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The Brit-Am Plan for All Israelites!

a. Revealing the Truth through Research and Interaction.

b. Spreading the Brit-Am Tribal Identity Message to both Judah and Joseph.

(1) Emphasis in the west on spreading knowledge of Israelite Descent.

(2) Convincing Jews that the Lost Tribes are in the west.

c. Hoped for Results.

(1) From Joseph:
Support for the State of Israel. Rejection of anti-Jewish propaganda. Biblical Consciousness.
Increased support for research and new research initiatives.

(2) From the Jews:
More Bible-Study concerning the Ten Tribes and related Research activity on the part of Judah.

d. Ephraimite Nationhood Tasks.

Promotion of Biblical Values.
Support for the State of Israel.
Encouragement and Assistance to Judah to transfer the Palestinians to North Africa, Central Europe, and Latin America.
Encouragement to Judah to remain religious, increased Jewish immigration along with a higher birth-rate.
Involvement (in a pro-Israel manner) in the Middle East.
Establishment of colonies in the Middle East: In Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.
Ecological re-habilitation of the Promised Land.
Israelite Assertiveness:  Patriotism in the Homelands.

d. Nationhood Tasks of Judah .

Religious Revival.
Stronger Jewish consciousness.
Increased Settlement in, and Liberation of, all parts of the Land of Israel now under Jewish control.
Practical Measures to facilitate the movement overseas of the Palestinians.

e. Orthodox Conversion to Judaism for Settlers in Israel.

Brit-Am avoids inter-denominational religious debates and discussions.
We are not against Christianity.
We understand that Christianity serves as a catalyst to bring members of the Ten Tribes closer to a realization of their ancestry and the concomitant obligations that entails.
Judaism in its present form is probably not suitable for most descendants of the Ten Tribes.
Historical processes and/or the Messiah may be relied upon to sort things out for everybody.
At the present we all have to live with reality as it is.

In general,
Anyone who wishes to come and settle in the State of Israel at this stage should convert (preferably with their family) to Judaism.
There are exceptions but here we are speaking in general terms.
[Brit-Am in general does not encourage conversion to Judaism. Neither, concerning those who take that path,  can Brit-Am assist in the process.]

Nevertheless, to our mind, it should be considered a viable option.
It should only be considered by those who absolutely convinced of the correctness of such a step and who are prepared to keep all the commandments according to the directions of Orthodox Judaism.

Pressure for Settlement without conversion is sometimes a cloak for anti-Judaism.

The Rabbinate on its part should be prepared to facilitate the process of conversion for those who wish it. This should take a similar form to the programs that were provided for the so-called Bnei Manasseh.

The Bottom Line.
It may be that we shall lose some support because of some of what we have said. Nevertheless these things needed to be said.
Make no mistake, however.
Brit-Am badly needs support.

Whether one agrees with the above Brit-Am Plan or not, there are certain matters we should all agree upon.

One is steps towards the Reconciliation of Judah and Joseph.

REVELATION of the Findings (Recognition).
We need to make it as clear as possible, in terms acceptable to as many as possible, exactly where most descendants of the Ten Tribes are to be found today.
We have to make it clear to ourselves and clear to others.
Both the Ten Tribes themselves as well as  Judah (the Jews) need to be aware of this.
They should know of Brit-Am findings and be expected to consider them fairly.

The other point is Research especially in Bible Texts BUT ALSO in Rabbinical Sources and Secular Findings.It all needs to be studied and put together coherently.
Biblical Consciousness is very important and it is hoped shall increase as a result of our activities.


Pleased with what you read?

The Brit-Am enterprise is a Biblical work.
God willing, they who assist Brit-Am will be blessed.
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'It is impossible to rightly govern the world without
God or the Bible.'

George Washington

Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.

"after the earthquake a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice"
[1-Kings 19:12].

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