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1. Poem: The Brit-Am Offering
Inspiration from above.
Brit-Am teaches Bible
Truth, life, and love
Brit-Am is without a rival.
Biblical and General Learning
For which you are yearning.

Brit-Am gives you Jerusalem News
insights, scoops, and views.

Through our Obama HOP
We give you tiding
and truth from the top
Of Islamic biding
To take over the USA.

BAMAD tells of different races
Explains peoples faces.
Re-examines DNA
All this without Pay.

New Joseph Forum
Saves you from boredom
Discusses matters
of import
Not idle chatters
but report:
That counters every crank.
No empty show
-open and frank
What you need to know

Brit-Am gives the Truth
Of who your fathers were before
Brit-Am Now provides the proof.
That your ancestors of yore
From Israelites came
Long before they bore the name
They now bear.
Meaning that you too
of your ancestry should care
Since a Hebrew true
is what it may make of you.

All this and more
What there is in store
Our Brit-Am Findings
Give you lessons and tidings
Help Brit-Am
If you can.
Brit-Am is in need
There are mouths to feed
Bills to pay
Expenses day by day
We have rent to meet
to stay on our feet
Pay the phone
All on our own
Maintain outreach
Hebrews to teach
For your own good
Help as you should
Let yourselves be blest
Put it to the test
We are here for you
To yourselves be true.
Brit-Am Now no. 1371

2. Poetical Reply to Poem: Arriving on Succott

Shalom Yair,

You are a poet and I didn't know it!
I have decided to be
and send you a special poetry prize.
We are coming to Israel for
and may at that time put more money in your pot!

All good wishes and shalom,


Brit-Am Reply:

Av, Elul, and Tishrei
Your face will we delight to greet
Succot is months away.
If now we should eat
We must pay,

4. A Poem: Judah says not "No"!

Ephraimites often complain that Jews do not relate to them seriously and do not recognize their probable ancestral connection to Israel. This is a complicated issue but at all events the first step should be to spread knowledge of the Ephraimite ancestral connection. This is what Brit-Am, the Ten Tribe Movement,is doing. This ultimately would help the Ephraimite cause both with Judah and with other descendants of Joseph who are not yet aware of their Israelite origins. Despite our efforts Ephraimites are not on the whole rushing to help Brit-Am in its endeavors. Just the opposite.

Judah says not "No"!
He just does not know
Who you are
Think of it Joe
Are you on par?
To make it show?
Are you aware?
That it is not fair
To complain
of pain
That no-one knows of
Or can do anything for
And you do not share
Or seek to prove
Your Ancestry?
And of those (such as us)
who do
work for you
You make no fuss
and fail to send
the modest stipend
needed to continue
and move on through
With our daily due.


Source: New Joseph Forum no.1

5. Requirements
Great and Mighty Independent Nations who are a Source of Blessing for all Mankind [Genesis 12:2-3 18:18-19] and who promote Justice and Judgment![Genesis 18:18-19]
They must be extremely Numerous by world standards [Genesis 13:16 24:60].
They should be named after Isaac [Genesis 21:12] as the Anglo-Saxons are!
They must be a world power to whom, whether by design or by virtue of being what they have, gained control over international Strategic Gates meaning points that open up lane-ways or give access to vulnerable areas of potential antagonistic parties on the national level [Genesis 22:17 24:60].

God promised Abram Blessings to receive
his homeland he must leave
And head for the Holy Land
That he should become a nation great [Genesis 12:2]
Numerous as the Sea-Sand   [Genesis 22:17]
To determine human fate
for he himself to be blest
He must help the rest
of the human race
adopt a humane humanity
and set a go-ahead pace
while maintaining its sanity.

We are therefore looking for
Peoples who fit the given signs
That we may say they are Hebrews for sure
They must accord with the designated designs
We need to find within the bulk of nations
an ethnic family of several groups of folk
Who to each other are blood relations
without foreign yolk
Uncountable as stars in the sky
A nation of greatness and might
Doing good
as it should
Standing up for justice and right
Shaped on the map like a thigh
According to Promises from on High
Well Prepared for a fight
Guiding Gentiles with light
controlling every strategic lane
of they who may be its foe
or otherwise wish them pain
That the heathen may know
That the seed of Abraham has the key
to every international gate
that decides the fate
of she and he
and the whole country.
All these signs and more yet
Fit the bill of the USA
and peoples West Europe did beget
and gave rise to, as well as the UK
and its daughters
who good manners has taught us.
Clean living and fair play
a day's work with fair pay.
Only they are Lost Israelites who fit the bill
Along with other points that enumerate we will
This is the Hebraic Legacy
Hark, my friends unto me!

6. The Promised Land
From Euphrates to River Nile
Defines the Promised Land
Written by Heavenly Hand
More valid than legal file
Stronger than Court Probate
or Surveyor Estimate
This is the Land of Isra-el
Contingent on Torah Law
We must keep God in awe
For all to go we-ell
and FOR the common weal
And HIS Presence reach out to feel.
At the least, West of the Jordan
Is Hebrew Real Estate
Dependent on the cordon
of acting in manner legitimate
The guardian is the Jew
to himself must be true
for the sake of kin and kith
which includes you
and whom you are with.
Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon
Are places Ephraim may now live on
Joseph should conquer and settle there
As the Prophets said
It is his right, fair and square
He has the might, to go ahead
Until in Future Time
He will with Judah re-align.
As their bells will as one chime
United they will stand along the line.

The Blessings to Isaac

Of Rebecca the wife of Isaac it was predicted that her seed should possess
THE GATE OF THOSE WHO HATE THEM (Genesis 24:60) i.e. international strategic bases; and that their numbers would be many many millions multiplied over. Isaac was promised all the lands and blessings that had been pledged to Abraham.
The twins Esau and Jacob were born to Isaac.

Blessings to Abraham the Hebrew
Devolved on his son Isaac too
Confirmed with even more strength
The Promised Lands with width and length
Isaac Received blessings in his life
The Enemy Gates promised to his wife.
Rebecca would have offspring
That would grow and become strong
Impeded in expanse by no-thing
Grow to become an immense throng
Descendants numerous as the stars
Multitudinous as Sand of the Sea
The USA flag with stars and bars
Raised over the Land of the Free
Blessed with spontaneous increase
Their numbers not suffer decrease
Ruling over every point in the world,
That gives control as strategic post
In every ocean their banner unfurled
For the glory of their Hebraic Host.
In every war they should win
Jacob to Esau is a twin.

8. The Blessings to Jacob
Concerning Jacob prophecies tell us that his descendants would be identifiable through the following characteristics:
Peoples who enjoy Agricultural plenty and great blessings [Genesis 27:28]; Who rule over and strongly influence other nations and have done so in the past at an international level so that is what they have been noted for. This includes European Powers (sons of Esau) [Genesis 27:29].  They must have been distinguished by the goodness they were blessed with. Whoever was allied or associated with them must have benefited from it and the opposite applied to they who opposed them [Genesis 27:29]. Many (or at least several) different peoples must have emerged from them [Genesis 28:3]. They must number an immense multitude. Offshoots from this group of nations must be found in the north, south, west, and east and where they are found they must be identifiable as national entities enjoying that which they have been blessed with. All families of the earth must have been blessed through them [Genesis 28:13-14]. They must be very numerous and include the rulers of several nations parallel to each other with a preference for the monarchical system of government [Genesis 35:10]. They must have a history of conflict with Esau-Edom who is a militaristic powerful entity in his own right always jealous of Jacob and seeking to replace him [Genesis 25:23, 27:40].

Only Peoples whom Brit-Am identifies as descended from the Lost Ten Tribes fit all of the above points.


 Jacob was to get many fields
Plenty of corn and wine
Good farm yields
Everything just fine.

His bounty was to exceed
That of all the others
His surplus was to feed
Many nations, not just brothers.

Other Peoples was he to over-rule
Nations to him would bow down
For the Almighty, a willing tool
Israel was the sheriff of the town.

All nations of the earth
By him would have it good
They would seek his berth
As much as they could.

Several countries each alone
Must be found
With space of their own
Some east and southbound.

Australia and New Zealand
Most in the West and North
The Northwest band
That from Europe spring forth.

Canada and the USA
Britain and France
Where freedom has its say
With each other in
Against Japan, and Russia
Who are the Powers of Edom
Like Germany and Prussia
Esau, do their rulers come from.
Now all this may seem strange
But it is what the Bible shows
Not someone in derange
He who learns, knows.

9. Joseph - an Introduction

Joseph was the  favorite child
of  Israel his Dad
who gave him a coat
of colors in interlocked line
Scottish tartan design
Pride and glory not decline
As the Bible wrote
Pre-eminence he had
Refined and mild
Sometimes also wild

His brothers were jealous
and overduly zealous.
They sold him as a slave
To an Arab band
Taken to a foreign land
The nation to save
The great and the small
Joseph fed them all.

The Manasseh banner
showed a pyramid-tower
As may be seen
on a US Dollar bill
With an All-Seeing Eye
Our Ruler in the Sky
Prosperity and Power
With civil manner
Say what you will
There has never been
Any national group other
Than Canada and the USA
Australia, New Zealand, and UK
Along with the West
That Fit the criteria best.
It cannot be another
Only they to the Jews
Are an old brother
As we would choose
Even if it were not so.
That is how we would prefer
Our destined task to undergo
Any other choice to defer.
What is more
Our historical acts
and Geo-Political facts
Enable us to be sure
That we are all one nation
With the Hebrews of old
An ancestral corporation
As Prophecy foretold
The signs all fit
We suit all of it.

10. The Signs of Joseph
Scottish Tartan; Sheaves of grain; 13 Stars; Large populations; Hebrew Patriarchal Names; Union Jack; Jock (Scottish), Jacques (French), Yank; Overseas colonization and settlement; The bull symbol; The All-Seeing Eye; the pyramid symbol; International Power; being shot at with arrows; climate and agriculture; lion and unicorn symbols; the bull sign; geographical separation.

Abraham, Isaac, and Israel
These were the Patriarchs
Together with the Matriarchs
Of the chosen Israelite Tribe
Who it was said would do well
To the races of all mankind.
For their ancestry to ascribe
In order their descendants to tell
We must certain signs to find.
Lest to ourselves we be unkind.

Joseph was the favorite son
In endearment second to none.
A Scottish Tartan cloak
Was given to this bloke.
He done dreamt dreams
To be the ruler of everyone
No matter what it seems
Nothing is by chance
The Almighty had a Plan
The whole world to enhance
Through this Hebrew man.
Inspired by his reverie nocturnal
Straight from the Eternal
In his dream he did see
Something strange to you and me
Fraternal Sheaves of grain
And 13 celestial spheres
Representing family peers
Over whom he would reign.
They would to him bow down
For their mutual good and gain.
He would wear the crown.
In Washington and London Town.

Joseph was somewhat white and light
He married an Egyptian brown girl
Daughter of a priest, nice, and bright.
Their descendants reflect them both.
The flag of their children would unfurl
According to Scriptural troth
Over Africa and Egypt yet again.
They would have the Suez Canal
The British Empire their locale
And feed the world with American grain.
Grant relief from toil and pain.

Several different nations
Historically linked together
Controlling wiih a tether
Alien strategic stations.
A company of polities
Owing no apologies.
Swarming with a great host
of numerous large population
They would have the most
of Colonial Plantation
and political elation.

They must bear the name
of Abraham the first Hebrew
As the
Scotti and Hiberi do.
Reflect in glory and fame
Isaac the Ancestral
Whose blessing Joseph via Jacob had
Anglo-Saxon is the cognomen
Of  English-speaking men and women.
For in Isaac they are called.
Represented by Great Eagle Bald
And by lion and unicorn
Joseph had right of firstborn.
From Judah comes the future king
But Joseph Empire would take
Each one to his own thing.
Jacob is nicknamed Jack and Jake.
A Jock is a Scott,  Jacques a Gaul.
Yank and
G.I. Joe do Americans make
Over the earth veer strong and tall.
These are the progenitor names.
That Joseph would be known by.
Nullifying all other claims
To be universal good guy.
Elevated and ranking high
Merchandise to sell and buy.
Their sign would be a bull
and an All-Seeing Eye;
Their seed the world would full.
Meaning over Gentiles rule.
Joseph was a sanctified tool.

Happy families, girls and boys
Little children with their toys.
They would live in healthy clime
Good soil, water, and rain.
Corn, wheat, and wine sublime.
Health and strength without bane.
Fruit, beef, sheep, and fish
Eaten as delicious dish.
Lands flowing with milk and honey
Blessing and joy in all their fields.
Everything that the soil yields
Bountiful harvests with plenty of money.
Oil, gold, silver, copper, tin, and zinc
Everything mineral that you can think.

The archers at him did shoot
Barbs of steel and rockets.
Joseph does not give a hoot
He will rock their sockets.
Joseph would dwell separate and alone
In every place he set the tone.

This is what we are now,
Cannot fake or break or leave it
Even if we know not how
We must still receive it.

11. Ephraim Coming Back
Background to the Poem:
The name Ephraim could refer to a particular Tribe or to all the Ten Lost Tribes
of Israel as a whole.
In the article
The Yearning of Ephraim For Redemption
it is explained how Ephraim (meaning all the Ten Tribes) had to loose his identity in order to bring about the uplifting of mankind especially at the time of his final redemption.
The rest of the Poem relies mainly on Jeremiah chapter 31.
The Lost Tribes when they return will be weeping (Jeremiah 31:9).
Rachel the mother of Joseph mourns for her children (31:15).
Jeremiah calls on the Lost Tribes to take notice of the megalthic monuments that prove the migratory path of their forefathers to the West (31:21).
When the Tribes return they will come from the Atlantic Ocean area and bring their silver and gold with them [Isaiah 60:9].

Ephraim is the name in the Holy Bible
For one of the sons of Joseph our forebear
Who was born to Jacob in Canaan and favored there.
Ephraim is also the term for division inter-Tribal
For Ten out of Twelve of the Hebrew Tribes
As written down by Prophetic Scribes.
Ephraim wished to be their own nation and dare
to set their own destination, worship, and welfare.
They set themselves apart and cut loose
As from the start they had chose to choose
Their name and fame to dominate

Ephraim was to loose his identity
Not know who he was, like you and me.
Ephraim amongst the Gentiles inter-mixed
He became as one of them and did assimilate
So that his character was set and trans-fixed
Like a non-Israelite he was to dissimulate.
Ephraim went down to the deep
The Commandments not keep.
His Israelite soul all asleep.

From out of the depths he will awake
Yearn, strive, and search for the truth
In repentance and fear of God he will quake
Weep for the waste of his youth.
As Rachel her child pities
He will turn once again
To find the path way back to his cities
According to the monument track
Ephraim will by dolmens, cairn stone-heaps
and other megalithic signposts come back.
For her Lost Children Mother Rachel weeps.

As Jeremiah foretold
Remember his fame
Call out his name
It was prophesied of old.
Return with silver and gold.
Ephraim will return
His heart will burn.
Joseph coming back
Will bring mankind in his track.

12. The Wean of the Green
Background to the Poem:
In June 2008 the Irish voted against the Lisbon Treaty that would have subjected them to European will.
The NO vote by Ireland was justified and testifies to the innate nobility of the Irish People. In October 2009 however there was a repeat vote and due in part to Government pressure and heavy propaganda the Irish voted "Yes".
The campaign against Lisbon had involved many different groups.
Amongst these were to be found left-wing elements that attempted to associate the EU with the State of Israel and with Zionism even though no such connection exists.
Quite the contrary. Nevertheless since in their eyes the State of Israel is often depicted as the acme of evil -by depicting the EU as associated with it they thought to score a point.
The poem below is a protest against such tendencies and a call to transfer the Arabs elsewhere.

The Paddies to Lisbon at first said No!
Meaning they should not be
EU bound
An argument which may be fair and sound
Still it goes to show
Just how low
Micks can get
When by hate beset
Their anti-Semites invoke the Jew
As reason to
The fangs of Berlin
When there is no link
Between the two/
It makes one think
The primeval sin
They stoop to
Wishing to eschew
Their Bond of
patrilineal kin
They are brothers to the Jew
Something they evidently rue
To Patriarchal chagrin.

They should better protest
EU support of Palestine
Which is not for the best.
And campaign towards
Removal of Arabs by airline
Which will bring rewards
Of Biblical Accords.
Fly them all to Lisbon and Spain
In comfort and not in pain.
Efforts not in vain.
That is what should be done
They can have fun in the sun.
Swim in the sea, play in the sand
When they are at a distance
Jerusalam and the Holy Land
They may abandon their persistence
in spreading Anti-Semitic views
and terrorizing the Jews
May they begin to live
A prosperous normal life
Husband, children, and wife
Then Israel may yet forgive.
When the Arabs are not around
The Jews will be safe and sound.

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