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25 February 2011 21 Adar-Aleph 5771
1. Protocols of Zion and the Sociology of a Major Conspiracy Freak Invention.
2. Archaeology: Brit-Am Version of
3. Pro-Zionist Christians in the 19th Century


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1. Protocols of Zion and the Sociology of a Major Conspiracy Freak Invention.

Relevance to Brit-Am:
The Protocols may be considered the forerunners of Conspiracy Theory.
Repeat a lie often enough and it will be believed. The Protocols were a forged document evolved from the combined efforts
of  the Prussian (early German) and Russian Secret Services. They were in effect a conspiracy to depict the Jews as behind a Conspiracy!
People believed them at the time! Even otherwise good and intelligent people were in some cases taken in. They created the climate for the mass slaughter of innocent Jews and other peoples in Europe. It is important that we take notice of this matter since it is now being repeated by Conspiracy Freaks throughout Cyber Space!

Author's Subject: H-AS MORSE: A new treatment of the Protocols

Umberto Eco's latest book, _Il cimitero di Praga_ (Milan: Bompiani), is a novel about fakery -- specifically, about the fakery which brought _The Protocols of the Elders of Zion_ into being and made it influential. In his review of the book (TLS 18 Feb. 2011: 21), Robert Gordon says:

" . . . Eco reimagines the long gestation of the _Protocols_ -- and, in passing, recounts episodes from French, Italian, Prussian and Russian secret histories -- through a vast collage of historical characters, places, arcane writings, illustrations and events (and, indeed, recipes). The mass of period detail here is at times amusing, but it can be overwhelming. . . . It is in the exploration of the literary genesis and genre of the _Protocols_ where novel and history meet most rewardingly. Eco argues that the power of the _Protocols_ is derived from its deep links to the popular fiction of the day. Simonini [the book's protagonist] calculates that those elements will make the work ring true, because they are loosely familiar from stories that are in the air and we take as true only what we already know."

Jonathan Morse
University of Hawaii at Manoa

2. Archaeology: Brit-Am Version of Explorator 13.44
From: david meadows <>
Subject: [Explorator] explorator 13.44


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3. Pro-Zionist Christians in the 19th Century

Relevance to Brit-Am:
Positive elements in Anglo nations helped create the State of Israel. Zionism is part of the Anglo heritage.
This should be remembered. The article below helps us do that.
See also:
"The Vision Was There. A History of the British Movement for the Restoration of the Jews to Palestine" by Franz Kobler, 1956, London   Whole book online, Classical Literature exclusive to this site; shows traditional pro-British attitude to Zionism!

Forwarded by:
G. Ashley
Pro-Zionist Christians in the 19th Century
Lord Shaftesbury (Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1801-1885) was a man of unshakeable faith who based his life on literal acceptance of the Bible. His guiding principle in life was the old Judeo-Christian Bible decree: "Love thy neighbour as thyself". The Jews he always called "God's ancient people", and he accepted them in the same way that he accepted the Bible," wrote Dr. Pragai.

When Mehemet Ali of Egypt threatened the Sultan in 1838, Palmerston and Ashley influenced the Turkish Government to permit the establishment of a British Consulate in Jerusalem. Ashley's delight over the achievement is reflected in his diary:
"The ancient city of the people of God is about to resume a place among the nations, and England is the first of Gentile kingdoms that ceases "to tread her down."

Jerusalem became the religious centre of the Jewish nation with King David's conquest of the Jebusite fortress of Zion in the 10th century B.C. The Babylonians destroyed the Temple and the city in the sixth century B.C. (Nebuchadnezzar). Then, the Persians brought the Holy City under their rule in the same century (536 B.C., Cyrus). After the conquests of Alexander the Great, his successors the Seleucids and the Ptolemies made Jerusalem "a bone of contention" as rival kingdoms in the second century B.C. (198 B.C., Seleucid conquest of Jerusalem). The Maccabean victory over those Hellenistic kingdoms resulted in an autonomous Jewish state which lasted about 127 years (from 164-63 B.C.), the Romans having conquered the Jewish nation in 63 B.C. (Pompey).

Jerusalem drove out the Romans during the Bar Kokhba Revolt (A.D. 132-135), which lasted only a few years, and the Emperor Hadrian subdued the city for the Roman Empire. In turn, Jerusalem was "trampled on" by Persians (A.D. 614), Moslem Arabs (A.D. 638), Egyptians (A.D. 878-1516), (the Mame-lukes from Egypt ruled in Palestine from 1250 to 1517) except for periods interrupted by: the Crusaders (A.D. 1099), the Holy Roman Empire (Frederick II, A.D. 1219), then, under Ottoman Rule, the Turkish Empire (A.D. 1517-1917), for 400 years until General Allenby of Britain took Jerusalem from the Turks in 1917. We must mention that for a brief period of about eight years, the Holy City was in the possession of the Pasha of Egypt (A.D. 1832-1840). Then the great historic fulfilment of prophecy, 1948, when the State of Israel was reborn.

However, the ancient city of Jerusalem was still held by the Kingdom of Jordan ruled by the Hashemite Dynasty. During the "Six-Day War" the Holy City came back into Jewish government on June 7th, 1967. Liberty Bible Commentary makes this note: "On June 7, 1967, the "times of the Gentiles" were completed" .

Q. What significant reaction followed Palmerston's and Ashley's influence on the Turkish Government?

Two years later (1840) the London Times, on March the 9th, carried a full text of a Memorial addressed to the "Protestant Monarchs of Europe" appealing for the Restoration of the Jews, and stated that an opportune moment had arrived for "what may be the probable line of duty for Protestant Christianity to the Jewish people."

Dr. Pragai in his book notes: "When a hundred years later Hitler's Germany had embarked on the `final solution', i.e., the physical extermination of Europe's Jewry, there was virtually no call at all regarding a `line of duty' of Protestant Christianity to the Jewish people. The few who did speak up were the exception to the rule".

On March 2nd, 1841, a memorandum was addressed to Lord Palmerston by a group of 320 Christians expressing beliefs that were widely shared by both Protestants and Catholics:
# Your Memorialists beg leave . . . to remind your Lordship that the land of Palestine was bestowed by the Sovereign of the Universe upon the descendants of Abraham as a permanent and inalienable possession nearly 4000 years ago, and that neither conquests nor treaties among men can possibly affect their Title to it. He has also decreed that they shall again return to their country, and that the Gentiles shall be employed as a means of their RESTORATION.#


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