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An Overview.

Brit-Am Versus "British Israel".
Biblical Proofs.
Historical Proofs.

DNA Findings.
Rabbinical Sources.

(i) Confirm Applicability of Biblical Verses.
(ii) Outright Ten Tribes Identifications.
(iii) Analyzes of Ten Tribes Characteristics Applicable to Brit-Am Findings
Brit-Am Still the ONLY Source for Rabbinical Source Locating the Ten Tribes in the West!
Conclusion and Appeal.


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Brit-Am does research concerning the present-day whereabouts of the Ten Tribes amongst Western Peoples.
That is our main occupation.
We also spread information concerning the results of our research and work to further the reconciliation of Judah with the Ten Tribes.
This also sometimes involves researching and spreading knowledge of Scripture in general.
Brit-Am has merited to achieve numerous results of great significance in the research field.
Sometimes we forgot what we have done and under-represent ourselves.
At other times we might sound boastful.
Everything has its own price and reward.
We want to get to the truth and to have this truth known by others.
Brit-Am followers usually share and understand this will of ours and its importance.
In the end everything depends on how close to the truth we can get.
Situations could conceivably emerge requiring us to  modify, change, or backtrack on some issues.
That is a price that would have to be paid.
This we would be prepared to do if the facts warranted it.
Up until now however, Thank God, we have gone along a path that has been confirmed. Here and there we may have been mistaken but so far only on marginal issues and even then not to a serious degree.
We have had a good track record.
We call on our readership to:
Help Brit-Am morally and materially to continue in this direction.
Do something to improve your life-style spiritually for the sake of yourselves, for the good of Israel, and also for the Brit-Am cause.
Also buy our publications and send us an offering if you can.

This brings us to a quick summary of Brit-Am Research Achievements.

Brit-Am Versus British Israel.
The term British Israel nowadays is often applied to the British Israel World Federation (BIWF).
We employ the term in this essay to the BIWF and all other non-Brit-Am bodies.
[The BIWF organization historically brought together in one body a number of separate groups and individual scholars and activists.
They also publish and sold numerous books and tracts on the subject.
Much of value that has been published has emanated from them apart from certain of Brit-Am Publications though they have stocked most of our books.
We may take what they have published together with what they promote as inclusive to some degree of most of what has been available. This is despite the fact that in recent times the BIWF has tended to emphasize a "Christian" message in general rather than a specifically British Israel one.]

We herein refer to "British Israel" as representative of all other [non-Brit-Am] schools of thought that recognize the presence of Israelites amongst non-Jewish Western peoples.

Brit-Am in its presentations usually seeks to present all pertinent information and research results whether they originally emanated from us or not. The question has been raised: What findings may be credited to our own efforts and what to other "British Israel" sources?

Biblical Proofs.
Taking our
List of 122 (was 110) Brit-Am Biblical Proofs
as roughly representative of our research findings from Scripture.

We may say that the following points are entirely or almost entirely attributable to Brit-Am research.
 Tarshish (Atlantic Ocean Area) (though the idea was broached in early British Israel literature).
Tzerefath meaning France and Britain being considered the place of the Ten Tribes as mentioned by Rashi (Obadiah 1:20).
Bald-Headed Eagle.
Joseph to defeat Edom.
Drunkards of Ephraim as an identifying factor.
Christianity and its links in the End Times to the Ten Tribes.
Cush (India), Egypt, Chains in Slaves from Africa to be taken overseas to homeland.
Headed by Kings .
Nobility Principle associated with  Ephraim  (UK)
Representative Democracy associated with Manasseh (USA) Genesis 41:51
The name "America" from Machir firstborn of Manasseh. USA the major  Capitalist nation and "Machir" denotes Principle of Sale.
Zebulon on the shores of the Sea (Gen 49:13) Sabulingoi (People of Zebulon) in Holland who do literally dwell on the sea-shores.
[The identitiy of the Sabalingoi of Frisia with Zebulon was mentioned by P.Senstius (1931) but we added to proofs about it and brought it to prominence.]
Proof from Biblical Brit-Am Computer Codes.
Ephraimite Criteria
 Object of Islamic Terror
Seventy Tribal and Clan Names

In addition nearly ALL the other points received substantial contributory support from Brit-Am research.
A good portion of the ancestral names came from us.
The identification of the Hebrew "raem" with the "Unicorn" (based on Biblical and linguistic Proofs) also came from us
as did much of the other points!
The Brit-Am Bible Studies and Commentary
also contributes much to an understanding and deeper comprehension of the Biblical Perspective in general and that concerning the Ten Tribes in particular.

Historical Proofs.
The accepted British Israel scenario is that the exiled Ten Tribes became the Cimmerians and Scythians and migrated to Western Europe.
In the 18th up until the early 20th century this coincided with accepted academic wisdom. It was generally accepted that the Celts had emerged from the Cimmerians and many of the Germanic-speaking peoples from the Scythians. By Germanic-speaking peoples we mean the Anglo-Saxons, Dutch, and Scandinavians. The Germans themselves were usually excluded.
Conventional academic now seldom sees any connection between the Cimmerians and Celts. Neither do they accept a Scythian descent for the speakers of Germanic Languages.
[ There are however exceptions. Some scholars are prepared to countenance a Celtic-Cimmerian connection. So an input to the Germanic-speaking tribes from the Scythian area is occasionally considered. In Scandinavia scholars seem more open to the possibility that at least some of their ancestors in the Bronze and Iron Age were to be found in the Balkans (south-east Europe), Anatolia (Turkey), or the Middle East. ]

Brit-Am accepts the British Israel Cimmerian and Scythian explanations. We have added to it and upgraded it with archaeological, linguistic, mythological, and other applications as well as input of our own from Biblical and Rabbinical sources.

In addition, Brit-Am has shown that as well as overland migration to the west, there was also a Sea-Way. Phoenician and Philistine (Minoan and Mycenean) proxies of the Assyrian Empire helped transfer Israelite captives to the west. They were re-settled in areas such Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Britain, western France, and Scandinavia, and northern Germany. [From some of these areas they later  moved out altogether and in others they stayed.]

Brit-Am says that most of the population of Western Europe arrived there after ca. 700 BCE. These included the Ten Tribes along with numerous other peoples. Megalithic monuments also mostly date from this time and are to be associated with Israelites and Celts.
Proof from Megalithic Monumenets is found in early British-Israel literature. We added to it the Biblical Commentaries along with some updated information.

We added input of our own to existing linguistic evidence as well as noting the aplicability to our subject of the linguistic works of others.

We also received and published information of importance from different peoples (e.g. Fred Koesag of Holland regarding early Frisian legends, etc) who may have found us more amenable than other parties would have been.

The Ten Tribers were to be linked with the sons of Gomer son of Japhet. This is also mentioned in an early British Israel publication. We added additional proofs from Rabbinical and other sources. More details will be given in our soon-to-be published book, "Hosea: The Ten Tribes Identified".

DNA Findings.
New findings in DNA may well confirm Brit-Am claims.
Brit-Am Anthropology and DNA Update
# 1. DNA Substantiates Brit-Am!
New Study Admits: Most Probable that R1b came to Europe after 1000 BCE!!!

DNA considerations are something we became engaged in almost against our own will and better judgment. Nevertheless it may well turn out that some of our best prognostications will have come from this area.

New findings in DNA may well confirm Brit-Am claims.
Brit-Am Anthropology and DNA Update
# 1. DNA Substantiates Brit-Am!
New Study Admits: Most Probable that R1b came to Europe after 1000 BCE!!!

Rabbinical Sources

(i) Confirm Applicability of Biblical Verses.

Rabbinical Commentaries Confirm the fact that certain Biblical Passages are referring to the Ten Tribes.
We, for instance, may believe that the application of the verses in question to the Ten Tribes is obvious
but others will dispute it. When a Rabbinical sources agrees with our interpretation we have more chance of being
taken seriously. For example Brit-Am applies most of Isaiah 49 to the Lost Ten Tribes and their location in the End Times.
The Talmud and Midrashim support this.

(ii) Outright Ten Tribes Identifications.
Rabbinical Opinions might say the Lost Ten Tribes are or were in certain areas. This helps confirm possible equation of of known ethnic groups
with Israelites. Additional evidence will be found to support conclusions drawn.
An example of such placement is Rashi for instance .on Obadiah 1:20. Rashi (on Obadiah 1:20) says the Ten Tribes are in France.
There are claims that Rashi was referring to the Jews of France and its neighborhood and not to the Gentiles. Additional sources are therefore needed to place Rashi in the correct context.

(iii) Analyzes of Ten Tribes Characteristics Applicable to Brit-Am Findings
These sources consist of Rabbinical Commentary (usually based on the Bible) that attributes certain trends of conduct and Tribal Character to the Ten Tribes or specific Tribes amongst them. We show how the attributes in question fit those of peoples we have identified from other sources as the Tribes in question.

Brit-Am Still the ONLY Source for Rabbinical Source Locating the Ten Tribes in the West!
All evidence from Rabbinical sources connecting the Ten Tribes to the Western World was first spoken of by Brit-Am.
A good portion of it still needs Brit-Am Explanations to clarify its pertinence.
We have barely scratched the surface so far.
Divine Providence enabled us to make a beginning and, so far, to continue.
There was and is no-one else in this field, at present.
Perhaps in the future there will be.
Maybe many will eventually come forward?

Conclusion and Appeal.
Brit-Am specializes in researching the present whereabouts of descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Most of these are to be found in concentrated localities amongst specific ethnicities. A good proportion of all valid research findings applicable in our time for the location of the Ten Tribes came to light as a result of Brit-Am research efforts. In Biblical Studies Brit-Am showed how key verses whose correct meaning was not previously realized tell us where the Ten Tribes are. In Historical research Brit-Am revealed whole new vistas of discovery and enlightenment. In Rabbinical Studies Brit-Am showed how proofs concerning the Ten Tribes were confirmed and corroborated. In other fields of study Brit-Am showed the way and is still doing so.
Brit-Am did a lot but it did not do everything. We do not wish to take credit for what we do not deserve. If anyone notices an inaccuracy in any of the above pleasce contact us and we will correct it.
Even just repeating the findings of others and bringing them more to public attention is worth while but we have merited to much more than that and hope to continue.

Whatever happens Brit-Am at present is where the action is especially from the research point of view.
We have been enabled to contribute conceptions that last and that prove themselves.
Help us keep going along this pathway.

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