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5 June 2012, 15 Sivan 5772.
1. Jewish Descendants of King David.
2. Comments from Ha-Natziv on  Yair, Manasseh, Ephraim, Dan .
3. How the USA Helped Establish the State of Israel.


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1. Jewish Descendants of King David.

Davidic Dynasty

Surnames Known to Be of Davidic Descent

Site gives a list of Jewish families that have a tradition of being descended from David. The list is not all-inclusive.
Some of the names have a star besides them. This means that the tradition is especially strong.
On the other hand names with two stars means that the tradition has been challenged.

Here are the names with one star (Primary Families):
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Frenkel/Frankel*, Frenkel-Teomim*,
Heilprin/Halperin*, Heller*, Heschel/Babad*, Hillel and the Nesi?im*, Horowitz/Hurwitz (various Chassidim)*
Jaffe/Yoffe* / **
Kalonymus*, Karo/Caro*, Katz (Maharal of Prague) * / **, Katzenellenbogen*, Klausner*
Loeb* Lowe* Lurie/Luria* Maharal of Prague * / **
Margolioth/Margulies/Margolis/Margaliot*, Meisels*
Rapaport*, Rashei Galut (Exilarchs) male descent from David*
Sassoon*, Schorr*, Shrentzels*
Teomim/Teomin-Frenkel*, Treves/Dreyfus*
Weil *, Weisblum (Lizhensk Chassidim)*

2. Comments on  Yair, Manasseh, Ephraim, Dan from Ha-Natziv.

Comments on the Tribes from the Commentary Ha-Natziv to the first portion of the Book of Numbers (BaMidbar, Numbers ch.1, 2, 3, 4:1-20).

Yair of Manasseh was actually from Judah.
Numbers 1:2... that there should not be [in this case] the head of one Tribe appointed over the descendants of another Tribe. .. This was not the case in the later Census  [Pinchas, Numbers 26] ... since there they were numbered for the purpose of apportioning the Land...[we find] several leaders from one Tribe appointed over members of another Tribe such as Yair son of Manasseh who was from the Tribe of Judah but was a leader in the Tribe of Manasseh and he received with them [i.e. with Manssah] an inheritance east of the Jordan...there were many more like that.

Joseph: Manasseh and Ephraim.
Numbers 2:20...Ephraim was the head of the Standard [in the marching order through the Wilderness] since in the Wilderness Divine Guidance was by way of miracles.
This was more suited to the Potentialities of Ephraim.  However wherever  Divine Guidance was by way of  Nature,  Manasseh was greater than Ephraim. This is why later in the census list
[Pinchas, Numbers 26:28] Manasseh has the precedence: Coming into the Land required more Guidance by Way of Nature and in this Manasseh came first as explained in Genesis 48:14.

Dan would Complement the Other Tribes.
Numbers 2:31... as we explained above [Numbers 1:3] each Tribe was appointed according to their individual propensity in the arts of warfare. Each standard had its own speciality. This was not the case with the Tribe of Dan... Dan would complete [whatever was lacking in] the other Tribes.. there were many of them [from Dan] who did not have a particular task. They would supplement the other Standards..
[Dan is described as "the rear guard of all the camps" (Numbers 10:25). In Hebrew the word translated as rear guard is Ma-Asef. This may also be understood to mean "gather up the stragglers".
Ma-Asef means gather up. It may also connote supplement or complement. The Natziv explains that both meanings were applicable.]

3. How the USA Helped Establish the State of Israel

The Real Story of How Israel Was Created
By Alison Weir

This article is written by an enemy of the Jewish People and posted by an anti-Israeli site.
Its veracity is not to be counted upon.
On the other hand what they consider is bad we know to be good.

The article describes how Zionist activists alongside US OFFICIALS as directed by President Truman helped pressure recalcitrant nations to vote in favor of the Partition of Palestine in the UN in 1947.
This lead to the creation of Israel. The actual resolution may not technically have been more than a recommendation but for the Jews it had importance.


Truman's political adviser, Clark Clifford, believed that the Jewish vote and contributions were essential to winning the upcoming presidential election and that supporting the partition plan would garner that support. (Truman's opponent, Dewey, took similar stands for similar reasons.)

When it was clear that the partition recommendation did not have the required two-thirds of the U.N. General Assembly to pass, Zionists pushed through a delay in the vote. They then used this period to pressure numerous nations into voting for the recommendation. A number of people later described this campaign.

Financier and longtime presidential adviser Bernard Baruch told France it would lose U.S. aid if it voted against partition. Top White House executive assistant David Niles organized pressure on Liberia through rubber magnate Harvey Firestone, who told the Liberian president that if Liberia did not vote in favor of partition, Firestone would revoke his planned expansion in the country. Liberia voted yes.

Latin American delegates were told that the pan-American highway construction project would be more likely if they voted yes. Delegates' wives received mink coats (the wife of the Cuban delegate returned hers); Costa Rica's President Jose Figueres reportedly received a blank checkbook. Haiti was promised economic aid if it would change its original vote opposing partition.

Longtime Zionist Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, along with 10 senators and Truman domestic adviser Clark Clifford, threatened the Philippines (seven bills were pending on the Philippines in Congress).

Before the vote on the plan, the Philippine delegate had given a passionate speech against partition, defending the inviolable 'primordial rights of a people to determine their political future and to preserve the territorial integrity of their native land.'

He went on to say that he could not believe that the General Assembly would sanction a move that would place the world 'back on the road to the dangerous principles of racial exclusiveness and to the archaic documents of theocratic governments.'

Twenty-four hours later, after intense Zionist pressure, the delegate voted in favor of partition.

The U.S. delegation to the U.N. was so outraged when Truman insisted that they support partition that the State Department director of U.N. affairs was sent to New York to prevent the delegates from resigning en masse.

On Nov. 29, 1947, the partition resolution, 181, passed. While this resolution is frequently cited, it was of limited (if any) legal impact. General Assembly resolutions, unlike Security Council resolutions, are not binding on member states. For this reason, the resolution requested that '[t]he Security Council take the necessary measures as provided for in the plan for its implementation,' which the Security Council never did. Legally, the General Assembly Resolution was a 'recommendation' and did not create any states.

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