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 Jewish Lawyers and Angle Lore.

Do Anglo-Saxon Traditions Prove the Rabbinical Oral Tradition?

The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement

Introduction.- Jewish Lawyers and Shylock.
(a). Jews from Judea Amongst the Anglo-Saxon Hosts?
Franks (Auzon Runic) Casket.
(b). Talmudic-Type Traditions in English Lore?
(c) The Questions
(i) Church Influence?
Why only in England?
(ii) Did Jewish Refugees from Romans Become Anglo-Saxon Warriors?
(iii) A Common Hebrew Heritage of Jews and Anglo-Saxons?


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Do Anglo-Saxon Traditions Prove the Rabbinical Oral Tradition?
Introduction- Jewish Lawyers and Shylock.

Jewish Lawyers are famous. In Israel they say that one out of every six university graduates wants to be a lawyer!
In some parts of the USA everywhere you turn the lawyers seem to be Jewish.
Wikipedia even has an article about it:

Wikipedia : Jewish lawyer

...the abundance of Jewish lawyers and doctors in television has been attributed to the disproportionate number of Jewish lawyers and doctors in real life.

The concept of the Jewish lawyer is a common stereotype of Jews, with Jews and Jewish lawyers depicted as clever, greedy, exploitative, dishonest, and engaging in moral turpitude and excessive legalism. The stereotype dates back to Joseph, the son of Jacob, in the Hebrew Bible. It gained prominence in the mid-to-late 20th century when Jews began to move into the legal profession.  Examples of Jewish lawyers include.. Shylock in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, who is a "clever but vengeful and greedy moneylender";

....a 1995 [USA] survey of partners in the highest-billing law firms found that 22 percent were Jewish.

And how bad really was Shylock?
Heinrich Heine relates:

When I saw this piece played in Drury Lane there stood behind me in the box a British beauty who, at the end of the fourth Act, wept passionately, and many times cried out, 'The poor man is wronged!' It was a countenance of noblest Grecian cut, and the eyes were large and black. I have never been able to forget them, those great black eyes which wept for Shylock!

When I think of those tears... Shakespeare perhaps intended originally to please the mob... But the genius of the poet... was ever stronger than in his own will, and so it came to pass that Shylock, despite the glaring grotesqueness, expressed the justification of an unfortunate sect which was oppressed by providence....

Heinrich Heine, 1839; quoted in Wilders, A Selection of Critical Essays

Actually if you take the legal profession as a whole including Judges, lawyers, and law-enforcement officials then in the USA Irishmen and Scotch-Irish dominate the scene.

Anyway, in a perfect world we would not need lawyers, or doctors, or dentists.
Our world is not perfect. We sometimes have to turn to members of the professions in question. There are those amongst us who prefer Jewish practitioners of the above professions even if they themselves are not Jewish. Most of us do not really care what they are as long as they are good at their craft.

This brings us to the subject at hand.
The laws and legal principles in the USA derive to some degree from English Common Law. This law is based on tradition and precedent.
In many ways it is derived from the Bible and may be paralleled by the Talmud.
This suggests either Jewish influence OR a mutual tradition that was once maintained both amongst the Jews and the ancestors of the English. Either way the question is of interest to the Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
Brit-Am believes that descendants of the Ten Tribes are today to be found chiefly amongst western peoples. This includes the populations of North America who together with the British and their kin are to be identified with the Tribes of Joseph.
Similarities in Language, Custom, Tradition, etc between the Ancient Hebrews and the Ancestors of the British Peoples (including the English) confirm our understanding that at one time the two groups were identical with each other.

(a) Jews from Judea Amongst the Anglo-Saxon Hosts?
Franks (Auzon Runic) Casket.

Franks Casket

English Common Law is apparently similar in many ways to that of the Talmud. This is a phenomenon that seems to have been remarked upon quite frequently.

England was invaded by the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and others.
The Venerable Bede (672-735 CE) emphasizes the predominance of the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes in the Invasion of England. Nearly ALL historians have followed the example of Bede though in our book "The Tribes" we went out of our way to show the presence and importance of other groups.
Were Jews present amongst the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and others?
Doug Weller suggests so.
Weller runs the web-site:
Archaeological/Skeptical Resources
Doug is an academic rationalist who dedicates himself to a campaign against maverick historical possibilities such as pre-Columbian knowledge of the Americas etc.
Doug Weller  has been critical of Brit-Am in the past.
He is a Wikipedia adjudicator and despite showing prior prejudice refused to disbar himself from disqualifying a separate Wikipedia Brit-Am entry.
To give credit where credit is due however Weller may have some redeeming qualities.
He is knowledgable and sometimes open to historical possibilities that are not conventionally acceptable. Weller also provides a needed "watchdog" service.
If something is not true or doubtful it is better that it not be accepted. The problem is that a genuine reality may also be rejected.
Doug Weller  once [On the Epigraphic e-mail discussion list] briefly raised the possibility that the early leaders of the Anglo-Saxons or their close allies, the Jutes, were of recent Jewish origin being perhaps descended from Judaeans whom the Romans had defeated and maybe then shoved into Europe.
[Alternately he suggests that they had been Germanic mercenaries who helped the Romans burn the Temple. Anyway some kind of connection may have existed?? Weller has expressed his dislike of Jews and maybe he does not like English either?]
I have lost the post in question but if I remember correctly Weller was commenting on "The Franks Casket".
The Franks Casket (also known as "Auzon Runic Casket") dates from ca. 700 CE and is a box whose four panels have been carved out of whalebone.
The panels carry inscriptions as described in:
"Scandinavian Secrets. The Hebrew Code of the Runes"
Orjan Svensson
The casket on one side depicts the Temple and capture of Jerusalem and has a Latin Inscription saying:
"Here the inhabitants flee from Jerusalem".
[It also has runic script analyzed by Orjan Svensson.]
Weller suggested that the casket depicts Anglo-Saxon origin beliefs.
[The inscriptions do apparently also demonstrate knowledge of Hebrew Calendar Computation.]
Franks Casket
The number of runes refers to a ten-year solar calendar while their value produces a lunar calendar. The mainly Latin formula ‘HIC FUGIANT HIERUSALIM’ produces a perfect Metonic cycle with all its leap years indicated by rune-like symbols.

(b) Talmudic-Type Traditions in English Lore?
In the Brit-Am article,
"Traditions of Israelite Descent in England
John Sadler, Menasseh ben Israel, and Jews
We note (amongst other matters) that:
John Sadler announced in the English Parliament that the English were descended from Israel. Sadler also wrote "The Rights of the Kingdom" tracing Old English laws back to Hebrew sources finding parallels in Talmudic Literature.

There almost certainly exist numerous Ph.D. Theses and other learned tracts demonstrating parallels between Talmudic Tradition and the English one.

Some trace this to the Church:
Lawyers Turn to Talmud for Continuing Education
By Beth
# What's more, Schulman said, 'there are amazing correlations in the areas of torts and property law that you can literally trace from U.S. law to British Common Law to Canon Law. And where did church canon law come from? Straight from the Talmud.' #

An Internet Web search will also show sites that while acknowledging Talmudic Influence on English law describe it as malicious and derived from Babylon. Or from the Norman Conquerors of England who, it is confidently asserted, "owned" the Jews and used the  Talmud as a tool to take control first of the English People and then of the USA!!!

 It is almost inevitable that in some lines of research ignorant psychopathic scum will have sullied the ground before us.

See the thread on the right-wing Russian Forum named "Pravda":
"British Monarchy Still Controlling USA - Hypocrite Britain"
[This thread sums up the real motivation behind most conspiracy theories i.e. blind hatred of the English, of the Jews, and of the USA along with blatant disregard for the truth.]

(c) The Questions
The History of Law and Legal Custom is not our field.
Nevertheless we have noted that a strong parallelism between Ancient Jewish practice and that of the English does exist and is commonly commented upon.

(i) Church Influence?
Why only in England?

It could be that parallels between the Talmud and English Common Law are to be attributed to the influence of the Church that borrowed much from the Jews and that only in English Common Law did the Talmudic Influence come through to such a degree.
This however to our mind is unlikely though worth examination.

(ii) Did Jewish Refugees from Romans Become Anglo-Saxon Warriors?
Alternately there may have been Jews from Judah who were thrust out of the Roman Empire into Germany and there were assimilated amongst the Anglo-Saxons as Doug Weller suggested. In Northern Dialects the terms Jew and Jute are interchangeable and the Jutes were together with the Angles and Saxons.

(iii) A Common Hebrew Heritage of Jews and Anglo-Saxons?
Our impression is that these laws (or some of them and the principles behind them) may have existed from the very beginning.
There are Hebrew elements in the early Anglo-Saxon epic "Beowulf".
If you read something bad about the Talmud do not believe it.
If you have doubts concerning a specific quotation in the Talmud go to:

Talmud: The Real Truth About The Talmud
by Gil Student

Talmudic Law is in effect Biblical Law put into practice according to Oral Tradition.
In the same way as Biblical narratives and Laws taken out of context may be unfairly presented in a negative light so too with the Talmud.
Talmudic Laws in some form or other mostly existed from the very beginning. At first they existed in Oral Tradition. Later they were discussed, debated, clarified and finally written down (ca. 500 CE) in the form we have today.

The Ten Tribes of Israel would once have kept these laws or something like them.
The northern Ten Tribes under King Jeroboam separated from Judah (1-Kings 12:20).
They set up golden calves in Beth-el and Dan (1-Kings 12:28-29).
They cut themselves off from Judah. The Levites amongst them fled to Judah (2-Chronicles 11:13).
The Ten Tribes practised idolatry and went in the ways of the pagan nations around them (2-Kings 17:15-17).
They were punished by being conquered and exiled en masse by the Assyrians (2-Kings 17:6, 18:11).
They were taken  away and lost consciousness of their Israelite Ancestry.

Nevertheless our studies show that in their language, customs, traditions, there remained strong traces of their Hebrew Past.
The same could well apply to traditional legal traditions that eventually found expression in English Common Law.

If this should prove to be the case and it be shown that the parallelism is not the result of some other factor then conclusions may be drawn with widespread implications.

It would be yet another proof that the British and their kinfolk are descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel.

It would also be proof for the antiquity of Talmudic Tradition going back to Biblical Times.
In principle even if Talmudic Law as practised today is shown to be different than it was in the past it would still be binding on the Jewish people since we are bound to follow the Sages present in our own time.
Deuteronomy 17:
9 And you shall come to the priests, the Levites, and to the judge there in those days, and inquire of them; they shall pronounce upon you the sentence of judgment.

The above expression "in those days" (Deuteronomy 17:9) in the Hebrew reads: "that shall be in those days". Jews have to follow the recognized  Rabbinical consensus of the time they live in!!

Nevertheless it is always heartening to find evidence indicating that how we understand the Law to be today is how it was understood to be from the time it was given on Mount Sinai!

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Traditions of Israelite Descent in England

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