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"Hebrew Bride"
The Ten Tribes and Judah in the Prophecy of Hosea, First Chapters
The Prophecies of Hosea-1
    by Yair Davidiy
Hebrew Bride

Four Books (Hebrew Bride, Lost Hebrews Found, Hebrew Destiny, Hebrew Salvation) discussing the Biblical Book of Hosea and its Prophecies for only $60 or $20 for each work separately.
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"Hebrew Bride"

140 pages
The Ten Tribes and Judah in the Prophecy of Hosea, First Chapters

The Ten Tribes are now to be found among Western Peoples. The Prophet Hosea speaks of the Ten Tribes using the metaphor of a loose woman named Gomer. The lady in question represents the Ten Tribes who linked up with another group of peoples also named Gomer. Together they migrated to Western Europe. Their descendants are still there and in nations (the USA, etc.) that grew up from there. The simile of husband and wife is used several times in Scripture to represent the relationship either between the Almighty and Judah (i.e. the Jews) or that of God and the Ten Tribes or with both together. Learn how the Present-Day situation was predicted in Prophecy. Additional Proof identifying the Lost Ten Tribes with elements who settled among Western Peoples is provided. See how the Balfour Declaration and its Biblical Significance is indicated in Scripture. This work has importance for Judah as well as for the Ten Tribes!

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