Lost Israelite Identity. The Hebrew Origin of Celtic Races.
The origins of the Celtic Peoples lie in the Middle East amongst the Israelite Tribes. This book proves it mainly from archaeological and mythological sources.

Lost Israelite Identity.
The Hebrew Origin
of Celtic Races


by Yair Davidiy

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"LOST ISRAELITE IDENTITY. The Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races"

“Lost Israelite Identity” is divided into three.

The book begins by showing how the exiled Israelites became identified with the Cimmerians, Scythians, and Goths. The Cimmerians in an Assyrian inscription were referred to as "Amurru" meaning in effect at that time as ISRAELITES! The different exiled Israelite groups eventually migrated in stages to the north and west. The emphasis in “Lost Israelite Identity” is on the Cimmerians and the Celtic peoples many of whom were of Israelite-Cimmerian derivation.

The second part of “Lost Israelite Identity” consists of historical flashbacks in time followed by further analysis of the Assyrian-directed exile. Historical phenomena from before the Exile have significance concerning the ultimate destiny of the Exiles and add depth to the rest of the evidence adduced in “Lost Israelite Identity”. The ancient Hebrew-Israelites were descended from Shem from whom came the Sumerians in Mesopotamia, founders of early civilisation. Abraham the first Hebrew was a wandering prince whose descendants went down into Egypt where they became identified with the "Hycsos" shepherd-kings. After being enslaved they were freed from Egypt and journeyed to Canaan which they conquered gaining dominance over most of the Middle East. They established settlements in North Syria and Cyprus as well as in "Palestine" proper. The Hebrews influenced Greek and Egyptian history and are identifiable with the "Sea-Peoples". Some Israelite Tribes participated in Phoenician maritime activity and contacts with the west were established at an early date. In the end Northern Israel was conquered. “Lost Israelite Identity” relates how the Assyrians exiled most of the Israelites to the north where they became identifiable with the Cimmerians and company. In addition, however, to sending Israelite exiles northward overland, the Assyrians also sent some of the exiles overseas directly by ship. They took control of the Phoenician sea-faring set-up and through its agency transported Israelites directly to the west and re-settled them in Spain and elsewhere. In the course of time the exiles in Spain linked up with their Hebrew brethren in the Cimmerian-Celtic forces that advanced overland from the Middle East. From Spain they moved out into Gaul and the British Isles. Evidence for most of the above is mainly derived from Biblical, archaeological, and written sources, all of which are authoratitively referenced.

The third part of “Lost Israelite Identity” shows how Celtic (mainly Irish) legends confirm all of the account given above sometimes going into precise detail and often imparting information (since confirmed by archaeology etc.) that proves the truth of their tradition. The Celts preserved names of Hebrew Tribes and places. In the past, from pre-Christian times, they practiced aspects of the Mosaic Law and in Scotland continued to do so until fairly recently.

An Appendix gives verbatim extracts from Celtic Mythology so that the really-interested (or sceptical) reader may judge for himself the veracity of Israelite origin as affirmed in the pages of “Lost Israelite Identity”.

Copious detailed footnotes allow the reader to deepen his knowledge on specific points without interfering with the general thread.

"Lost Israelite Identity" contains more than 450 pages including an index, illustrations of value, and an Approbation from Rabbi Avraham Feld.

This is an important work and if you are interested in the subject you should have it.

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Hebrew Ancestry. The Israelite Identity of Celtic Peoples

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