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BATR no.4
Brit-Am Tribal Researches
7 September 2011, 8 Elul 5771.

1. Lasse Martinsen (from Norway) : Two Alternate Identifications.
2. Rabbi S. R. Hirsch: The Levitical Aspect of the Cohanim.
3. Christopher Grech (Malta) Disagrees with Ireland Tribe of Asher Identification.


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1. Lasse Martinsen (from Norway): Two Alternate Identifications.
Asher is Sweden
and Gad is the Netherlands.

God bless
Lasse Martinsen. Norway. Naphtali

Brit-Am Comment:
We found elements from Asher in Scandinavia (the As, Aseir, etc) and of Gad in the Netherlands.
"The Tribes".
when it is re-printed.
Nevertheless our present understanding is that Asher received its Tribal expression in Ireland and Gad in Sweden.

2. Rabbi S. R. Hirsch: The Levitical Aspect of the Cohanim.
The Cohanim (Priests) were the descendants of Aharon brother of Moses. They were from the Tribe of Levi. Both Cohens and Levis served in the Temple but they had different tasks.
The Sanhedrin was the Supreme Court of the Israelite Nation. It was to consist of seventy elders with a Prince (Nasi), in place of Moses,  at their head (Numbers 11:16).
The Sanhedrin would decide how the Torah Law was to be applied. The Bible recommends that Cohens be included in the Sanhedrin Ranks and emphasizes their belonging to the Tribe of Levi. Rabbi Shimshon Rafael Hirsch comments on this.

Deuteronomy 17:
9 And you shall come to the Priests (Cohanim), the Levites, and to the judge there in those days, and inquire of them; they shall pronounce upon you the sentence of judgment.

# We have already mentioned the inner connection between the Sanhedrin and the Temple.
This also found expression with the joining of Cohanim to the Supreme Court [i.e. the Sanhedrin] ... The authoritative formulation of the  Written Torah was given to the Cohens to watch over... the Sanhedrin was the supreme authority concerning the Oral Law...We find in the first Sanhedrin that the seventy elders appointed by Moses were chosen from all of the Tribes without distinction... it was commanded to also appoint Cohens, descendants of Aharon [to the Sanhedrin], as long as suitable candidates from amongst them were available... Scripture wished to recall not only their unique Priestly aspects but also to emphasize the nature of their Tribe [as Levis]:
This tribe had stood forth without fear in defence of the Torah. It was desirable that the same attitude find its expression in the Sanhedrin...

3. Christopher Grech (Malta) Disagrees with Ireland Tribe of Asher Identification.

Dear Yair,

Good morning and thank you for your email.

I have my reservations about the Asherite tribe in Ireland.

To whom can Heber (Eber) be attached to? Is it the Hebrew patriarch under the Shem(ites) as per the attached, or an offspring of Asher?

In Malta, we have a surname called Ebejer, which has a coat of arms having three chevrons [inverted V-shaped pattern].
This may be from the Heber of the Asherites, but to automatically attach this name to the Irish, may be not so straightforward or correct.

Kind regards,

Christopher Grech


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