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Edom Amongst Other peoples?

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 Edom Amongst 
 Other peoples? 

Edom Amongst Other peoples?
China, Japan, Italians, Hispanics?

Edom in China?
"Brit-Am Now"- 466
#4. Chinese scholar traces Israelites and Esau to China
Chinese scholar traces Israelites and Esau to China

Amateur historian Su San has created an enormous controversy with claims of Chinese ancestors were from the Red Sea area and human civilization began in the Middle East and North Africa.

In her first book, "A Conjecture on Sanxingdui Civilization," she boldly concludes that the Sanxingdui ruins came from Red Sea civilization. Since excavation in 1929 in Sichuan Province, the Sanxingdui ruins has been the topic of hot debate because of antiques discovered there are exotic and unusual.

In her second book, "Toward the East," she traced the origin of Chinese civilization through the Old Testament of the Bible.

..."I believe Chinese ancestors were Semites, Israelis and from other Middle Eastern nations. The Chinese people's respect for chastity and the elderly originates from primitive Judaism."

She even found interesting relations between the earliest Chinese dynasties and the Bible.

According to her study... Esau's offsprings built the Shang Dynasty (c. 16th century-11th century BC )...

Edom in Japan?
In an article on the subject we examined claims that the Ten Tribes settled in Japan.
The evidence suggested that group(s) from the area of Ancient Israel may have reached Japan.
According to the sources however these were more likely to have been from Edom though some Israelites may also have been present.
The Japanese are not Hebrews!

Eidelberg identifies the Sohori Mountains with Mount Seir in the Land of Edom.

Emperor Sujin's army fought in Yamasiri, in Idomi. But "Yama-Siro" actually means "Mount Siro", and this may have been the Japanese way of pronouncing "Mount Seir". Could it be that there were two sites named "Mount Seir",one in the Edom of the Hebrew realm, and the other in  the Idomim of the Japanese Empire?

Our impression is that a group of Edomites did come to Japan and conquer it. They were preceded by other peoples who probably included Canaanites and other groups from the Middle East possibly also Moabites, Ammonites, and others.
There may have been Israelites amongst them but if so they were a minority and more proof of their existence is needed.
According to archaeology Edomites, Moabites, Ammonites, and Canaanites all spoke languages similar to Hebrew. They had been conquered by the Hebrews several times as well as having in their turn ruled over parts of Israel at different periods. They had influenced the Hebrews and intermarried with them and doubtless would have also  received Hebraic influence. If in Japanese there are words that sound similar to Hebrew ones and if in Japanese religion and custom some things appear reminiscent of Hebraic practice then this does not prove Hebrew origin. It can indicate a geographical proximity in the past.

It may be that the "Hairy Ainu" are descended from the original Horites of Seir who were conquered by descendants of Esau (Edom). it is almost certain that amongst the Samurai and ruling classes of Japan there was a lighter element of "Caucasian" type and build. ... The possibility however should be considered that not the Ainu but a separate group (that was later thoroughly assimilated) of Edomites from the west comprised this determining element.

Edom Amongst Hispanics and Italians??
Where Is ESAU in Biblical Prophecy?
 by William F.
Quotes from Hoeh who identified Hercules with Esau.
This article identifies Esau with Hispanics and Italians??
We disagree (or at least for the present remain doubtful) about much of this but the article is still worth reading.

It should ALSO be noted that according to recognized historical sources quite a few Italian and Hispanic families are of Jewish descent and some of them may also come from the Ten Tribes.
Amongst Brit-Am supporters are to be found Israelites of Italian and Hispanic descent.

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