Is Not DNA Determined by the Environment???

1. Introduction.
2. The Applicability of DNA Findings. Answer to Question from Maria.
3. Conquests of the Long-Legged Hawaiian Cane Toad; A Biological Example.
4. Conclusion. Three Cheers for Brit-Am!


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1. Introduction.
Brit-Am is concerned with finding where the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel went to.
We believe they are now concentrated amongst Western Peoples.
We have proofs from Scripture, Rabbinical Sources, Linguistics, Mythology, History, and other disciplines.

Modern scholars and historians often refer to DNA findings.
In fact DNA proofs are considered the best possible when examining the migrations and interconnections between peoples.
Historical proofs may be mistaken or give disproportionate importance or lack of it to the migrations and emigrations of different peoples. In fact important demographic changes are known to have taken place in Europe that  historical sources hardly even refer to. This is true even for fairly recent times, from an historical point of view.

We also use DNA and refer to DNA findings. DNA however only partly substantiates our conclusions.
We have published articles on this matter.
We also put out a regular DNA news update feature.
Brit-Am  DNA and Anthropology
So far 92 issues of BAMAD have gone out.
Nearly every issue contains some point or other from DNA findings that strengthen Brit-Am findings concerning the Ten Tribes of Israel.
Nevertheless, it needs to be admitted and kept firmly in mind that,
Many questions and doubts (against Brit-Am) are raised by DNA alongside some substantiation.

If serious proven contradictions did exist we would acknowledge them and deal with them.
The problem is that both Y(male transmitted) DNA and Mt(female transmitted) DNA are influenced by environmental factors. This is in addition to their being transmitted by heredity.

The article below shows that DNA changes are determined by the environment after which those same changes are transmitted through heredity.

2. The Applicability of DNA Findings.
Answer to Question from Maria.

Maria wrote:
...where is this info from below??

Brit-Am Anthropology and DNA Update
3. Overlap between y-
haplogroups and mt-haplogroups
4. Do Human and Chimpanzee DNA Indicate an Evolutionary Relationship?
by  Bert Thompson, Ph.D.
mtDNA is ALSO transmitted by Males!!!
by  Bert Thompson, Ph.D.
I think that I might have told you ...that I worked with Dr. Gerald Schroeder and that my Brother is a geneticist.  I think (It is my opinion) that there is something to the DNA that makes us TO BECOME a higher being.  (The RIB of THE ADAM... was Deoxyribonucleic acid=DNA...there is the RIB!!)

Brit-Am Reply:
 Dr. Gerald Schroeder  is an Orthodox Jewish scientist who seeks to reconcile conventional evolutionary scientific doctrines with Biblical and Rabbinical sources.  He has written several books, numerous articles, frequently lectures, and is well-known and highly popular. His attitude is a legitimate one and of interest.
We personally however are reserved about this. We take a more literal "Fundamentalist" type approach, as do many Orthodox Jews.

The evolutionists alignment with DNA is somewhat paradoxical.
They in effect deny the effects of environment that have already been proven whereas we accept them and believe their influence is much more expansive than has been acknowledged.
It would seem the evolutionists believe in evolution and adaptation to environment in theory only!

Our understanding concerning DNA is the same as that regarding evolution as explained by Lee M. Spetner (Not By Chance!: The Fall of Neo-Darwinian Theory From An Examination Of Information And Randomness In Evolution, by Lee M. Spetner, PhD., 1996, Jerusalem, Israel)
"Brit-Am Now"- 431
#3. The Genetic Change model.

L.M. Spetner helps explain how 2 groups of people of the same ancestry could vary in some respects (color or what not) if separated for some time and subject to different influences.
This is NOT evolution but adaptation to environment within limits according to inbuilt possibilities of  the genetic structure.
Once the changes take effect (according to the process known as the Victor Jollis "Dauer" effect model as
described by Spetner) they remain and are hereditary until the next major change takes place.

This is also our approach to DNA:
DNA explains differences. DNA is inherited; DNA can change.
We are looking for some kind of rule of thumb to explain the when and how of these changes.

Regarding the mtDNA we know now that mtDNA is influenced by the environment.
BAMAD no.56
#4. Human
mtDNA subject to selection by climate?

If someone has a particular type of  mtDNA say for example, a Jew whose grandmother came from Yemen and his mtDNA was  pre-HV. This is associated specifically with the Arabian Peninsula and its neighborhood though it is closely related to mtDNA HV, mtDNA H, mtDNA V as is found throughout Europe.

Concerning the person in question,
What does this mean?

There are 2 possibilities.

(a) His mother on her mothers side is descended from people (females) in the  Arabian Peninsula who converted to Judaism. Indeed it happened in the past that groups in Arabia (before Mohammed) did convert to Judaism.


(b) His mother is descended from Israelites from the Land of Israel who came to the Arabian Peninsula and whose mtDNA was affected by the environment. Once the mtDNA had taken place it was transmitted by hereditary.

OK. These conclusions regarding mtDNA would NOWADAYS be in practice acceptable to most leading DNA geneticists.
We would like to be more certain as to when and how the changes take place.

As for the Y (male  transmitted) DNA.
We would say that what applies to mtDNA ALSO applies to YDNA.
Mainstream DNA doctrine would not as yet agree with us on this but who knows?

In practical terms we would say it means the following:

My own unknown male ancestor came from an area where his type of R1b (R-M222) is prominent. This is the Clan of Nial. Comparison with the results of others gave the nearest correspondences to North Ireland.
See Map and illustration:
Since the clan of Nial was quite famous and ruled over Ireland and western Scotland at some stage or other (and whose peoples are not easy to rule over) this is quite an honorable result.
On the other hand  ca. 12% of the population of Ireland and ca. 20% of the males of Donegal and Sligo in North Ireland have the same DNA. Perhaps it  is the effect of climate, diet, or something else and the overlap with the Neil Clan a simple coincidence?

3. Conquests of the Long-Legged Hawaiian Cane Toad; A Biological Example.

Let us take an example from the animal kingdom.
"Brit-Am Now"-666
#3. Cane Toads Prove Brit-Am Point?
This article was originally taken from a Web Site dedicated to PROVING (or attempting to prove) the false Theory of Evolution. To our mind its proves the opposite. Indeed, the article appears to have been removed. Perhaps the Darwinian enthusiast realized his mistake?
Anyway, the article relates how,

### The Hawaiian cane toad is a classic case of an invasive species, and its genetics have long been a subject of study for those interested in the spread of species into new habitat.

That's why it's so interesting to me that a new study in
Nature(subscription) has shown morphological differences (LiveScience) between the initial wave of toads and later populations. The fastest colonizers have the longest legs:
From the 1940s through the 1960s, the toads were invading at a rate of about 6 miles per year; now they're taking over at a rate of about 30 miles a year.

To find out why the toads are spreading so fast, researchers stationed themselves about 40 miles east of Australia's port city of Darwin, in a region where the cane toads had not yet spread.

When the toads arrived, the researchers found that those in the vanguard of the invasion had legs that were up to 6 percent longer than average; shorter-legged stragglers followed. The study showed that newer populations of toads tended to have longer legs than those in long-established populations.

These are BIG toads, by the way -- weighing up to 2 kg. Leg length does lead to faster dispersal:

Of course, the idea that longer-legged toads would move faster and colonize more quickly makes perfect sense.

The mystery is: Why do leg lengths subsequently decline? ###

In other words when the Hawaiian toads invade an area the population gives rise to many more specimens with longer legs.
The longer legged specimens are the offspring of both longer-legged parents and shorter-legged ones.
Longer legs are needed when occupying a new area. This helps them move faster and facilitates their conquest. After they are settled in the toads go back to breeding shorter legs.
They therefore have an inbuilt adaptation apparatus that works throughout their population.
There is a genetic trigger that over the whole community goes on and off according to need.
DNA and genetics are synonymous.
Every physical inherited trait is controlled by DNA.
If inherited physical traits change there must have been a change in the DNA.

The theoretical explanation exists justifying belief from known biological examples that YDNA changes according to environmental factors.

4. Conclusion. Three Cheers for Brit-Am!
It is now accepted that MtDNA is so influenced but at what rate and when and how is not certain.
More information is needed concerning both mtDNA and YDNA and how the environment affects them.
At all events, indications are that Brit-Am is on the right track.

Regarding DNA it cannot be said we are against it.
We believe in it
We take an interest in it.
We try to follow it.
We use it to make historical points etc.
We just believe that its applicability is limited.
We want to know, How Limited?

I hope this helps.
God bless you


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