Lost Ex-Jewish Americans.

How Many Gentile Descendants of Jews in the USA are there?

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Lost Ex-Jewish Americans.
How Many Gentile Descendants of Jews in the USA are there?

6 June 2012 16 Sivan 5772
Hispanic Jews (Anusim) in the USA?
A Look at Comparative Statistics. How many Descendants of Jews Should there be?


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We do not really know how many non-Jewish citizens of the USA descend from Jews.
I have heard all kinds of estimations sometimes mentioning fantastically large numbers.
A large number of Jews migrated to America. Many assimilated. Their descendants in many cases may now be found amongst the Gentile population.
It is not easy to be Jewish. The Jewish Religion is demanding. One can only eat certain foods, work on certain days, and have sex with one's wife on only part of the month.
For those who keep the Jewish Religion the difficulties are worth it. The Almighty gives HIS own reward.
After leaving the religion it can be difficult to remain Jewish.  Jews suffer from discrimination. Other people do not like always like them. If one lives with other Jews then the dislike of non-Jews may conceivably be lived with. Otherwise the tendency would naturally be to hide one's origins. Not only Jews do this. Numerous Germans in the USA reportedly claimed to be Dutch or Irish.
It is difficult to estimate how many Gentile Americans are of Jewish descent. All kinds of unknown factors are involved.
Did they have large families or did they tend to have few or none children? Families and whole peoples do tend to die out and disappear. On the other hand, other once insignificant groups may suddenly increase and multiply and leap to the foreground.
Jews are bound by the Covenant.
Once the Covenant is left does the Almighty punish them with demographic obliteration?
Or maybe not?

Anyway this is a question that arises.

We in Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations are involved with tracing the Lost Ten Tribes. We believe that descendants of the Ten Tribes are now to be found amongst Western Nations.

We consider the USA to be dominated by Manasseh but to include very very many from Ephraim as well as from all the other Tribes. Hosea 2:14 and Ezekiel 20:35  speak of Israel being brought into the Wilderness in the End Times or in the Period leading up to them. The Wilderness is the place where the Almighty will renew HIS COVENANT with the Israelites.
North America may be this Wilderness.

Further Reflection: Israelites and the Wilderness.

The USA today encompasses approximately almost 42.5% of the Jews in the world, and about half of the non-Jewish Israelites.
Throughout the centuries the Jews of Europe were persecuted. They suffered from persecution, discrimination, forced conversion to Christian, kidnapping of women and children,
and so on. It stands to reason that many Jews were lost amongst the Gentiles.
Did many of these Gentiles of Jewish descent eventually find their way to the USA?
This is not an empty question.
The migrants from Europe to North America were often different from those who stayed behind. Studies have been done this. Even physical differences have been noticed.
Certain family names have almost disappeared from Europe but are now common in America.
We understand that concerning the immigration from Germany to the USA in the 1700s and 1800s that these were descendants of Israelites.
Those who remained in Germany, on the whole, were not Israelites.
For more details,
See our work,

Joseph - The Israelite Destiny of America.

What applies to German and other Immigration to the USA concerning Israelites may also apply to Jews.

Hispanic Jews (Anusim) in the USA?

OTHERS (i.e. not our august selves) for some time have been making similar claims concerning early Hispanic settlement in the southern USA.
In Spain, Portugal, Sicily, Malta, and southern Italy (once ruled by Spain) Jews were given the choice of converting or leaving. Many converted.  Many were also forced to convert.
In Portugal all the children were abducted, baptized, and brought up as Christian.
These people were referred to as Marranoes (pigs) by the Spanish and as Anusim (forced converts) by the Jews.
After their conversion some of the Anusim kept Jewish customs and tried to practise the Jewish Religion in secret. They were persecuted by the Inquisition. Even those who were genuine Christians were suspected and harassed and often falsely accused. It is believed that groups of Anusim tended to congregate in certain areas. The early Spanish settlements in what is now California, New Mexico, Texas  etc may have been one of these regions.
Recently numerous studies have been made long these lines.
Every now and again one of them makes headlines.

Our friend Cecil Davis sent us the following note accompanied by an article:

Hi Yair,
 This article is also in the Jerusalem Post (English version) dated 11-May-12; article "Jews of the Lost Valley" page 30 of the magazine with the title "One-sided narrative". Don searched and found where the article came from; it is printed below. In addition, the Jerusalem Post article is worth reading. Your friend, Cecil

Deep in Colorado, a lost valley of Jews
By Melissa Jacobs
, February 23, 2012


A remote valley in southern Colorado may not be the first place one would go in search of a lost Jewish community. But a recent study published in the US Journal of Human Genetics suggests that San Luis is harbouring exactly such a secret.

"We found evidence that DNA segments are shared by Sephardic Jews and Spanish Americans from Colorado and New Mexico, suggesting shared ancestry," said Dr Harry Ostrer, Professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and the director of the study.

Dr Ostrer's team analysed two communities whose ancestry can be traced back to Spanish colonial times, one in the San Luis Valley, which stretches between southern Colorado and New Mexico, and one in the Loja Province of southern Ecuador.

It is the first time that researchers have studied the entire genome for large chunks of DNA that indicate shared ancestry, rather than just looking at particular disease mutations or other individual genes. They calculated Jewish ancestry among the Lojanos at 5-10 per cent, and among the Spanish Americans, or Hispanics, at 1-5 per cent.

Rumours of a secret Jewish past had been flying around the San Luis Valley for decades. Five hundred years ago, a number of Conversos - Jews who were forced to convert by the Spanish Inquisition - made their way across the Atlantic. Over the past few decades, scholars claim to have found remnants of crypto-Jewish practices in communities in south-west USA, as well as in Latin America. As the theory goes, when the Inquisition hit the shores of the New World, the crypto-Jews moved to the far flung corners of the Spanish Empire in a bid to escape the church.

Some Hispanics are even said to keep up forms of Jewish life without knowing their origin. Demetrio Valdez, a Catholic cattle farmer in the San Luis Valley, for example, grew up practising kosher slaughter without realising that the technique was Jewish.

Orlando Mondragon, one of the New Mexicans who took part in the study, wasn't at all surprised to hear news of his likely Jewish heritage. "He always thought so," said his wife, Viola.

What applies to these few isolated Hispanic communities may also be pertinent to other immigrant groups to the USA.

A Look at Comparative Statistics.

How many Descendants of Jews Should there be?

Having pointed out the difficulties involved we may still make tentative comparisons and perhaps guess the possible numbers of Jewish Descendants in the USA.

We compared Jewish Immigration with that of the Irish and Germans and Italians and this is what we came up with.

Jewish Americans

Jewish Americans
Jewish Encylopedia (1906) United States

During the twenty-five years 1881-1905 very nearly 1,000,000 Jewish immigrants reached the United States.
By 1904, the Jewish population can not have been much below 1,700,000.

Jewish Migration to the United States

Altogether about 2 million Jews from Eastern Europe came to the USA.
From Ancestry.com Wiki
This article originally appeared in "Jewish American Research" by Gary Mokotoff in The Source: A Guidebook to American Genealogy

Jewish migration to the United States is divisible into periods. For each there are sources of information for doing genealogical research.
DatesPeriodNumber of Immigrants
1654-1838 Colonial/federal Fewer than 15,000
1838-80 German emigration 250,000
1881-1924 Eastern European emigration 2,000,000
1924-44 Pre-Holocaust 100,000
1945-60 Holocaust survivors 250,000
Present Russian Jews and others Up to 50,000 per year.

Altogether ca. 3 million.
2012 5,275,000

Altogether an increase of less than 1. 8 times.

Irish Americans

Irish American

Irish Americans are citizens of the United States who can trace their ancestry to Ireland. A total of 36,278,332 Americans?estimated at 11.9% of the total population?reported Irish ancestry in the 2008 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.[2] Roughly another 3.5 million (or about another 1.2% of Americans) identified more specifically with Scotch-Irish ancestry. The Irish diaspora population in the United States is roughly 6 times the modern population of Ireland.

Immigration The Journey to America/ The Irish

Altogether, almost 3.5 million Irishmen entered the U.S. between 1820 and 1880.

In years after 1860, Irish Immigration persisted. More than 2.6 million Irish came in the decades after 1860.

About 6.5-7 million immigrants.
2014 36 million.

An increase of  5 to 6 times.

German Americans

German American

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

German Americans are citizens of the United States of German ancestry and comprise about 50 million people, or 17% of the U.S. population, the country's largest self-reported ancestral group.[2]

between 1820 and World War I, during which time nearly six million Germans emigrated to the United States.

Why Germans Left Home

Table 3. German Immigration since 1820
Total Immigration 49,753,412  
German Immigration 7,028,258 
German % of Total: 14.1

[Source: U. S. Bureau of the Census, Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970, Washington, D. C., 1975, 15; U. S. Bureau of the Census, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 1990, Washington, D. C., 10]

Increase 7 times.

Italian Americans

The Italians

During the mass emigration from Italy during the century between 1876 to 1976, the U.S. was the largest single recipient of Italian immigrants in the world. However, their impact was not as great as countries like Argentina and Brazil.

Italian American
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

About 5.5 million Italians immigrated to the U.S. from 1820 to 2004.[2] The greatest surge of immigration, which occurred in the period between 1880 and 1920, alone brought more than 4 million Italians to America. About 80% of the Italian immigrants came from Southern Italy, especially from Sicily, Campania, Abruzzo and Calabria.

Today, over 17.8 million Americans claim Italian ancestry.

An increase of 3.


The Irish since coming to the USA have increased by about 5, the Germans by ca. 7, and the Italians by around 3.
These figures may be mistaken. Each case is different.
Irish and Italians are mostly Catholics and in the past tended to have large families.
The German immigration was earlier and therefore has increased more.

Jews who identify as Jewish have only increased by less than 1.8. Nowadays more than 40% of the Jews intermarry with non-Jews.
Usually the result of intermarriage from a Jewish perspective is disappearance.

Based on Statistics alone we could say that for every two Jews who identify as being Jewish in the USA there is at least one Gentile whose parents were Jewish only one generation back.
The situation was more or less the same almost from the beginning. In some places it was worse.

A rough guess that 15 to 20 million USA Gentiles are by ancestry more Jewish than anything  else may well be acceptable.
Most of these would be white though the Afro-American and Hispanic communities may also include those of Jewish descent.

Ireland Provinces

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Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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