this, something about the background should be mentioned.
Yochanan lived in Nachlaot. His flat was part of a group of houses whose owners only allow a certain type of especially observant Ultra-Orthodox to dwell in.
In Nachlaot over the past year or so News Reports have mentioned the presence of a gang of pedophiles.
Some of these claims are still be found on the Web.
Those who are interested may look them up.
It was said that about 100 children had been victimized. Those who claimed to have been affected more than any others were three families from the sub-grouping of houses Yochanan shared. The reports received national attention. There were several newspaper articles and TV programs on the matter.
Questions were asked in the Knesset. The panic amongst families (especially those with little children) spread outwards. It received ministerial attention at government level.
The Police claim they invested more time and energy in examining the case than they ever have before in similar instances.
In the end they found three men whose activity is subject to further investigation and possibly nine cases of transgression. I say possibly since it is also now being said that there may not ever have been anything at all! Certain social workers and parents may have somehow unconsciously guided the children into giving false testimony. No medical confirmation was ever received, to our knowledge, as far as has been published.
Anyone in Nachlaot who lived lone became suspect. Some felt obliged to leave the neighborhood.
Yochanan may have been a victim of false accusation.

[Since writing the above lines there have been some new developments. The three men who were arrested were all released shortly afterwards. One of my neighbors whose judgment I feel could be relied upon knows one of those who was arrested and spoke with him. In his opinion the person is innocent. That is also what the police say. Acts may or may not have been committed. It is not certain. If they were, and there appears to be no real evidence that there ever were, the guilty parties have not been found. I also spoke with someone who has some experience with such cases in a counselling and law enforcement capacity. He also knew Yochanan. He agrees with us that there was nothing whatsoever about Yochanan that could give rise to such suspicions apart possibly from his living alone. It may therefore be concluded that Yochanan was falsely accused. He was also falsely written about in a leading newspaper. As far as I know no retraction has been published and since Yochanan is dead we may suppose that none will be forthcoming. This shows us something about the press. Perhaps there will be further developments in this case?
The question remains, WHY WAS HE MURDERED?]

As far as we can tell the only person accusing Yochan (at least openly) is the demented woman.

Just to keep the record straight,
Homosexuality and perversion is against the Bible.
Homosexuality leads to child abuse and pedophilia and this in turn produces more homosexuals.
Homosexuality leads to bestiality, abuse, sickness, death.
It destroys the nation.

Exodus 22:
19 'Whoever lies with an animal shall surely be put to death.

Leviticus 18:
22 You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.

Leviticus 20:
13 If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.

Sexual abuse is not reported enough. People are too lenient about it. It should be reported every time it happens and dealt with severely.

At the adult consensual level matters are not always so clear,
Due to the permissive climate now prevalent it may often happen that not even the victims are aware that they have been victimized.

On the other hand, in a minority of cases (ca. 20%) that nevertheless may reach large numbers the reports are false.
There is also a grey area where matters are not certain.

Just because there is problem, crimes are committed and some culprits appear to get away with it does not mean that everyone accused by others (without evidence) is guilty.

In the story of Joseph, we see a male being accosted and molested by his female owner and when he is not amenable falsely accused and thrown into prison.

We feel that,
Yochanan Spielberg
has also been falsely accused and brutally murdered.

Normally we would not write about it but nobody else is doing so.
Also he did have some connection to us even though it was not a strong one.
He also made a contribution with his Codes Program to Torah Study and research.


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