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"EDOM and Germany"
    by Yair Davidiy

In many ways Germany is one of the most important nations that has ever existed. It is still important and in the future may become even more so. The Edomites settled in Germany and have influenced its national identity and historical attitude.
Edomites also settled in other lands but Germany is one area where their influence was most felt.
This book,
"Edom and Germany" by Yair Davidiy
explains how this happened and discusses from Biblical and other sources possibilities as to "Why?".

Edom was the twin brother of Jacob (Israel).The two entities are adversaries to each other. In the End Times it was prophesied that there would be a final war between Edom (Esau) and Joseph the leading Israelite Tribe.
Descendants of Edom were to be found in many countries and at some stage were predominant in Germany. Meanwhile, Israel became the Jews of Judah and the Lost Ten Tribes.
Joseph is dominant in the English-speaking nations.
This work proves the Israelite origin of certain western peoples. It also shows the Edomite influences in Germany and other nations.
At an early stage Esau (Edom) merged with the Hurrian inhabitants of Seir who are ascribed "Indo-European" attributes. The Edomites were to be found in several areas throughout the Middle East including Tyre of the Phoenicians and the region of Assyria. Later, different groups of Edomites went all over the world. Many came to Rome and to what is now Germany. These same movements of population also brought the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel to the west. Edomites had assisted the Assyrians in exploiting the labor of Israelite captives and transporting them to areas of Western Europe. Like the Israelites, Edomites were also to be found in areas of Celtic civilization. The god Esus derives from the Phoenician god Isoos who was based on the worship of Esau. Esus evolved into the idol known as Odin who many considered to personify Germany. Hitler was later equated with Odin. The Germans called Odin "Koz" which was also the name of the national god of the Idumeans (of Edom) in the Middle East. It had been prophesied that Esau would live by his sword and enjoy material benefits from his land. This has been fulfilled by Germany. The Germans display many of the known characteristics of Edom even though most Germans are not necessarily descended from Esau. It is enough that an influential minority come from Esau and that they have helped determine the German national Identity.
In the past there were many Israelites in Germany but they mostly moved out to North America and other areas.

"Edom and Germany" contains valuable information and insights of great value. Even if you should be inclined not to agree with our conclusions it could well be worth your while to know what they are based upon.
Your destiny may depend upon it!
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