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9 September 2009 20 Elul 5769
1. The German Responsibility for the Communist Revolution of 1917
2. Archaeology: Brit-Am Version of
Explorator 12.21
3. Extinct New Zealand [Giant] eagle may have eaten humans


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1. The German Responsibility for the Communist Revolution
German Paradise and Frankenstein Monster
September 12, 2009 by
Extracts (for complete article see URL above):
Because I disparage most conspiracy theories, some people here commented that I have an aversion for all conspiracies. I don't. I just have an aversion for ridiculous conspiracies.

There are some conspiracies that I believe because they are now known to be true. It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Bolshevik revolution was a conspiracy by the German government seeking to end the war on the Eastern Front to concentrate on winning in the West (Lenin also agreed to surrender land to Germany).

Overthrowing the Czar became a particularly acute concern for Berlin when the Russian Czar decided to ethnically cleanse his country of its Germans, expelling 200,000 of them. Only the Communist Revolution stopped his anti-German crimes.

There is a difference between this conspiracy and the crazy ones. The claim is not based on Lenin being part-German, which he was. Nor am I basing it on Friedrich Engels being the founder of Communism, and the sponsor of Karl Marx. (Unlike Marx, who rejected Judaism and the Jewish nation to the point of outright anti-Semitism, Engels remained a German patriot who believed that he acted in the best interests of his tribe.)

The claim doesn't even depend on the fact that Communism was based on theories that were actually called "German historical school" and "German idealism".

Nor is it based on the fact that Germans in Soviet Russia were the single most privileged ethnic group during the 1920s and the 1930s, and to a lesser degree again after 1964.

They got their own autonomous republic, the first national autonomous unit in the USSR.

All ethnic minorities in Russia benefited from the Soviet version of multiculturalism called Korenizatsiya, but Germans most of all. Lenin gave "Soviet Germans a special status among the non-Russians in the USSR."

In the Volga German autonomy, whose capital was renamed "Engels", the Soviet government established 421 German-language schools, 4 colleges, 3 medical schools, a music academy, theater, and many radio stations. It was essentially a German version of Quebec in the Soviet Russia. Germans were encouraged to occupy management positions.

Nothing even remotely close existed in the Jewish autonomous republic, which was located in the monsoonal and anti-cyclonic (and previously Judenfrei) region in the Far East, a location Jews saw as banishment. Volga, on the other hand, is the industrially and commercially dominant region in Russia with a pleasant climate where Russians preferred to vacation.

Whereas Germans already lived on Volga for centuries and didn't have to be relocated against their will (they moved there when Catherine II, a German, became a Russian Empress and gave her co-ethnics special benefits, loans and tax breaks to move to Russia), Jews had to be moved to the Far East and "Stalin was motivated by anti-Semitism in selecting Birobidzhan" according to Wikipedia. "The geography and climate of Birobidzhan were harsh, the landscape largely swampland, and any new settlers would have to build their lives from scratch."

In addition to the German autonomous republic, the Soviets set up 11 more German-language regions. On top of that, there were 550 German-language villages around the rest of the country.

In Ukraine alone there were over 600 German-language schools, 3 colleges and 14 newspapers.

It was only the rise of Adolf Hitler that led to the curtailing of the German paradise in the Soviet Union. And yet, there was a German-language newspaper published in Moscow even in 1939. The Volga German Republic remained bi-cultural and bilingual even after that. Forcible removal of Germans only came after June 22, 1941 when the Nazis opened Operation Barbarosa.

However, with Stalin's death, the fate of Soviet Germans improved dramatically. In 1964, the Soviet government officially apologized and "urged the Soviet citizens to give the Volga Germans every assistance possible in support of their "economic and cultural expansion"."

The Soviet experiment in multiculturalism was largely over by the 1960s, and the country embraced the policy of Russianization, an attempt to turn every Russian. Nevertheless, Germans remained "First Among Equals" when compared to other minorities, which is particularly curious considering that the Soviet Union lost more citizens during WWII than anyone else.

I searched for an apology to the Jews for Stalinist purges against them, including the murder of all but one high-level Jewish government officials, but to no avail. So much alleged power, and yet can't even get an apology for murder" I similarly couldn't find any other official government apologies to anyone other than Germans. This is despite the deportation of 2 million people for ethnic reasons: Finns, Koreans, Greeks, Chechens, Ingush, Balkars, Tatars, Khemshils, Turks, Kurds. (Damn, who knew that Russia had Kurds and Greeks"! What did they ever do to Stalin")

But back to my original point: I don"t believe that Berlin engaged in a conspiracy to replace the Czar with Bolsheviks because it benefited Germans, both in Germany and inside Russia.

I believe it because there is direct evidence pointing to it. Declassified documents, and all of them have been declassified in the 92 years since 1917, show that Lenin and his comrades received direct and substantial aid from Germany, and after the February 1917 Revolution, which did not involve Bolsheviks and which brought to power a government that was unwilling to surrender to Germany, Berlin actually had to force Lenin to return and stage the Bolshevik revolution.

I don"t need indirect evidence to prove a German conspiracy. I don't need to come up with a list of everyone who was a quarter German or to claim that someone is German when he isn't or to list Germans in low level government positions or to cite small, conspiracist blogs.

I can look at direct evidence of German involvement.

Germans don't like it when their role in the Bolshevik revolution is cited, but ultimately, the idea of a German conspiracy to overthrow the Czar isn't meant to argue that they are bad people.

Every country involved in a war seeks to replace a hardline opponent with one who is going to be more "moderate".

The US did it twice within the last 8 years: Afghanistan and Iraq. Every country since the beginning of warfare sought

Every country since the beginning of warfare sought to do the same. That the Czar engaged in the massive ethnic cleansing of innocent Germans during WWI makes the German involvement particularly honorable.

Why, after all, was it honorable to overthrow Slobodan Milosevic over dubious claims of anti-Moslem cleansing in Kosovo, but not honorable to overthrow the Czar whose acts were far worse than that of Slobo in either Bosnia or Kosovo"

In the past, I"ve expressed outrage that British government does not come to the defense of their co-ethnics in Zimbabwe. The inaction of London is far more shameful than the German conspiracy against the Czar.

I see nothing wrong with the way Germans acted, other than their later "projection" of their own actions onto the Jews.

The Bolshevik regime became such as Frankenstein monster that it is not surprising that Germans would not want to take credit for it, and the anti-Semitic Germans from Hitler on down, decided the blame the people they hate " Jews.

But as I've written before, Jews made up 354 Bolshevik party members in 1917. Even the Jewish Bund, a Socialist organization that opposed Judaism, Zionism, the Hebrew language and traditional Jewish life, was anti-Bolshevik and opposed Lenin"s revolution. Bund leader Mikhail Liber was "roundly denounced by Lenin", arrested in 1922 when the Bund was shut down by Moscow, and executed in 1937.

In the immediate wake of the Czar"s overthrow, Jews benefited, especially considering that pro-Czarist White Army murdered 100,000 Jews in what can only be termed as a genocide. They did get equal rights under Lenin, and due to higher level of literacy, gained high level positions (not unlike everywhere else).

This, however, does not prove an organized Jewish conspiracy.

Imagine this: a teacher hates a student and gives him low grades. One day, the teacher gets murdered. The new teacher gives the same student high grades. Does the fact that the student benefited prove that he committed murder" Likewise, that Jews benefited from Lenin proves nothing. (Under Stalin and beyond, even Kevin MacDonald admitted that "official anti-Semitism" became the government policy.)

And so, in conclusion:

1. Germans staged the Bolshevik revolution;
2. Germans in Germany and in Russia benefited from it more than anyone;
3. Jews were another major beneficiary of the Czar being replaced by Lenin, but that ended very quickly as the Soviet regime turned "officially anti-Semitic";
4. Germans were morally and militarily right to stage the Bolshevik revolution;
5. Nothing in the Bible or the Talmud to lead one to believe that Judaism would lead to Communism. (Or that Christianity would lead to multiculturalism, another idiotic neo-Nazi claim.) This is in sharp contrast to ideologies such as the German Historical School and German Idealism.
6. It is understandable that Germans don't want to take credit for this Frankenstein monster;
7. Lenin's regime that they supported was better than the Czar's (for everyone, just consider Likbez and NEP), and Germans had no way of predicting that the next leader will be a monster like Stalin.

And therefore, as a historical fact we should acknowledge that the Soviet Union was Germany's Frankenstein monster, but that the actions of Germans were understandable and they cannot be blamed for the crimes of Stalin and those who followed him.

2. Archaeology: Brit-Am Version of Explorator 12.21
From: david meadows <>
explorator 12.21 September 13, 2009
Some very large Meso/Neolithic hand axes found in a dry lake basin
in the Kalahari:

Latest bit of 'mysterious writing' comes on a 2000 years b.p.
stone cup found recently in Jerusalem:

There's a big brouhaha erupting as Israeli archaeologists tunnel
further 'beneath' the Al Aqsa mosque:"cid=1251804549264&pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ShowFull"page=4&section=0&article=126336&d=12&m=9&y=2009"lpos=World_News_First_Home_Article_Teaser_Region_6&lid=ARTICLE_15379935_Tunnel_Funded_By_Jewish_Settlers_In_East_Jerusalem_Neighbourhood_Of_Silwan_Angers_Palestinians_

Much excitement over the discovery of one of the earliest (or
earliest, depending on which journalist is spinning this one)
depictions of a menorah :

... same discovery, but emphasizing the discovery of the 2000 b.p.
synagogue it was found in (Migdal):"Modul_id=14"Modul_id=14"source=r_science"option=dedestaca&id=3849&grupo=News%20%20Media&canal=News

Interesting blog post by Robert Cargill on the recent acquisition
of some DSS fragments by APU:

OpEd on Egypt's motives in restoring synagogues:"_r=1

More on those Canaanite fortification remains found in Jerusalem:"itemNo=1112027"cid=1251804474414&pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ShowFull"iref=mpstoryview"storyId=112725017
The 'Gladiator diet' story is making the rounds again:

Assorted items (of varying quality) on Varus:

Review of Anthony Everitt, *Hadrian and the Triumph of Rome*:

More on that Roman 'mansion' from Jerusalem:

Interesting finds from various periods during road construction
in Co Meath:

A 2000 years b.p. roundhouse from a Moray farm:"UserKey=

More on the antiquity of milk drinking in Europe:

More on female hands on cave paintings:


Interesting feature on Mongolia's 'Olympics':"storyId=112466787

What they're finding along the Silk Road:,,contentMDK:22309407~menuPK:34457~pagePK:34370~piPK:34424~theSitePK:4607,00.html


A flood control project near Houston has found a pile of interesting
finds from various periods:"section=news/local&id=7004888

Digging for artifacts at (ghost town) Coloma:

They're digging at Fort Edward:"s=11098960

Fairy tales are even older than previously thought:

On the environmental/health tolls of millennia of salt production
in the Seille valley:

How Odyssey finds all those shipwrecks:

This week's DNA story is a bit different ... they've figured out
the genome of the pathogen which caused the Potato Famine:

Giving credit to Arabic chemists:


Cumberland Gap:

On the problems with security of antiquities in Palestine:"ID=224757

Interesting development in the 'forgery trial' this week with the
revelation that some well-known scholars were suspected of being
involved in the creation of some of the fakes:"cid=1251804522111&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

Two big coin finds this week ... the first, a large cache from
the Bar Kokhba Revolt:>"cid=1251804529782&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull"v=5mDS6HAnvZk"itemNo=1113473

... and 10 000 (no, that's not a typo) 4th century Roman coins
found by a metal detectorist in Shropshire:

Matters historical on the latest set of US quarters:"storyID=840137
Legacy of the Roman Empire:

Mouse House:

William Blake's World:

Assorted antiques items of interest:

On the dilemmas faced by conservators:

A 14th century Hebrew prayer book is going on display:"itemNo=1113467

Jewellery auctions don't seem to be affected by the economic times:

3. Extinct New Zealand [Giant] eagle may have eaten humans
September 11th, 2009 By MICHAEL CASEY, AP Environmental Writer
(AP) -- Sophisticated computer scans of fossils have helped solve a mystery over the nature of a giant, ancient raptor known as the Haast's eagle which became extinct about 500 years ago, researchers said Friday.

Much larger than modern eagles, Haast's eagle would have swooped to prey on flightless birds - and possibly even the rare unlucky human.

Scofield said the findings are similar to what he found in Maori folk tales. "The science supports Maori mythology of the legendary pouakai or hokioi, a huge bird that could swoop down on people in the mountains and was capable of killing a small child," he said.

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