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"Bible Basics"
Scripture, Israel, and the Oral Tradition
    by Yair Davidiy
Bible Basics

"Bible Basics" shows how the Holy Name when it was first revealed to Moses was already accompanied by an instruction to hide its usage when the time came. The Romans descend from Edomites who once neighbored Israel. This explains their attempts to replace the Jews as the Chosen People and their misuse of the name for their own deity. The Holy Name Movement in the USA is a recent phenomenon with a patholic attraction for dangerous and disturbed individuals. Correct Pronunciation of the Name in our time is NOT KNOWN to anybody. Claims to the contrary are false and misleading. Biblical Prophecy has 14 aims of instruction as explained by Don Isaac Abarbanel: 1. Divine Retribution. 2. Vengeance from Esau. 3. The Salvation and Redemption of Israel and the ingathering of the exiles. 4. THE TEN TRIBES WILL RETURN. 5. Coming out of Egypt as a Prototype. 6. There is a time limit after which Redemption has to come, deserved or not. 7. That the Redemption will occur a very long time after the Exile. 8. The Return of Prophecy. 9. Wayward Jews Return to Judaism. 10. Messiah son of David. 11. No More Exile. 12. Jerusalem will Teach the World. 13. There will be universal peace.14. Resurrection of the Dead.

The Ten Tribes were Exiled for Inventing their own Religious Beliefs! The Jewish Sages, on the other hand, received their authority from the Bible and deduced the will of the Almighty through the use of Biblically defined guidelines. This is still the case today. Contemporary Rabbinical authorities have an On-Going Decision-Making Ability derived from Scripture. In principle the literal meaning of the Bible is the one that is accepted.  Realizing what the literal meaning really says is the aim of most Rabbinical reasoning. The Bible says that someone born of a Jewish mother is Jewish. This is a reality that needs to be accepted. Ruth came from Moab. She was a native of Moab and a foreigner to Israel. She accepted the God of Israel and the yoke of Torah and so became an Israelite. She did this through the authority of Rabbinical decisions. Anyone who denies the legitimacy of Rabbinical Oral Tradition challenges the legitimacy of Ruth and through her of King David and the future Messiah! One of the Tasks of  Joseph i.e. of the Ten Tribes should be to support the learning of Torah and the application of its Laws by Judah! In Biblical Times a central authority was needed to decide how the Law was to be applied to the entire community. This must have been the case from the very beginning. It proves the Divine Origin of the Rabbinical Oral Law.

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