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Identification of the Ten Tribes
by Jack Hertzog
                                   Some Signs and Traits of Israel
Throughout history, the Jews have been around, and in leadership positions, from Babylon, Persia, Greece, Egypt (Latter Pre-Rome), Rome, Ottoman Empire, Russia, Germany, U.S.A, France, England (Prime minister Disraeli), Confederacy (Judah-Benjamin), and every nation that has dealt well with the Jews, as been blessed for it. But if they've dealt evil with Judah, they've been cursed for it...

 The Tribe of Ephraim was elevated above his older brother, in (Gen.48:13), where Jacob, when he blessed Joseph's two son's crossed his hands, and made Ephraim Greater than Manasseh, saying that the Younger brother would be greater, and become a multitude of nations (Gen.48:19), and these two Brothers would be looked at, as the Criterion for Israel, by the rest of Israel (Gen.48:20).
This was fullfilled by Great Britain, in ruling 58 nations, and controling many others, (Palestine, Egypt, Etc.). Ephraim (England), was looked upon, as a type of Israel as a whole (Ps 60:7, 108:8), and Joshua son of Nun, was an Epraimite, and led Israel after Moses died. Ephraim (England) had a world encompassing empire, before world travel was in vogue, or even possible the way it is now, which makes it all the more remarkable.
Yet Mannaseh, was to be the very chief nation, because (Amos 6:1) Speaks of the "Chief Nation", and no other nation could have remotely rivaled the U.S.A.
England has Proudly flown the Union Jack(Jacob's Union), all over the world, that shows the very crossing of the hands of Jacob, this was also on the flag of the confederacy. Mannasseh (U.S.A.), though they were the Chief single nation of the two, still owed much of it's legacy to England, including it's flag, which had its origins in Lancaster, Buckingham and Kent, which came from the Coat of Arms of the Wassingtons (George Washington's progenitors).
The prophecies of the tribe of Rueben have been fulfilled in the nation of France "... The beginning of strength, the excellency of dignity and power, unstable as water, you shall not excel...."(Gen.49:3,4), Rueben was demoted out of the birthright. Modern day France (Rueben), has had vast power, and vast possessions and colonies, a great navy, and has been noted for the beauty and excellence of its art and finess, and in the 1790s, went through a period of turmoil, and civil stress, which was like a civil war, but strangely enough during this time of trouble, the country was increasing in power and strength, such as few nations had, had up until that time, and their power rivaled or even excelled that of England's for a while, and it took many years of war to defeat them Yet, unstable as water, they did not excell, but again took second fiddle to England, and this continued down unto modern times, yet in the future, they will probably allow themselves to be manipulated to do things against their will, as when they would not stand up for Joseph with any force, against their brothers, when he was cast in to the pit; they had good intentions, but little action.
The tribe of Zebulon, is probably Holland, and they've had vast colonies.
Belgium is probably Rueben and Zebulon, they've had vast colonies. Dan is Ireland, and another generic name for the Irish, is "Erin", or Aaron, And the song, "Danny Boy" is part and parcel with Ireland. The Irish are noted for their fighting spirit, and their physical strength, and Samson was a Danite, the Irish like to fight as a sport, but they do not like to fight in armies, as a rule, just as ancient Dan did not like organization. Their country is also steeped in Paganism, just like ancient Dan followed pagan idols.
The identities of some of the Modern Israelite countries are indeterminate, on who they are, only God truly knows their boundaries (Hosea 5:3). When the following countries are mentioned, it is not stated as fact, just good indications Sweden is Probably "Gad", hence the Goths, "dees" and "tees" being very similarily pronounced consonants.
Denmark is probably not Dan, but a branch of Asher, even though Dan passed through the country, and left his trail or name, the Danes had a great navy, and many colonies,  Simeom and Levi are in all of these countries, mostly in Scotland, the Simeonites do not like to fight on a personal basis (Opposite of the Irish), but they are fierce fighters in wars. Most of our fighting generals, Patton, MacArthur, Bradley, Wainright, Montgomery and countless others, were Scots-Irish, Even Eisenhower, being of German Descent was probably a Simeonite, or Levite, yet on a personal basis, he was a very gentle man, even his name Dwight, was a corruption of David, yet his middle name was David, His wifes name was a corruption of David, also, her name was Dowd. Many of the Levites (The Irish Name Donlevy), meaning Levite of Dan, is just one example, have gotten into the law fields, and are very adept at law, including the Jews of Levitical descent, names like Lawson, Lewis, Love, Levensen, Levi itself, Lovell, Lowell, all go to prove that Israel is Alive and well on this earth today, as (Gen. 49:1) did show would be the case.
                  The Promise Of  Blessings And Cursings Given To Israel

  I've  looked at the many prophecies about that which Israel (not Judah), would become, even in the physical aspects of Israel; I 've looked around the world and have seen the nations that have been blessed far above other nations, and have looked at the behaviors of certain nationalities vs. other nationalities, I've studied for years and years in an unbiased way, and have concluded that the the Anglo-Saxons, Celts, Dutch, Northwestern  French, Danes, Scandinavians, etc. are indeed the descendents of Israel, whom have a much more emphathic, gentle and fairmindedness pysche, than many other nations.
This is not to say that the above mentioned groups are Godly people, in the ways that would please God, it is rather to say that they have much different mentalities than most of the rest of the world, and a more gentle forgiving spirit (1 Kings 20:31), not that they cannot be fighters and warriors, such as David, not that they are anywhere near being perfect people, and cannot or will not do evil things.
The nations and nationalities mentioned above, have also been blessed with the blessings mentioned in Gen.Ch.49 and many other places, these blessing which are being surely taken from them by much more intolerant wild, warlike, unemphathetic people, also people, who are plundering their once wealthy countries, which also coincides to the giving of blessings and having the blessings taken away (Lev.26:16,17 ) and many other places.
These Nationalities mentioned above are the only nations, that have had the blessings mentioned above, and these great blessings fit the prophecies.
Physical Israel is one of the most important things on this Earth, and should not be belittled, and the lessons that physical Israel teach us should not be lost, because even the so-called lost tribes of Israel were never lost, they were just removed (2 kings 17:23) to Assyria, from which they acquired a partial Assryrian dialect and later migrated and regained their strength, so the prophecies of ( Gen.ch.49) could be fulfilled, so that the spiritual lesson God is trying to teach the world could be shown to the whole world in God's time.
                                       "To Whom Israel Comes"
The USA is a melting pot,  and it has been a very benevolent melting pot,  but the core of the rulership, and the core as a whole of the country,  as well as the financial gravity of the country is very much Israelite,  and they still control the power base of the country,  and they've just allowed others into this circle as it benefits them politically.
The power base is approximately in this order.  The Descendents of England (Joseph [ Manasseh,Ephraim]);  The Descendents of Scotland (Simeon, Levi, Joseph);  The Descendents of Judah (Jews),  The Jews in the USA, probably are wealthier than any other group and they have tremendous political clout,  yet most of the Jews are more content to have the clout,  than to have the office,  because it pays better that way,  with less problems, but there are usually Jews behind many politicians.
(The Jews and Irish get along like blood brothers [They are]), and ex-mayor of New York Ed Koch acknowledged this at a St. Patricks day parade.  The Descendents of Ireland (Eire [Dan]) The Descendents of Ulster (Simeon, Dan, Levi, Ephraim).  The Descendents of Zebulon in N.Y.(Dutch), which were originally the greater power base of N.Y.( New Amsterdam and Brooklyn) and still control much "old money" in NY,  but have generally mixed in with the rest of the populace.
The Descendents of Rueben (French) in Louisiana.  The Descendents of Scandinavia (Sweden{Gad} Norway, Denmark, Finland ) in North and South Dakota,  Minnesota,  Michigan, Washington State.  The Descendents of Scandinavia have more of a monetary power base, than a political base, and these Scandinavians have prospered as almost no others have, agriculturally,  because they are honest,  love the land and are very kindly people.
There were also many wealthy Swiss (Issachar),  and Swiss Jews in the USA, and No other groups as a whole can come close to the power and wealth of these above mentioned groups, and all other nationalities are generally subservient to these groups.
The general power core of the USA has remained Anglo-Saxon, and is Josephite.  The Anglo-Saxon influence has little by little superceded the other influences, and Language has much to do with this.  There are more Jews in the USA than in Israel,  more Irish than in Ireland, almost as many Danes as in Denmark,  Swedes as in Sweden,  Norwegians, and Dutch as there are in their Original Countries.
The Germans in the USA are also very prosperous,  but most of the Germans came to USA to get away from war,  unlike the Assyrian type of Prussian Germans; and the Germans of The USA, that Settled in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Cincinnati,  Saint Louis, etc, and have run Breweries like Busch (Budweiser),  Pabst, Miller, Coors, Weidman, Lemp (Falstaff), etc., have been very loyal to America and have downplayed their German roots.
 At the outbreak of the civil war,  the Germans in Saint Louis, seized the federal arsenal, thereby keeping it out of southern hands, and this greatly helped the war in the favor of the North.  The Germans in Saint Louis,  Cincinnati and other cities have mixed in with the rest of the population, and are no longer identified as Germans.
Most of the Germans in this country are probably Israelites,  because they usually have more mild sounding names,  than the warlike Germans that stayed in Germany, even the German customs officials remarked at the difference of the looks of the "Germans" who migrated out of Germany and commented that those migrating out of Germany had different looking features than those that stayed in Germany, most of the Germans who left Germany were probably more of Scandinavian stock, than German Stock.
The Italians and Greeks have been very loyal to the USA,  but have not been as prosperous as the Israelite core of the country as a whole.  The Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese have been very prosperous in the USA because they believe in hard work,  but they do not have much political clout, and are subservient to the Josephite core of the Country.
There are many other groups in the USA, from Hungary, Poles, Croats, Czechs, Russians, Ukranians, Albanians, but they've usually blended in with the Ango-Saxon Core of the Country, and they might very well be of Israelite descent too (Amos 9:9).   There are other groups (Non-Israelite) that do not have the orderly Israelite work traits and basic honesty of the Israelites, and therefore,  they are the dregs of the USA, and all we need to do to find these groups is to see which peoples are on welfare and the dole, more than the other groups.  These groups are a drag and burden on the country,  not all of them,  but many of them.
The Anglo-Saxon-Dutch, Jewish center of the country is still the the Money-power base of the whole country. The USA seems to fill the Prophecy of (Amos 6:1 ~ Ex. 19:5) ...The Chief Nation, to whom the House of Israel comes!

            Proofs of Where Israel Is
If we want to prove where Israel is, we just have to look at (Genesis) 28:14), about Jacob (Israel) being as the dust of the Earth,  and blessing all of the families of the Earth.  Also read the blessings of (Gen.27:28,29),  speaking of "Let the Nations of the Earth bow down to you.
We can read (Gen.49:22-26) about the blessings of Joseph, how his Branches run over the wall.  We can read (Amos 6:1) about trusting in Mount Samaria, and the rulers of the "Chief of the nations.  All we need to do is look at these very few scriptures about "Who" are the most blessed nations in the world.  About "Who" have spread around the world and have been the dominate nations in the world for a long time?  Britain ruled 58 nations and controlled many more,  the USA has had a world dominating economic empire, and didn't need anymore territory,  as they already had the chief places of the Earth (Gen. 49:25).  Who has the dis-proportionately large number of of Israelite surnames?
We can also trace the Anglo-Saxons back to the Fertile-crescent if we so desire.  We can go back to the history of Parthia, and see where they came from.  We can also reject these few of many scriptures about what Israel would be in the latter days,  but ...either the word of God, (including the scriptures on Israel) is true, or it is not; we can either believe it or not;  if we don't believe it,  then nobody will convince us that the prophecies on Israel have been fulfilled, are being fulfilled and will be fulfilled.

   A trail ~ Where is Israel Today?
The Israelitish surnames, not exclusive to the Tribe of Dan, do give a great indication of where Israel is,  today, even though the Danube,  Dneister,  Don and Dannau rivers, the Don ridge, north of the Russian city of Volgodonsk are great Serpent trails (Gen.49:17),  leading to the city of Gdansk in Poland,  the Country of Danemerke,  right into Ireland where Dans, Dons, Duns are part and parcel with the Irish Nation.
Many of the similar Hebrew and Israelite names seem to follow a path right to northwest Europe, the name Sac, Saka, Saxons, Scthyian, Sassinians, Scotland, Arsechs, and many other derivations of Isaac and other Hebrew and Israelitish names, do seem more than coincidental.
In England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Holland, France, Denmark, Sweden, Etc, there are almost no end of Israelitish and Hebrew names, Judson , Hudson, Hutson, Jutson, Abrahamson, Abrams, Lewis,Love, Laver,Donlevy, Clovis, Roban, Roens, Robinson, Robbins, Ruebens, and Benjamin, Solomon, Levi, Ronson, Aronsen,Yacobsen, Jacobsen,Jacobs, Acuff,Cobb,Isaacson, Davidson, Davidsen, Davis, Davies, Dawes, McDevitt, McTavish and countless other corruptions of these names and names of the other descendents of Israel, including Samson,  Samuel,  Simms, Simpson, Sampson, Ellison, Elison, Allison, Mc Mannass, Etc. Most of these people have carried these surnames for countless centuries,  when in many cases their ancestors could not even read or write,  therefore, they didn't get these names from the King James bible,  they were orally passed down, and given to scribes, at registries.
No other places in the world have such a prolific number of Israelitish names, as do the areas of the British Isles and N.W. Europe.
The un-intact names like Cobb, Acuff, Jacoby, Johnson (Jona), Lewis, (Levi), McDevitt, Davis, Robbins, Robinson (Rueben), McMannus (Son of Mannaseh), are as much proof of the Israelite origins of these peoples, as are the intact names, because if the intact names were given by registrars for orphans, then how about the unintact names that have parts of the name imbedded in them.
If a person would go around telling these people that they had descended from Israel they would be "laughed to scorn".  A person, though could ask the Arabs "why all the Israelite names in these countries?" The Arabs would probably be quicker to say that they were Israelites, than the Israelites themselves would be.
The Arabs know where they came from (The Twelve Tribes of Ishmael), but Israel doesn't know, because God says that they do not know (Isaiah 1:3).  When God said that He had removed Israel out of His sight (II Kings 17:23 ), it also means that God was also out of their (Israel's) sight.
 We know that God sees all things, so "Out of sight" means a separation,  where both parties are out of sight of each other;  it being said figuratively,"Out of God's sight" in God's, case,  but God was literally out of Israel's sight.  This prophecy "Out of sight" has come to pass,  but just for a time though,  until Hosea (1:10 ) comes to pass,  In the place, where it was said "you are not my people",  there it shall be said to them,"You are the sons of the living God."


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