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Land of Sinim and Australia
Biblical Proofs: Australia

Isaiah chapter 49 relates to Britain, North America, and Australia

Isaiah 49:
8   In an acceptable time I have heard You,
      And in the day of salvation I have helped You;
      I will preserve You and give You
      As a covenant to the people,
      To restore the earth,
      To cause them to inherit the desolate heritages;
      9 That You may say to the prisoners, Go forth,
      To those who are in darkness, Show yourselves.
      They shall feed along the roads,
      And their pastures shall be on all desolate heights.
      10 They shall neither hunger nor thirst,
      Neither heat nor sun shall strike them;
      For He who has mercy on them will lead them,
      Even by the springs of water He will guide them.
      11 I will make each of My mountains a road,
      And My highways shall be elevated.
      12 Surely these shall come from afar;
      Look! Those from the north and the west,
      And these from the land of Sinim.

    Isaiah says (49:8) that the exiled of Israel will be preserved and become a covenant of people (in Hebrew 'a Brit-Am'), who will establish the world and inherit wasted heritages. They will use released prisoners to colonize these heritages (49:9), as the British did at first in North America and Australia. They shall return from the north and from the west, and from the land of Sinim (Isaiah 49:12). That this passage is referring to the Lost Ten Tribes is confirmed by the Talmud and Midrashim.

    Sinim is interpreted to mean Land of the South in the Aramaic Translation. In the Vulgate Latin version of the Bible which was translated by Jerome after consulting with Jewish sages, the Land of Sinim is rendered as Australia. The term Australia in Latin means Land of the South. The Egyptians referred to the southernmost known area of land as sin-wur. This corresponds to the Land of Sinim meaning Australia. There are reports of Egyptian and Phoenician remains being found in Australia. Pomponius Mela in ca. 40 CE reported the "Terra Australis Incognito" or "Unknown South Land" and maps based on his description show the location of Australia. The Australian Aborigines originally came from Egypt. One of the most famous and most admired (in Australia) Australian Prime Ministers was Billy Hughes who believed that British-related peoples descended from the Ten Tribes of Israel. Australian and New Zealand Troops liberated the Holy Land in the First World War.

    Another sign concerning the Lost Ten Tribes is that they should be at the ends of the earth. Australia and New Zealand are about as much at the end of the earth (when considered with the Land of Israel as the center) as you can get. Australian and New Zealand also fulfill most of the other criteria and proofs we adduce.

Proofs concerning Austrlia and New Zealand by implication reinforce the evidence for their kinfolk in Europe and North America, and vice versa. If the British and North Americans are descended from the Ten Tribes so too must the same apply to their relatives in Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere.

The Bible Codes very strongly affirm our identification of Australia and New Zealand being the Land of Sinim and areas where the Lost Ten tribes in the Latter Days were destined to be found.
"Australia and the Matrix" by Shmuel Treister

Australia and the Land of

New Zealand in Biblical Codes


Land of Sinim and Australia

Isaiah forty-nine verse eight
Speaks of a Day of Salvation
Predicts Lost Israelite Fate
To receive Divine Preservation
A Covenant People or Brit-Am
As was promised to Abraham.

Isaiah forty-nine verse nine
Tells of freeing the prison-bound
To raise sheep and cattle-kine
Colony of Australia was found.
First settlement in Sydney Town
A township on Australia's ground.
To raise up those who were down.

Isaiah forty-nine verse twelve
Says they will return from afar
They who in Scripture delve
Will be shown just who they are.
Coming from west and north
Britain and North America lands
Mighty nations have come forth
Seed numerous as the sands.
So too, from east and south
New Zealand is the place
Predicted by Isaiah's mouth.
Founded by the British race.
Decent beer and good wine,
Australasia is the Antipodes.
Land of Sinim and sunshine
Proven in Brit-Am Bible Codes.

Proofs applying to country one
Concerning ancestral family ties
Apply to brothers under other skies.
The Tribes in Ancient Israel begun
Are to be found as natural allies.
Who fought the enemy and won.
This includes the ANZAC Blues
Land of gum trees and much sun.
Freedom and dignity to choose
Good work, sports, and booze.

This is the Great Hebrew Clan
Destined to rule the world wide
United together as one man
Their Ancestry no longer to hide
Coming from Britain and Irin
Scandinavia and Land of Fin.
Holland, Belgium, and France
Every one deserves a chance.
Helvetia, USA and Canada too
Jerusalem and the Israeli Jew.
Diggers from Down Under
Together with Kiwi males
Warriors tough as nails
Full of hope and wonder.

They shall return to Bible Law
Come back to what was lost.
Regain the Land they forswore
Regretfully realizing the cost.
To sacrifice and atone for guilt,
The Temple shall be rebuilt.
Borders from Euphrates to Nile
Cyprus, Lebanon, and Syria.
They shall make it worthwhile,
Amend the Captivity of Assyria


Kine, Old English term (still used in KJV Bible) for cattle, derives (like many English words that come from Hebrew) from the Hebrew word "mikneh" (cattle) which in turn comes from the word-root KNH connoting "possess, acquire".

ANZAC, Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. Term used in World War One  for the combined Australian and New Zealand Armed Forces and since sometimes applied to Australians and New Zealanders as one entity.

Blues. Singular of "blue", nickname for a genuine person, cf. "true blue".
Irin. Name for Ireland

Land of Fin i.e. Finland

Helvetia. Official Swiss name for Switzerland

Diggers. Nickname for Australian soldiers in World War 2, since applied on occasion to Australians in general.

Down Under. Australian nickname for Australia. The nickname originated since on Maps of the World and Global Models the south is placed at the bottom (and the north at the top) so Australia ends up being depicted as underneath everywhere else!

Kiwi. Native bird of New Zealand but applied as a nickname for a New Zealander in general.

Captivity of Assyria. The Ten Tribes were exiled by Assyria and consequently lost awareness of their ancestral identity.

Duration: 20.20 minutes

31. Poem:
What Brit-Am Offers
What Brit-Am Offers
Also titled,
The Brit-Am Offering (2nd version)

Inspiration from above.
Brit-Am teaches Bible
Truth, life, and love
Brit-Am without rival,
Fulfils the yearning.
For Biblical Learning

Features like HOP
Truth from the top
Give you tiding,
Of Islamic biding
To cast away
Israel and USA.

Items in Jerusalem News
Insights, scoops, views.

Our Study of races
Explains different faces.
Re-examines DNA
Gives Science a say.

Brit-Am Forum
Saves from boredom
Discusses matters
of  much import
Not idle chatters
but straight report:
Need to know.
Counters every crank.
No empty show
-Open and frank

Here is the Truth:
With the proof.
Ancestors of yore
From Israelites came.
Hebrews were before
Having the name
They now bear.
Meaning  you too
Need to care.
A Hebrew true
Brit-Am makes of you.

All this and more
What is in store
Brit-Am Findings
Lessons and tidings.
Straight as a ram,
Help Brit-Am
Pay the man
As you can.
Brit-Am is in need
Mouths to feed
Bills to pay
Day by day
Rent to meet
Stay on our feet.
Electric and phone
Keep the tone
All on our own.
Maintain outreach
Hebrews to teach
Help as you should
For your own good
Let yourselves be blest
Put it to the test
Brit-Am is for you
To yourselves be true.

32. Brit-Am Renewed Appeal.

This is a new Brit-Am Appeal
Brit-Am is in need of money
For bread, butter, and honey.
Rent to pay, wounds to heal
Hebrew ancestry to reveal.

Offering life, strength and hope
Print New edition of "The Tribes"
Which to countries ascribes,
Israelite forefathers subscribes.
Payment for us with life to cope
Enabling to expand our scope.

Brit-Am studies, does Research
Paths in which your fathers went
In the west to make their perch:
Proofs of your Hebraic descent.
Do not leave us in the Lurch.
With our Knowledge we Reveal
What your soul does truly feel.
For our supper we shall sing
Revelation does Brit-Am bring.
Jews and Joes to Reconcile
To be made one in little while.
Hebrew souls in guise Gentile
To Israel Come you back
Get yourselves on the track.

Brit-Am wishes to serve you well
Prove yourselves, send some change
Do not think us weird or strange.
Need of funds, print Books to sell
So that we, your truth may tell.

Everything you give will return to you
In form of Manifold Blessings true.
You shall rejoice through and through.

33. The Family of Abraham

For Background,
We are the People: Tribal Hints to Goodness.

For the name of Abraham see (Genesis 13:5);  Isaac (Genesis 21:6); Jacob (Genesis 25:26, 27:36); Israel (Genesis 32:28, 35:10).
For the names of Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah (Genesis ch. 29);
Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulon, Joseph (Genesis ch. 30);
Benjamin (Genesis ch.35).

Poem: The Family of Abraham

Abraham Passes Over:
Hebrews, numerous and great.
On Oceans they will rover.
Rebecca was the soul mate,
Of Isaac who will laugh.
As a sacrifice offered up
God intervened on his Behalf.
With the righteous will we sup.
Jacob his appearance changes
Through struggle he prevails
His name to Israel Exchanges,
Overcomes adverse travails.
Reuben the outcome foresees.
Simeon makes himself heard.
Levi, to God will appease.
Judah gives the right word.
Dan will judge and weigh.
Naphtali wrestles in fight.
Gad with a troop holds sway.
Asher smiles in delight.
Issachar will make his way,
For service receive his pay.
Zebulon dwells on sea-shores,
Guarded by dykes from flood
Lying at the Ocean doors
Sharing ties of blood.
Joseph to all good adds much,
Benjamin does the right thing
Welcome is his prayer and touch.
All this, Tribes of Israel bring.
We shall all rejoice and sing.
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Brit-Am Offerings.


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