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22 December 5 Tevet 5770
1. The
Nordwestblock of Peoples in the Netherlands
2. Questions on the Questions. Proof for Creationism or Against Evolution?
3. Catastrophism: Was There A Recent Ice Age?


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1. The Nordwestblock of Peoples in the Netherlands
An ancient group of peoples who lived in the Netherlands region and which may be worth examining.

We have an article somewhere in our files on this group. Linguistically they are characterized by place-names similar to those found here and there in the Phoenician-Canaanite portions of Spain and also in the Crimea-Black Sea region.



The name Nordwestblock is applied by historians to a group of Europeans whose homeland was in the western part of present-day Germany during the 1st century, but who were not originally Germanic tribes. They may have been of Old European origin.

Scholars include in the
Nordwestblock the Chatti, Hermunduri and Cheruscii. By the first century, these tribes were being led by men of Germanic origin (for example, Arminius the Cheruscan, well-known for his defeat of the Romans at the battle of Teutoburger Wald in 9 AD.

In contrast to other Germanic tribes such as the Goths and
Lombards, the Nordwestblock tribes mostly did not take part in the Volkerwanderung or migration of the peoples in the 5th century. They generally remained in their homelands, defined roughly by the rivers Main, Werra, Aller
and Rhine.

2. Questions on the Questions. Proof  for Creationism or Against Evolution?
The article below is a criticism of Creationists but incidentally also suggests that the evolutionists have not been as honest as they should be.
A hammer was found encrusted in rock (in Texas) that made it seem like an ancient artifact. A Creationist claimed it was proof of a pre-Deluvian [before the flood] civilization dating back to a time period when we were still supposed to be monkeys according to the evolutionists. Along comes the geologist and says the Creationist is all wrong. The hammer should be dated about a century and a half ago and such encrustation may form naturally quite quickly!
OK so why should we believe geologists who in other cases claim that encrustation takes eons to come about??

The "London (Texas, USA) hammer"
The so-called "London hammer"

Quotations from the article:
## However, it was soon pointed out by a geologist that minerals dissolved from ancient strata can harden around a recent object, making it look impressive to someone unfamiliar with geological processes. In fact, the style of the hammer would lead us to recognise it as nineteenth-century in date and of definitely American provenance.

3. Catastrophism: Was There A Recent Ice Age?
Age End Near 1500 B.C. and Genesis

Submarine megalithic structures off the coasts of Malta, Egypt, Lebanon, India, China, and Japan in waters up to 70 meters deep were evidently submerged when the Ice Age ended and sea-level rose about 100 meters because of runoff from the melting of the Ice Age ice-packs. Many of these megaliths were astronomical measuring devices, which indicates that their Ice Age constructors had map-making capabilities and sailed the seas, as demonstrated by a commonality of the architectural motifs of the megaliths worldwide, and as demonstrated by Turkish navigational maps which were sourced from ancient Phoenician maps and show coastlines of the Ice Age world with accuracies of latitude and longitude to not be matched until modern times.

Astonishingly accurate navigational maps which show the coastlines of most of the world as they were before the end of the Ice Age were utilized by Turkish admirals and possibly Christopher Columbus in the 15th century A.D. The Piri Reis Map of this period shows the coastline of Antarctica before the ice and snow of the Ice Age had entombed the underlying rocky shoreline. This map even accurately charted the rivers and bays of Antarctica before they were covered by the ice and snow of the Ice Age, and Admiral Piri Reis noted on this map that the source maps for his map were saved from the ancient Library of Alexandria by the Franks and were brought to Constantinople when that great Library of ancient Egypt was destroyed. These ancient source maps known as portolani were credited to the "Tyranean Sea Fish" who were master-navigators from Phoenicia (Sidon), and who had linguistic affinity to the Lybyco-Berber-speaking Olmecs of Central America.

Global warming could not have caused the higher evaporation rates from the ocean to cause the dense cloud-cover for the Ice Age because with this type of ocean warming, increased clouds would have shielded the earth from heat, and thusly, would have caused the atmosphere to cool back down, that is a buffer system within the hydrologic cycle. Therefore, the heating of the oceans to cause the Ice Age must have come from below, from beneath the earth's crust, that was the "Fountains of the Deep" of Noah's Flood.

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