Esau and the Edomites

Characteristics of Esau

A Brit-Am, Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, Report

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Characteristics of Esau

Good Edomites.
Rulers and Leaders.
Military Prowess.
Hatred of Israel.
Urge for the Replacement of Judah.
Caucasian Prototype.
Comparisons and Parallels Between Joseph and Esau.
The Midrash Compares Joseph to Esau.
More Parallels and Distinctions Between Joseph and Esau.

Struggle for the Birthright and Paternal Blessing
Resentment of Judah
Physically Similar
Other Shared Negative Attributes
Blessed Salubrious Lands to Dwell in
Rule Over Others and Be Military Powers
Intellectual Acheivements
Esau to be Involved with the governance of Joseph?
Esau and Joseph as Abstract Symbols

Good Edomites
There were good Edomites in the Bible.
Obadiah Edomite saved the lives of the Prophets who king Ahab of Israel (1 Kings 18:3) was trying to kill.
He hid them and fed them. According to tradition he is the same individual as the prophet who wrote the Biblical Book of Obadiah against Edom.

We were commanded to respect Edomite converts:
Deuteronomy 23:7 Thou shalt not abhor an Edomite; for he is thy brother: thou shalt not abhor an Egyptian; because thou wast a stranger in his land.

Deuteronomy 23:8 The children that are begotten of them shall enter into the congregation of the LORD in their third generation.

Rulers and Leaders
Before Jacob and Esau were born it was predicted:
#And the children struggled together within her; and she said, If it be so, why am I thus? And she went to enquire of the Lord. And the Lord said unto her, Two nations are in your womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from your bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger [Genesis 25:23] .
The Translation, "the elder shall serve the younger" is not correct. The Hebrew may preferably be understood to say: One will serve the other, meaning that at times the elder would have predominance and at other times the younger.
Nevertheless Jacob was later promised that he would eventually rule over both Ishmael and Esau [Genesis 27:29].
Genesis (36:15) speaks of the 'Dukes of Esau".
Duke in Hebrew is Aluph meaning general or commander.
"Aluph" is from the root "aleph" connoting train, teach, assist. The English word "help" may come from this root.
Traditionally part of Edom would have rulers who were not really hereditary. Edom is identified with Rome and Germany and other places in Europe.
The leaders of Edom are called"Aluphim" (singular: Aluph) in Hebrew. This is translated as Duke.
It is interesting that Mussolini was called Il Duce or The Duke.  Mussolini the fascist leader of Italy in the Second World War is not taken seriously by historians these days. This is deceptive. Mussolini set the tone. He was the model for all the others. Hitler and all his friends imitated Mussolini who in the beginning made quite an impression.
It is also interesting that Italy, Germany, and Japan, together with Hungary, Austria, and Rumania were part of the Axis forces that fought against Judah and Israel.
"Duke" derives from the Latin "Dux" meaning leader. This is a good equivalent to "Aluph".
The leadership or "frueher" principle was very important in fascist and Germanic-Nazi thinking and quite effective. It must have reflected some deep aspect of the peoples it was applied to and utilized by.
The German army was a very formidable organization. Contrary to the commonly accepted stereotype it was quite an elastic and resilient body
and emphasized the principle of local commanders being able to take their own initiative.

Military Prowess
Esau was blessed that he should live by the sword (Genesis 27:40). Descendants of Edom scuh as the Spartans, Ancient Romans, and German Leaders were outstanding warriors and endowed with exceptional military talents.

Hatred of Israel
Esau hated and intended to kill Jacob (Genesis 27:41).
Amos (1:11) describes Esau as bearing a grudge against Jacob for all time.

Hatred against Israel usually takes the form of Jew-hatred but it can also express itself as resentment of the USA, strong anti-British sentiment, and in other ways. Advocates of Conspiracy Theories are usually both anti-Jewish and anti-Anglo and by Anglo we mean the English-speaking peoples in general.

Urge for the Replacement of Judah
Esau was the firstborn but sold his birthright to Jacob. Later Jacob received by subterfuge the Paternal Blessing in place of Esau. Esau resents this and ever since strives to displace Jacob.
Since only Judah is still openly recognizable as Israel these efforts are directed against the Jews.
This is refected in Christian Replacement Theology which says that the Christian Church has replaced the Jews (Physical Israel) as the Chosen People.
Also amongst Identity people, Serpent Doctrine Quacks, and others there exists a fanatical desire to demote the Jews from their Chosen People of Israel status by claiming that the Jews are really descendants of Edomites or of Khazars or of both together identifying the Khazars with Edomites.
The Khazars were actually Israelites as we have proven.
The Khazars and the Scots

Ephraimite Groups
A mild variation of Replacement Theology also exists amongst some Ephraimite Groups who say that since they are descendants of Joseph they should have first-born rights in the Land of Israel but Judah is unjustly denying them. None of these groups care especially for Brit-Am. Nor do they feel any need to actually prove their Israelite ancestry. That would be too much. They seem to prefer to remain as they are and feed on a self-righteous resentment of the Jewish People.
[In case anyone should think we are exagerrating in the seriousness we attach to this phenomenon, several times in the past we have been made aware that leading exponents of this "Ephraimite" position harbored virulent anti-Jewish sentiments but had considered it expedient not to publicize them.]

Job lived in the Land of UZ that belonged to Edom.
The chief friend of Job was Eliphaz the Temanite.
One of the clans of Edom was Teman.
Jeremiah (49:7) asks, IS WISDOM NO MORE IN TEMAN?

Edomites were known for their intellect.

Caucasian Prototype
Genesis 25:24 So when her days were fulfilled for her to give birth, indeed there were twins in her womb.
25 And the first came out red. He was like a hairy garment all over; so they called his name Esau.

Esau was Edmoni or reddish. The association with "red" is repeated later in his life. King David was also described in the same way, with the same adjective. Esau was the son of Isaac and Rebecca and twin brother to Jacob. The same genes were possessed by them both. The Ancient Hebrews contained amongst them several different physical types amongst which were to be found blond and redheads as well as darker types. We have an article on this matter as well as illustrations.
Hebrew Pictures

Nevertheless, with Edom the fact of being white is considered intrinsic and prototypical even though in practice it is not necessarily predominantly evident.

The Japanese for instance are dark-haired but if one looks at how they often depict themselves (in cartooons, etc) one would think they were light brown-haired.
So too, the Nazis were not more "Nordic" than most of the peoples they fought against. The average German in many parts of German is not exceptionally light in color. Nevertheless they projected themselves as "White" and as guardians of Whiteness as if this endowed them with extra virtues. This is evidently a trait of Esau.

Comparisons and Parallels Between Joseph and Esau
Several Sources interpret Biblical Verses as predicting a future armed confrontation between Edom and Israel. Eventually Esau will be defeated by Joseph as foretold in Obadiah 1:20.
In some ways Esau and Joseph are similar and in others ways they are diametrical opposites.
Esau the forefather of Edom was the twin-brother of Israel (Genesis 25;24). He was born red and hairy (Genesis 25;25). He became the arch-enemy of Israel and from him descend a portion of the Germans18. JOSEPH too was described as looking like a Germani [Midrash, Breishit Rabah]. Joseph has the quality of being able to defeat Esau19. There are parallels between Esau and Joseph20 and in a way the two are mirror images of each other.

The Midrash Compares Joseph to Esau
Yigal Ariel, ["Oz Melech", Hebrew, 1994, p.290] quotes from Midrashim giving a list of comparisons between Joseph and Esau:
[Translated and Adapted while retaining the essential message:]
1. Joseph said that he feared God (Genesis 42:18) whereas Esau [represented by his descendant, Amalek] did not fear God (Deuteronomy 25:18).
2. Joseph was described as a youth (Gensis 37:2 "lad" in the KJV) whereas Esau is depicted as small (Obadiah 1:2).
3. Esau grew up between two saintly people (Isaac and Rebecca) but failed to learn from their good deeds whereas Joseph grew up between two bad men (Potiphar and Pharoah) and was not affected by their wickedness.
4. Joseph received the right of the firstborn due to his good deeds whereas Esau lost his right of the firstborn through his bad deeds.
5. Joseph supported his brothers whereas Esau wished to kill Jacob, his brother (Genesis 27:41).
6. Joseph kept himself back from sexual immorality with the wife of Potiphar and from bloodshed in not taking revenge from his brothers. Esau on the other hand according to tradition was steeped in murderous deeds and sexual vice.
7. Joseph acknowledged the Rising of the Dead (God will surely visit you, Genesis 50:24) whereas Esau denied it when he said, I am going to die (Genesis 25:32).

More Parallels and Distinctions Between Joseph and Esau:

Struggle for the Birthright and Paternal Blessing
Esau sold the birthright to Jacob but hated Jacob for displacing him in receiving the Paternal Blessing (Genesis 27:41). Joseph received the birthright but the leadership role was given to Judah (1-Chronicles 5:1). This lead to tension between the two until they split apart into two separate kingdoms. Even before then, Ephraim (from Joseph) had quarrelled with the other tribes over the leadership role (Judges 8:1, 12:1).

Resentment of Judah
A natural resentment of Judah by Ephraim will exist until the Messianic Era (Isaiah 11:13). Since Judah is the only section of the Hebrew nation unequivocally identified as Israel then the hatred of Esau for Jacob is often focused against Judah.

Physically Similar
Esau is identified with the Germans or at least with their leadership whereas Joseph is described as looking like a "Germani" (Breishit Rabah).

Other Shared Negative Attributes
Negative attributes of the descendants of Joseph (when they departed from following after the Almighty) listed in the Bible included Drunkeness (Isaiah 5:11, 28:1), sexual immorality (Micah 2:1, Amos 6:4 Midrash), idolatry (2-Kings 17), murderous violence (Hosea 6:8,9). Esau has a similar profile.

Blessed Salubrious Lands to Dwell in
Both would dwell in fertile salubrious regions of the earth (Genesis 27:40).
Blessings to Joseph.

Rule Over Others and Be Military Powers
Both would rule over other peoples and be military proficient (Genesis 27:40).

Blessings to Joseph.

Intellectual Acheivements
We have deduced that a distinguishing characteristic of Israel is Originality: Innovation and Intellect, cf. Deuteronomy 4:6.
So too, Edom was renowned for his intellect.
Even though both parties will have intellectual acheivements it may be that the pattern of thought of Edom is closer to that of Reuben than of Joseph. It is characterstic of the natural first-born and seeks a rigid order of logical deduction such as the Romans were known for.
Joseph inclines more to intuition and empiricism. Judah is guided by the Torah. Both Joseph and Judah will accept their own appreciations of reality whereas Esau will seek to impose his will on it.

Esau to be Involved with the governance of Joseph?
Edom would serve as an agent of Assyria and facilitate the Exile of Joseph and the rest of the Ten Tribes (Amos 1:6,9).
Areas to which the Tribes were exiled were at least to some degree dominated by Edom, e.g. Idamaraz the Land of Edom in Northern Syria.
The Lost Ten Tribes are described as returning from the land of the Enemy and even while enjoying promised blessings still having been subjected (Jeremiah 30). Are Edomites in some ways prevalent amongst the rulers of Joseph?

Esau and Joseph as Abstract Symbols
In symbolical terms,
Esau represents restraint and discipline (Gevurah) while Joseph (Yisod) also represents restraint along with reception and transmission.
Both Esau and Joseph have attributes of Receiving for themselves only with Joseph it is more in able to serve as a conduit and later transmit the blessings to others while enjoying them himself in the process.

We see that part of the Edomites were to convert and we were commanded not to mistreat them. Other sections of the Edomites people will remain enemies of Israel. Edom was to be characterised by leadership qualities and military prowess, he was to be blessed materially, and indiviuals of profound intellect were to be numbered in his ranks. The Edomites have a tendency to attribute White Ancestry to themselves as something unique to them (This is not necessarily what the objective reality says). They have an inclination to wish to replace Israel and Judah as the Chosen People. They are often Jew-haters and Persecutors.
There are many points of similarity between Joseph and Esau but also extreme differences.

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