Should Joseph be Green?
Why are Brit-Am Research Results Not Accepted in Israel?
Questions and Answers.
What may we, as
Ephraimites, do to facilitate our acceptance by Judah and to become citizens in the Land?
Brit-Am Proofs are Biblical and Rabbinical as well as Historical.
Biblical Proofs Listed.
Rabbinical Proofs.
Historical Evidence.

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Some time ago we wrote The Burma Blues concerning the acceptance of natives from Burma as immigrants to the State of Israel.
These immigrants were claimed to be descended from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.
Our own organization i.e. Brit-Am, Movement of the Lost Ten Tribes, knows that the Lost Ten Tribes are actually to be found amongst Western Peoples.
The Lost Ten Tribes in the Bible are sometimes referred to collectively as "Joseph".
The question is should "Joseph" in response to the "Burma Blues" be Green with jealousy?
That is why we gave this article the title,
"Should Joseph be Green?"
Assuming that the West is Joseph and the East is not, should "Joseph" not feel a trifle dispossessed?
The discussion below does not entirely answer this question but puts it in perspective.

Why are Brit-Am Research Results Not Accepted in Israel? Questions and Answers.

We recently met with an Ephraimite activist.
The following dialogue (approximately) took place along with a few additions we have now added.

Is it true that the State of Israel does not recognize Ephraimites as returning Israelites (despite Brit-Am Biblical and archaeological researches) because of the great numbers involved?

The Biblical and archaeological proofs are mainly those of Brit-Am.
Other groups or individuals may quote from Brit-Am (they do not always acknowledge us) or put forward similar arguments of their own but in our humble opinion the Brit-Am presentation is the most respectable and conclusive.
In Israel and the world very few are aware of Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, Researches. Even assuming the Government etc were aware of us (and some of them probably are) it would not make much difference.
It has nothing to do with the numbers. The problem is difference in religious belief between Ephraimites and Jews.

Why are claims associated with Rabbi Avichail about the Ten Tribes in Burma etc accepted while those of Brit-Am are not?

The claims of Rabbi Avichail are not accepted by any major individual (at least not publicly) or authority.
On the popular level he has much more support than we do. People with money, media people, and a few on the lower rungs of the Rabbinical world may be sympathetic towards his teachings. This may change.

If so, how is it that all these immigrants from Burma etc claiming to be from the Lost Ten Tribes are allowed to come to Israel?

Over the years a few hundred who converted to Judaism have made aliyah to Israel and been settled mainly in West Bank communities.
The people from Burma are converted either in Burma or in Israel. They come to Israel on the understanding that they will convert to Judaism; No conversion, no citizenship. On the whole their conversion appears to be genuine though contrary claims in some cases have been made.
Even with conversion or coming only on condition to convert difficulties are being placed in their path.
They are not being accepted as descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel.
The Israeli Establishment on the whole may not especially want these people (or know much about them) BUT these Burmese (and other) people convert and genuine converts cannot be refused.

For the sake of Perspective it is worth mentioning that over this same period many more converts from Western Nations have also been accepted.
This is despite the fact that it is often more difficult for them and much more stringent requirements are made of them.

See our article:
West European Converts to Judaism. Different Aptitudes

Rabbi Avichail has achieved something in so far as his groups are organized together, are assisted, and undergo shorter, easier, conversion processes. They also remain together in their communities and thus benefit from mutual support and shared transition experience.

Just for the record, on the whole Brit-Am (at least at this stage) does not recommend converting to Juudaism except in exceptional circumstances.

If adherence to the Jewish Religion is so important for applicants to be accepted in Israel how is it that so many non-Jewish immigrants from Russia were allowed to enter?

The immigrants from Russia were a different case. There were different forces at play. There were some in Israel at the time who may have wanted more European Gentiles here in order to balance the religious Orthodox Jews whose natural increase threatens secular aspects of the country.  When the immigration from Russia  in overwhelming numbers took place Yitschak Shamir was Prime Minister and Ariel Sharon was placed in over-all charge of immigration. Rabbi Aryeh Deri controlled Shas, and through it the Interior Ministry, and the religious establishment. Deryeh (for the sake of harmony with the Government) ensured acquiescence despite opposition from others such as Rabbi Yitzhak Peretz. There was a unique combination of personalities wanting the immigration at any cost. [The situation and the forces at work have since changed somewhat.]
Introducing more East European Gentiles into the population of Israel however was probably a minor consideration.
It was more a case that Russian Jewry, after first forced assimilation under the Czar, then the persecution of Judaism by the Communists etc, included a great many mixed unions.
It was accepted that in order to bring over as many Jews as possible then Israel would also have to accept many Gentiles meaning either (a) the present non-Jewish spouses of Jews or (b) Gentiles with some Jewish ancestry but who technically are not Jewish.
This policy may have caused problems that are still unresolved but in hind-sight may prove to have been justified.

# from 1985 to 1994, more than 750,000 Jews arrived in Israel from Russia so that by the mid-1990s they comprised almost 30 percent of Israel's Jewish population. # 
The actual number of immigrants was probably significantly higher than 750,000.
Of these immigrants more than 50,000 were non-Jewish and some claim that the non-Jewish component was  ca. 200,000 or more.
In Israel today there are an estimated 300,000 citizens who cannot marry in Israel since only religious marriages are recognized.

Also amongst the Ethiopian Jews there are non-Jews and those of uncertain affiliation.

So too now, concerning Jews from the USA, converts of Reform or Conservative Judaism who technically may not be Jewish may be allowed to come to Israel
as new immigrants. I am not sure however and in this case it may be more difficult.

It is interesting to note that the Biblical Commentator Isaac Abarbanel (1435-1509) on Deuteronomy 30:9 (see Mashmia Yeshua 2:3) said at the time of Future Redemption the returnees will come with their non-Israelite women and their children and will be accepted.  It will not be as it was in the time of Ezra when the foreign women with their children were sent away.
See Brit-Am Commentaries to Hosea 5:7:

At all events,
This is an internal matter for Judah to handle.

What may we, as Ephraimites, do to facilitate our acceptance by Judah and to become citizens in the Land?

The very small minority of Ephraimites who are interested in converting to Judaism, and for whom such a step is suitable, should perhaps do so. They could do a lot.
Most Ephraimites however are not in this category. They may even be hostile to those who are! This is a mistake.
Most Ephraimites are Christian and Religious Christians. This was one of the factors that made them consciously Ephraimites in the first place.
This was prophesied in Jeremiah 31:6 where it was said that Ephraim on his return would include "Watchmen" which in Hebrew is Notsrim which word indicates Christians.

The first priority at this stage in our opinion should be Information or Education or Propagation or what ever other term may be used to describe spreading the knowledge and affirming it.
Ephraimites should not necessarily be thinking in terms of going to live in Israel within the near future but rather in confirming the knowledge and getting the information out. Action on the ground should begin from their home base.
Once this gets under way other avenues may well open up on their own.
Not only eventually coming to Israel should be a consideration but also liberating and settling Israelite Lands at present illegally occupied by Egypt, Jordan, Saudia, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Cyprus.
Land of Israel

Ephraimites should be aware of the research that has been done i.e. of Brit-Am and company. They should help spread this knowledge everywhere possible.
Brit-Am research is correct. It can stand up to examination. We are not afraid of exposure but welcome it. Nevertheless we all should be aware of its limitations so far. Ongoing research and new research by Brit-Am should be encouraged along with publication of research that has already been done.
We should also impress upon ourselves that no person as an individual may say they have complete proof of Israelite Ancestry. They may only say that concerning the group they belong to there may be a high probability. There is evidence and this evidence deserves to be made known and related to.
We need sensitivity and awareness towards the problems faced by Judah and his sometimes justified suspicions.
Ephraimite Criteria

THE JEWS ARE JUDAH  by Steven Collins and Yair Davidiy

The beginnings of a psychological rapport should perhaps be made with Judah.
Brit-Am is not a religious doctrinal organization. If however Ephraimites decided to adopt Biblical Hebraic practices then Rabbinical explanations of the Law should not be rejected out of hand. Contrariness is not always a virtue.
[If however you feel you cannot accept the Rabbinical Practices then maybe from Heaven you are not meant to do so, at least not at this time?]
Anti-Semitism in all its forms (including most Conspiracy Theories etc) should be rejected.
The State of Israel should be identified with and supported as representative of Joseph as well as of Judah.

Brit-Am Proofs are Biblical and Rabbinical as well as Historical.

Biblical Proofs Listed.
The Biblical Proofs include:
The Lost Tribes of Israel and Joseph were to be located at the Ends of the Earth meaning geographical extremities when the Land of Israel is at the center.
Not only would they be located at the Ends of the Earth but those portions were they were to be found were to be the Most Exalted (i.e. best) Places on Earth.
The major center of  the Ten Tribes was to be to the North and west of the Land of Israel. An Outpost  was also to be found in Australia.
They were to be found in Isles of the Sea, and the Peninsulas of the Earth; to be Seafarers, Rulers of the Waves, in Many Waters (dominating the Oceans).
Zebulon was to be on the Shores of the Sea as found in the Netherlands. They were to be in "Zepharat" meaning Britain, France, and the North.
They were to become a "Brit-Am" meaning "Covenant of the Peoples" and similar to the ancient name for Britain.

They were to possess the "Gates of Your Enemies" meaning international strategical points and thoroughfares.
They were to possess vast Mineral Resources, enjoy exceptional Agricultural Prosperity and to number Immense Multitudes

They were to Rule Over Other Peoples; be the World Power; possess enormous Military Might; defeat  Esau-Edom meaning Continental Europe;
The Bull-Calf English "Aegel" were named after Ephraim. They were to rule over India and Egypt. Ephraim (Britain and company) was to represent Aristocracy, Menasseh (the USA) Responsible Representation and the Principle of Capitalism.
They were to be symbolized by the Lion and Unicorn as in the Royal Arms of the UK.

They were to be a Blessing to Others; a Light to the Nations; Separate from Judah; Not Recognized by Judah; the Dolmens and proven Megalith Path of Migration was to be useable by them as evidence of their Israelite Origins. They were to be Prominent Drinkers of alcohol and have Monarchical systems of government on the Whole with Descendants of David amongst their Rulers. They were to be Notsrim meaning Christian in Relgion. They would be Associated with Gomer and Edom meaning the Germanic and related peoples of Europe. Their historical national names (Hiberi, Saxon, Yank, Jock, etc) would be those of the Hebrew Patriarchal Names. Tribal and Clan Names of Ancient Israelites would be found amongst the names of their own composite Tribal entities.
See also:
List of 110 Brit-Am Biblical Proofs

Introduction to Biblical Proofs
All these identifying signs and much more with more and more details are to be found amongst the Western Peoples and only amongst them.

Rabbinical Proofs
Rabbinical Sources and Commentaries confirm our Biblical Interpretations as being Correct.
Rabbinical linguistic analysis has proven itself as useful in identifying Israelite entities. It is consistent with our own findings, provided valuable insights in the past and is expected to do so in the future.
The Rabbis said that Lost Ten Tribes were still exiled and will return in the End Times.
They gave a rationale for the historical processes involved in Joseph losing his identity. These explanations correspond with the historical experiences of certain western peoples.
Ten Lost Tribes and Biblical Philosophy
Articles and Lists Dealing with All the Tribes
Rabbinicial Studies confirm the National Characteristics of the Tribes that correspond to those of Nations in the West.
[ Brit-Am has interpreted and explained part of this material but much yet remains. ]
Characteristics of the Tribes According to Rabbinical Sources
The Rabbis identified Zerephat as a place where the Lost Ten Tribes were to be found in the region Northern Europe, France, and Britain.
Rabbinical National Identifications of different nations with the descendants of Noah and Edom etc help particularize where the Lost Tribes should be.

An impressive number of Bible Code Tests confirm Brit-Am findings and indicate additional avenues to be researched.
Brit-Am Bible Codes.

Historical Proofs
Historical Proofs include studies in Linguistics, Archaeology, Mythology, Names of Peoples and Tribes and their interrelationships with each other, Religion and customs, national characteristics, ethnic co-relationships, etc.

The above lists are only partial and much more could be added. Each piece of evidence is significant in its own right and often conclusive.
In addition to the Proofs above and our numerous articles we also have a number of publications that discuss these matters in still more detail and contain much additional evidence.
Together with this, all the proofs etc need to be judged as part of one comprehensive whole with each part complementing and confirming the others and being substantiated by them.

All this evidence and more needs to be brought to the attention of as many people as possible.
This should be the first step that is taken.
It is also the easiest step to take at present.

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