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"Esau. Edomites Today"
    by Yair Davidiy

It would be appropriate to write, "Esau Was Here!" across the face of nearly every great civilization the earth has known, and its ruins. The Edomites are still important today.

This book,
"Esau. Edomites Today" by Yair Davidiy
explains how and why.

Abraham begat Isaac, and Isaac begat the twins, Esau and Jacob. Jacob was called Israel (Genesis 32:38-39, 35:10). Esau was the twin-brother of Jacob (Genesis 25:25). Esau was also known as Edom (Genesis 25:30).

Esau seeks to kill his brother Jacob (Genesis 27:21) and through his Roman, German, and other descendants almost succeeds in doing so. Esau has given rise to military elites such as the Spartans and to conquering warriors like Alexander the Great. Esau is Great! There is none like him, for good or bad. He creates civilizations and destroys them. He stalks through the pages of world history and leaves his imprint everywhere. Esau was blessed that he should benefit from the riches of this earth and be a warrior nation, "By Your Sword You Shall Live!" (Genesis 27:20). The Sages opined that in nearly every military exertion, every great battle, anywhere there is fighting to be done, descendants of Esau will somehow or other be involved, usually at the top, and often on both sides of the trench.

Esau bursts into history as the Heroic Hunter, the Hero of the Hunt in the Bible (Genesis 25:27). At times he is not much different from the beasts he chases after. He astounds by the extremes and inconsistencies of his character. Esau (Edom) was the twin-brother of Jacob (Israel). His destiny was to be often interlocked with that of the Israelites. Descendants of Esau were to be found both as spread throughout other nations (sometimes as influential cliques), as well as becoming concrete national identities. In this sense Esau parallels the Israelites who became scattered like the Jews of Judah or concentrated in specific areas like the Lost Ten Tribes. A good portion of the Israelites are to be found in the Galut [Exile] of Edom, Judah was amongst Edomites in the physical sense, whereas Joseph (the Ten Tribes) is still a captive in the psychological, social, and spiritual spheres. Descendants of Edom include the historical founders of Russia, China, and Japan. Esau was important in the genesis of ancient Sparta, of early Rome, of Venice, and of Germany, and of numerous other nations. Esau was also known as Edom. Edomites are to be found amongst many other peoples including those of the west. Input from Edom may well be present in the genealogies of many of us today. The Edomites have their own national characteristics through which they may be recognized. Esau has an existence parallel to that of the Israelites from the Ten Tribes. He is similar to them and often neighbors them. Esau bears an everlasting implacable instinctive grudge against Judah and Joseph (Amos 1:11). The Bible prophesies that in the End Times the Ten Tribes led by the Tribe of Joseph will be engaged in a total war against Esau (0badiah 1:18).

The forces of Joseph shall emerge victorious from the encounter. These are the Ten Tribes of Israel who were exiled by the Assyrians and lost consciousness of their ancestry. They eventually moved to the west where they are to be found today, alongside Esau and often mixed in with him. In discussing the descendants of Esau we also prove where the Ten Tribes are.

'Esau. Edomites Today' discusses the Biblical background and historical development of Esau and his offspring.
This work is the fruit of thorough research and reliable references are given. Sources used include Scripture, Rabbinical writings, historical documents, academic studies, and other works of relevance. This book is one of a kind. There has never been anything quite like it. Chances are that the reader will enjoy every page of it and benefit from it.

Yair Davidiy, lives in Israel. He is the author of numerous books and articles concerning the Ten Tribes and related Biblical and historical issues.

There is an Approbation by Rabbi Avraham Feld.

This work in many ways is unique. There has never (as far as we known) been another like it. It also tells the truth. It breaks barriers that until now were closed. It is needed.

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