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Tribal Stones and Hues. A Series of Articles in the Light of Hebrew Nations Identifications

Gad has a grey color and the agate gem. Gad is identified by us with the original Goths and with Sweden.
The Midrash gave the color of Gad as neither white nor black but inbetween. This description is pertinent to grey but also fits silver, and pearl, and subdued forms of white. Psychological studies show grey to be considered the least attractive of colors. This however is deceptive. The color grey in modified form or combined with other shades can be very beholding.
In Sweden we mostly found the colors blue and yellow, same as the Swedish flag with a little bit of gray here and there.
The national animal is the elk and he can look greyish.
The national bird is the common blackbird whose male is black but often looks more like a very dark grey.
The adult female and juvenile of the blackbird have mainly dark brown plumage which also may look more like a grey hue.
The Swedish Royal jewels contain gems of all colors BUT subdued grades of white, pearl, silver, and grey do seem to be predominant.
Royal Swedish jewels

In Jewish Kabballah the color gold is said to represent severity whereas silver stands for kindness. Silver in effect is a tone of grey.

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