Time Line by Sylvia Halpert

Commentary by Yair Davidiy expounding the understandings and teachings of Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations
(6 April, 2014, 6 Nisan, 5774)

Lion and Unicorn
Lion and Unicorn (i.e. Judah and Joseph) Unification
17th century Synagogue art
A Pictorial History of Israel with an Emphasis on the Ten Tribes

Adam and Eve were the first human beings. All of mankind have a common origin. Whatever is in one of us is potentially in the other. The world was created for Israel. Anyone may belong to Israel if they so wish. Most however will prefer to reach their potential through the framework they were born into.

The People of the World sinned grievously. They were condemned to destruction as were the animals. Only Noah and his family with a representative stock of beasts were saved.
The sons of Noah were Shem, Ham, and Japhet. Canaan was the son of Ham. Shem was to be blessed of God. Japhet would be enlarged, implying the most populous. Japhet was to be directed by Shem. Canaan was to be a servant to both Shem and Japhet (Genesis 9:26-27).

Abraham was the first Hebrew. He was chosen by the Almighty to become a mighty nation and enlighten all of mankind (Genesis 12:2-3). Abraham begat Ishmael, Isaac, and others. Ishmael begat the Arabs and is represented by Islam. Isaac however was considered the only real son of Abraham (Genesis 22:2) and to him was bequeathed the promised blessings (Genesis 17:19,21 21:21).

Isaac begat Jacob and Esau who were twin brothers. From Esau emerged the leading elements of many nations including Ancient Rome and the Germans. Esau is also known as Edom. Esau represents the non-Israelite segment of Christendom.

Jacob received the additional name Israel. He received the Promised birthright as well as the Blessing of the firstborn (Genesis 38:23).
Geneaology of the Blessings to Israel

This Time-Line authored by Sylvia Halpert shows the progression of history from the beginning. Adam and Eve were the first humans, then came Noah and his sons from whom descend all of present humanity. Abraham was the first Hebrew, who begat Isaac, who begat Esau (Edom) and Jacob (Israel).
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The twelve sons of Israel became 12 Tribes. They gave rise to the Jews and to significant components amongst the population of certain western nations. The 12 Tribes were Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issacar, Zebulon, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Joseph, Benjamin.
Joseph became 2 Tribes, Ephraim and Manasseh.
The term Ephraim in Scripture may apply (according to the context) to the specific Tribe of that name, to both Tribes of Joseph, or to all of the Lost Ten Tribes.

The sons of Jacob and their offspring numbered 70. They went down to Egypt.

Time-Line: The Sons of Israel
This Time-Line authored by Sylvia Halpert and explained by Yair Davidiy continues Israelite history from the beginning. Abraham begat Isaac and he begat Jacob who was renamed Israel. Israel had 12 sons. Together with his sons and grandsons they numbered 70 souls. Descendants of these 70 are identifiable as Tribal Groups in History. They are destined to rule over the 70 nations into which all mankind is divided.
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In Egypt the Israelites were oppressed. They were delivered under the leadership of Moses who lead them through the Wilderness.

God appeared to the Israelites on Mount Sinai. They received the Ten Commandments followed by the Torah. All the Laws of the Torah emanate from the Ten Commandments.

Time-Line: Moses. Plan A for Israel
This Time-Line authored by Sylvia Halpert and explained by Yair Davidiy continues Israelite history from the Going Down to Egypt. Moses was told to bring the Israelites forth out of subjection to the Egyptians. Following a series of amazing miracles the Hebrews were delivered on the first Passover. They received the Ten Commandments and the Law on Mount Sinai. They were supposed to carry out Plan A but were inadequate to the Task. Plan B went into effect.
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The Twelve Tribes were encamped in four groups of three around the Tabernacle. Each Tribe had its own banner bearing the Tribal Symbol. The way the different Tribes were positioned reflected their future alignment towards each other. This is still apparent in our time.
The Order of Encampment in the Wilderness and its Historical Significance.

Time-Line: The EXILE of the TEN TRIBES
The outline of Israelite History of both Judah and the Ten Tribes based on the Time-Line was authored by Sylvia Halpert and is explained by Yair Davidiy.
Israelite history continues through the United Kingdom and the Temple under King Solomon. The two halves of the nation then divided into two separate monarchies, followed by the Exile of the Ten Tribes. The Ten Tribes were taken away by two different pathways:
One was by way of the Sea, the other overland. Both paths led to Western Europe where each of the Tribes became a specific identifiable national entity.
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Led by Joshua, the Israelites entered the promised Land of Canaan and conquered it. Its borders stretch from the Nile to the Euphrates and includes the Isle of Cyprus. The Period of Judges was followed by that of the Monarchy. The first kings were Saul, David, and Solomon. All of Israel was united in one Kingdom. Solomon built the First Temple in Jerusalem. The Temple took the place of the Tabernacle which preceded it.

After Solomon the Israelite Tribes split into two separate polities. In the North was the Kingdom of Israel with 10 Tribes. The Kingdom of Judah was in the south. It mostly comprised the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin and later of Levi as well as small minorities from the other Tribes. The present-day Jews are descendants of inhabitants of the Kingdom of Judah.

The northern Kingdom of Israel was conquered by the Assyrians. All of its inhabitants were taken into Exile (2-Kings 17). They were to loose awareness of their ancestry and become the Lost Ten Tribes.

Scripture along with Historical research divides the Exiles into 2 sections: One part was taken by Philistine and Phoenician proxies of the Assyrians to the west in ships.
The rest (apparently the majority section) were sent overland to northern sections of the Assyrian Empire. They became part of the Cimmerians, Scythian, and Gothic federations. These too were later to all move westward.

The Assyrian Empire was replaced by the Medes and Babylonians. The Kingdom of Judah in the south was conquered by the Babylonians. The Jews were exiled to Babylon. After 70 years Babylon was conquered by the Persians who had taken over from the Medes. Cyrus king of Persia allowed the Jews to return. A portion of them did so and set up the Province of Judah (later called Judea) in part of the former land of Israel. Many of the Jews remained in the Diaspora.

The Second Temple was built in Jerusalem.
Meanwhile the Ten Tribes moved to the west. A pathway of megalithic monuments (dolmens, etc) describes the route of Migration of the Ten Tribes. This in the future may be used as proof of their Israelite origin. The Prophet Jeremiah (ch.31) calls upon the Ten Tribes to take note of this phenomenon. Jeremiah urges them to use it (along with proofs like it) as a means to facilitate their return to the Land of Israel and the cities that formerly were theirs.
The Megalithic Page.

The Second temple was destroyed by the Romans and the Jews were scattered. Most of the Jews were to end up in the Lands of the Christians (Edom) or of Islam (Ishmael).

The Ten Tribes in the west become dominant amongst the populations of certain countries. They determined much of the national character in these places. The Tribes had more or less stayed together or had separated and re-coalesced. This was directed by Divine Providence.
Issacar was found amongst the Swiss and Fins; Zebulon became the Dutch; Dan the Danes; Naphtali the Norwegians; Gad the Swedes; Asher was in Ireland; Joseph was amongst the so-called Anglo-Saxon Nations meaning those of British descent or affiliation. Manasseh became dominant in the USA; Joseph amongst the British and offshoots of Britain such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa.

The Jews developed the Torah Law as derived from Scripture. The Jews were persecuted and driven from one place to another. This had been predicted by the Bible.
The Jewish experience in the Diaspora will make them reluctant at first to accept the Ten Tribes though eventually they will do so. Judah will be compensated for its suffering and rewarded for their faithfulness.
See the Brit-Am Commentary to: Isaiah 49:14-26, 50:1-11

Time Line: The Ten Tribes in History.
The Lost Ten Tribes in their places of Exile became nations that played an important role in history. They evolved into modern countries upon which specific Israelite Tribes imparted their own characteristics.
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Traditional and Modern Zionism led to establishment of the State of Israel. This had come to pass with the help at first of the British and later of France and the USA. The State of Israel began to bring about the ingathering of the Jewish people. They were also preparing the way for the other Tribes.

Amongst the Ten Tribes there has developed an arousal in the form of great interest in, and support for, the State of Israel; greater interest in the Hebraic roots of Christianity; and a growing awareness amongst many that they themselves may be of Israelite origin.

Eventually Judah and Joseph (meaning all the Ten Tribes) shall unite and become one Kingdom as described in Ezekiel ch.47.

In the End Times two Messiahs (i.e. Anointed leaders) shall appear. These leaders are concrete individuals but they also represent Historical Processes.
The Messiah son of Joseph will come first. He will lead the Ten Tribes back and help re-settle the Land of Israel.
There will be a second Revelation of God Almighty to all of Israel just as there had been at Mount Sinai. This time it will occur on the Mountain of Olives opposite the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The Messiah son of David represents spiritual renewal. He shall rule over all Israel from Jerusalem.

God will make HIS PRESENCE felt. Human nature shall change. A New Temple shall be made, at first by man and later from Heaven. All peoples of the world will receive spiritual instruction and practical direction from Jerusalem.

The Land shall be divided amongst the Twelve Tribes. It shall be rehabilitated from the ecological damage it has suffered. World climate may change. The world shall be ruled from Jerusalem. The exact chronological progression of these events is not always clear. The important point is that they shall come to be.

There will be a Kingdom of God on Earth known popularly as the Millenium.

There shall be peace on earth facilitated by the change in human nature. Formerly negative traits will be channeled in positive directions.