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20 January 2012, 25 Tevet 5712
1. Climate Change Adaptation Report for Israel.
2. EU to PA Arabs: We'll Help You 'Grab Land' from  Israel.
3. Foreign Interference in Israeli Affairs.
Part Two of The Buses: The Anti-Jewish Aspect.
(Introduction: What Do You Care who Rides in Buses or How they Travel?
(1. The Background.
(2. The New Israel Fund.
(3. The Matlon Case.
(4. Some Results. Pogrom Climate.


Members of the Fogel Family from Itamar; Murdered (March 11, 2011) by Arab Terrorists for being Jewish .

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1. Climate Change Adaptation Report for Israel
Updated: 01/10/2012

The Ministry of Environmental Protection is advancing a national action plan
on adaptation to climate change. In order to help formulate policy and
recommendations on the necessary measures to minimize vulnerability to
climate change in different sectors, the ministry financed the establishment
of an Israel Climate Change Knowledge Center on adaptation to climate
change in Haifa University in March 2011.

Among the main findings of the report:

Continued increase in average annual temperatures in Israel of between
0.3-.0.5C per decade.
Reduction in the average quantity of rain in Israel of between 1.1-3.7C per
Increased desertification in the southern part of Israel.
Increase in the duration and intensity of heat waves, which will increase
risks to vulnerable populations.
Increase in extreme events such as floods, which will result in damage to
property and ecosystems.
Increased probability of forest fires.
Uncertainty with regard to the impacts on biodiversity, with a risk of
increased numbers of invasive species and earlier migration periods of
migrating birds.
Necessity to adapt buildings and urban planning to conditions of increased
temperature and flood risks and to develop the field of green building.
Growth in migration waves to Israel, increased struggles over water sources,
changes in sea level and impacts on civil and military facilities on the
Necessity for nature damage insurance.
These forecasted conditions will significantly impact on different sectors
of the economy and are expected to impact on neighboring states as well.

Website: www.imra.org.il

2. EU to PA Arabs: We'll Help You 'Grab Land' from Israel

David Lev - Arutz-7, January 12th, 2012

The battle for control of Judea and Samaria ' and specifically Area C, which, according to the Oslo Accords, is under Israeli military and political control ' may come down to a 'horse race,' if the European Union decides to act on a policy paper that was published by Hebrew daily Yediot Achronot Thursday. According to the document, 'Area C and Palestinian state building,' the EU plans to encourage, and fund, Arab building and development in Area C, without bothering to seek Israeli approval for projects, and in violation of laws regarding zoning, security, and the environment.

Under the Oslo Accords, Judea and Samaria is divided into three areas

Area A, which is fully administered by the PA, and which Israelis are banned from even entering ' both by Israel and the PA;

Area B, which is formally under Israeli security control, but is under PA control for all other purposes; and

Area C, consisting for the most part of the 'settlement blocs,' such as Gush Etzion, Ma'aleh Adumim, and the Jewish towns in Samaria in the vicinity of Ariel.

Some 90% of Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria live in Area C, while the PA Arab population of the area is barely 6%.

Nevertheless, the EU document makes it clear the Europeans intends to ensure a future Arab state in Judea and Samaria does not 'lose' Area C, in order to ensure territorial contiguity between PA-controlled areas. The best way to do that, the document says, is to create 'facts on the ground' ' projects by and for PA Arabs, building more homes and communities for them, expanding the territories occupied by Arab towns, and attracting more PA Arabs to live in these new neighborhoods.

The document, in effect, would abrogate the Oslo Accords, forcing a new political reality on Israel, in which the entity that came into existence as a result of the accords simply abandons them.

According to the accords, Israel is the legal administrator of Area C until a final status agreement is completed.

However, the document makes no mention of cooperating with Israel or seeking permits for any of the proposed projects, and the report quoted a Western diplomat as saying that the EU has no intention of seeking such permission. 'What Europe is essentially saying here is that because Area C is vital for sustaining a viable Palestinian state, we will support whatever needs to be done for the sale of Palestinian development in the area regardless of Israel's planning policy,' the paper quoted the diplomat as saying.

Israeli law requires that all building in Israel proper or in Area C be conducted with permits, and while authorities are quite vigilant in enforcing the law against Israelis and Jews, they are far more lax when it comes to Arabs. But Jewish residents of Samaria said that the EU initiative would be too much even for Israel to ignore.

'In the end we are going to have no choice but to declare sovereignty, at least on Area C, because if we do not it will end up with the same status as Area A. The EU is forcing on us a decision we should have made a long time ago. The only answer to this initiative is massive building by Israel and the settling of tens of thousands of more Jews in Area C, fulfilling the dictum of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to grab as much land as possible, before the other side does,' the residents said.

3. Foreign Interference in Israeli Affairs. Part Two of The Buses. The Anti-Jewish Aspect.
Continued from:
#3. Brit-Am On the Ground Jerusalem Report.
The Buses. Part One.
Introduction: What Do You Care who Rides in Buses or How they Travel?
1. The Background.
2. The New Israel Fund.
3. The Matlon Case.
(4. Some Results. Pogrom Climate.

Introduction: What Do You Care who Rides in Buses or How they Travel?

What do you or I care if people want to travel in buses with the men up-front and the women in the back?
It takes all kinds to make a world.
Women are oppressed all over the world, especially in Muslim Countries.
Even in Western Countries and in Israel women from the general community are oppressed by Muslims.
Why is nobody protesting about them?
In the case of the Ultra-Orthodox bus lines the women in question are quite pleased with the arrangement.
Is one going to say they do not know what is good for them?
These women are usually quite intelligent and in some cases also quite highly educated.
Intellectually there are those amongst them who could run rings around most of their would-be patronizing intercessors.
Remember the story of the knight in shining armor who got into trouble for helping little old ladies cross the street?
The trouble was that they had been heading in the opposite direction and did not want to cross!

There are other situations one would have thought that the female do-gooders and their male macho protectors would have thought more worthy of their energies.
#3. Arabs Abuse Jewish Girls while Leftist Feminists Keep Quiet!
Police Admit Bedouin Abuse, Abduct Young Jewish Girls

It turns out however that the subject of the buses really is important and was used by international Jew-haters as a weapon against the State of Israel.

(1. The Background.
Elements in the left-wing backed by foreign NGO Foundation money had been planning for months an attack on the Hareidim.
This was to be used as a tool to undermine the Natanyahu Government of Israel and devalue the Jewish Religion.
#1. Call for Jewish Theocracy. Dismantle Israeli democracy, says settler leader Katzover.
by Chaim Levinson,  Ha'aretz
See Also:
HaModia January 12, 2012. Israel News, Investigative Report by A. Pe'er p.A23ff.
"Pulling the Stings Behind the Incitement Campaign".
For selections from this article see:

The activists were waiting for the right time.
First came the walk-out of religious soldiers from a singsong performance of Females.
Then came the buses.

A girl named Tanya Rosenblit (21 December 2012) went up on a mehadrin (Ultra-Orthodox) bus on the Ashdod line. She sat in the front seat and was asked to move to the back. She refused.
That is about all. She was interviewed by the media and gave a somewhat dramatic description of her experience. The interview was broadcast several times.
PM Netanyahu himself as well as Minister of Transport Israel Katz both nobly spoke in defence of poor little Tanya. It turns out that Tanya Rosenblit is a veteran activist against the Hareidim. She is a professional left-wing activist working amongst the Russian-language sector. She is connected to the One Voice organization that is funded by the New Israel Fund.

Then came the Beit Shemesh encounter.
In Beit Shemesh (just outside of Jerusalem) exists an Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood bordered by National Religious and secular neighbors.
 In general the Ultra-Orthodox feel they are discriminated against by the authorities concerning the allocation of school buildings etc. In Beit Shemesh one particular building was allocated to become a National Religious Girls School. The building was on the edge of the Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood and its inhabitants thought the building should have been given to them.
A handful of the Ultra-Orthodox in Beit Shemesh are quite fanatical and eccentric. Most of the other Ultra-Orthodox want nothing to do with this minor minority group but naturally they are attributed much prominence by the anti-religious secular Media.
A little girl attending the National Religious school in Beit Shemesh reported (23-December 2011) that an Ultra-Orthodox male had spat on her.
All the News Media made a sensation out of this incident.
[ Horrible Murder cases of women and children in Israel, perpetrated by non-relgious culprits, often receive less coverage!]

The incident itself was no doubt serious but how much so?
Worse things happen nearly everywhere all over Israel but then it is usually only secular Jews and/or Arabs who are involved so it is not news worthy and not worth making a fuss about.

There are Arab neighborhoods in Israel (in fact most Arab neighborhoods) where Jewish women (and also men) who go there alone are liable to be physically molested. Jewish groups who walk in those areas will almost invariably have stones thrown at them. The police will usually do nothing about it. Often the police themselves are Arabs and supporters of the assailants. Otherwise the Jewish police will not normally do anything simply because they cannot and if they do will receive no backing from their superiors.
No-one protests about this.

A Demonstration  (December 26 2011) was held about a week later. The Demonstrators were protesting the perceived Ultra-Orthodox attempts to take over the township of Beit-Shemesh.
The News said that ca. 1000 people (some said "thousands"!) had come to  the demonstration but observers say it was actually less, maybe several hundred. A sum of 220,000 shekels was paid to bus the demonstrators. Taking this and other monies put out someone paid about $100 (possibly much more) per demonstrator! That is not bad. The Arabs and anarchists at the weekly Security Fence riots cost only a little more!

After Tany Rosenbilt went up on the bus from Ashdod and all Media outlets had dutifully gave a full report on the matter and the Beit Shemsh demonstration other provocations took place. Groups of males and females were going up on Hareidi buses and deliberately provoking the regular travellers.
The Media covered these scenes quite thoroughly. They were hoping for action.

(2. The New Israel Fund.
The New Israel Fund works against the Jewish Religion and the State of Israel. It pays money to left-wing activists and pro-Arab maniacs to do as much damage as possible to the Jewish People.
The New Israel Fund is based in the USA. One of its sources is the Ford Foundation which amongst other things pays homosexuals in Israel to do their own thing and demonstrate their proclivities.
Henry Ford who created the fortune now utilized by the Ford Foundation put out a newspaper known as the Dearborn Independent. This propagated the Protocols of Zion libel and other lies against the Jews.
Consequently the pre-War US public was highly prejudiced against accepting Jewish refugees from Nazi persecution. The influence of Ford had reached into Germany itself and may have helped Hitler come to power. Ultra-Orthodox protests in Israel comparing incitement against them to Nazi activity were not far off the mark!
The New Israel Fund is based in the USA but other similar (and even more potent) organizations exist working in the same anti-Jewish direction and funded by the EU as a body and/or by individual European Governments.
Palestinian pro-terror organizations also receive money from the same bodies.
The New Israel Fund (NIF suggesting the word Hebrew NiAf connoting adulterer) themselves admit that they work against the Jews in Israel:

New Israel Fund
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The New Israel Fund was established in 1979 and says it has seed-funded "almost every significant cause-related progressive NGO in Israel".[1] Since its inception the fund says it has provided over US $200 million to more than 800 organizations.[1] NIF states that while it's position is that "Israel is and must be a Jewish and democratic state" it says it was "among the first organizations to see that civil, human and economic rights for Israeli Arabs is an issue crucial to the long-term survival of the state."[11]

Since 2003, NGO Monitor, an Israeli non-governmental organization, has criticized the NIF for its support of groups that NGO Monitor regards as having an anti-Zionist agenda.[24] In 2011, NGO Monitor accused NIF of supporting Israeli non-profits that "reject the legitimacy of Israel as Jewish democratic state, and are active in boycott and similar campaigns."[25]

In January 2010, a Zionist extra-parliamentary group, Im Tirtzu, accused NIF of supporting Israel NGOs that provided information to the United Nations report on the Gaza War.[29][30] The UN inquiry, with which Israel refused to cooperate,[4] and the subsequent report accused both the State of Israel and Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip of violating international human rights law and international humanitarian law during the conflict.[31][32] Im Tirtzu alleged that 16 Israeli NGOs, that received approximately US$ 7.8 million from NIF during 2008 and 2009, served as 14% of the sources for the commission.

In 2003 and 2008, the Ford Foundation provided five-year grants worth $20 million each to NGOs in Israel through the New Israel Fund.

In September 2011, the contents of a United States diplomatic telegram were revealed via Wikileaks, stating that Hedva Radovanitz, then Assistant Director of NIF Israel, said "she believed that in 100 years Israel would be majority Arab and that the disappearance of a Jewish state would not be the tragedy that Israelis fear since it would become more democratic."

The NIF had originally denied its role[50] in the development of the 2011 Israeli social justice protests, but in a January 2012 message, it says that the protestors "organized themselves in new and existing organizations, virtual and community initiatives, local and national groups. Mapping the initiatives, which were initiated by Shatil and the New Israel Fund, outlines the role of this 'big bang'."[51]

(3. The Matlon Case.
A young girl soldier, Doron Matlon,  was interviewed by the Israeli Media.
She seemed quite nice, very young-looking, delicate, demure, and fragile, of sleight physical build.
She projected the kind of person protective instincts react to positively.
She was interviewed wearing her army uniform and described as a "lochamit" i.e. a woman warrior or female fighter.
This added a patriotic aspect to the whole scenario.
She said she had gone on a bus and sat in the front section (27th December, 2012). A group of Hareidi males had converged on her, shouted at her, and called her unpleasant insulting names.
The interview was broadcast several times over.
The father of the girl was also interviewed at least twice. He protested the treatment his daughter had been accorded and demanded justice.
The police arrested a certain Shlomoh Fox. He was charged with Sexual Harassment which is automatically treated as a very severe indictment. The Prosecutors explanation was that no other category of misdemeanor was found to fit the incident.
And then came the Police and Court Investigation.
Some of the Details were given in an article by Yifat Erlich in the Israeli newspaper,
Makor Rishon, 6th January 2012, p.3 .
It turned out that Doron Matlon had previously lauded on Facebook another female who had deliberately antagonized Hareidim.
Matlon had also apparently misrepresented herself.
Credible Witnesses who had been present on the bus related something entirely different from what she said.
There had been more than one female provocator on the bus. Another girl soldier, described as quite dark (not at all like Matlon) and wearing the long dress of a religious girl soldier had been there. She had argued with the Ultra-Orthodox passengers and cursed them quite strongly, saying she hoped they would all burn.
Consequently they replied with epithets of their own. Matlon had been present but in another seat and was hardly noticed (if at all!) at the time.
For some reason Matlon (and not the girl soldier who had argued) had decided to press the complaint even though she had not actually been spoken to!
This in itself would not justify the words Shlomoh Fox reportedly used but it puts them in a different light.

(4. Some Results. Pogrom Climate.
Despite the fact that anti-Government forces were involved in the incitement, several leading Israeli politicians joined the band in condemning Hariedi extremism and defending females. Hareidim were cursed in the street. Hareidi children were spat upon and struck.
Ethiopian migrants hit a little Jewish Hareid girl and spat on her saying they were taking revenge for the Beit Shemesh incident. The Hareidim felt the public at large was being mislead. The Propaganda was correctly compared to that the Gentiles had used in Europe when preparing themselves for a pogrom against Jews.
[And later the secular wonder why the Hareidim are critical of the State of Israel!]
The anti-Jewish elements that had planned and contributed to the whole affair probably felt proud of themselves.
They had contributed to enlightenment.

It should also be noted that the whole affair came in the wake of the Girl Soldiers sing-along.
#4. Reply to Hillary
Distraction Tactics of the Rich and Hateful by Yair Davidiy.

This had caused none other than Hillary Clinton herself to comment and compare the treatment of women in Israel to that of Iran!

How many unborn babies did Barak Obama kill today, Hillary!
Will their mothers thank you, ten years from now?


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