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(1) The Context of the Question: Christianity and Religious Direction.
(2) The Question itself. The Brit-Am "Mission".
(a) The Three Rs of Brit-Am.
(b) The Optimum Result. Achieving a Fore-Taste of the Messianic Era.
(c) Brit-Am Wishes at a Lower Scale.
(d) Brit-Am Minimum Hopes.

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Exactly what is your mission?

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This is a more difficult question than one would think.
We will give a long and, in parts perhaps not very relevant, answer and post it to our list since it helps us clarify several issues.

(1) The Context of the Question: Christianity and Religious Direction.
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Brit-Am Now no. 1617
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel

This included the following entries that may have aroused curiosity:
#5. Different Christian Attitudes to Israel Categorized.
#6. Additions to Article:
Electricity on Sabbath: An Alternative Approach?
#7. Insight from Eddie
Does Isaiah 49 indicate that Christian Zionists etc are from the Ten Tribes?

We deal with Christians and Christian attitudes to Israel and Zionism since most members of the Ten Tribes are at least nominally Christians.
Christianity (regardless of its intrinsic truth or lack of it) may be seen as a tool of Divine Providence to accustom Lost Descendants of Israel with their Biblical Roots and provide a pathway for them.
How they use this instrument may be considered an indication  of their ancestral instinct.

Biblical Evidence: The Predicted Role
of the Ten Tribes.

We answer questions concerning the Shabat etc not because we are in the business of promoting any particular form of  religious practice. We publish Bible studies and deal with religious issues so naturally such inquiries will be forwarded to us.
In principle we give answers on these matters not because we feel obliged to but as something emanating from our published studies. There is no definite agenda and we do not advocate any particular approach in this area.
Our emphasis is on belief in the Bible and Biblical Values in a Brit-Am context.

(2) The Question itself. The Brit-Am "Mission".

Concerning our "mission" this may be answered on several levels.

(a) The Three Rs of Brit-Am.
The Three Rs may be considered our "mission" in one sense.
Officially, the aims of Brit-Am are summed up in the Three Rs:
Research: Discovering who the Lost Ten Tribes are today.
Recognition (Revelation): Revealing the information and achieving Recognition of the Research Findings.
Reconciliation: Preparing the way for a drawing together of Judah and the Ten Tribes (headed by Joseph) in a Brit-Am Context.

(b) The Optimum Result. Achieving a Fore-Taste of the Messianic Era.
The best-case ideal outcome may also be considered a "mission" i.e. something we work for.
This includes Judah returning to the Torah; strengthening the State of Israel in the Torah sense as well as the physical-material; the Ten Tribes returning to Biblical Values; Judah and Joseph becoming aware and fully conscious of their Ancestral Identity; Joseph returning to himself and continuing to progress and direct the world in the light of the Bible; a stronger Rapport between Joseph and Judah; establishment of colonies from the Ten Tribes in Syria, Lebanon, and neighboring areas; the other Tribes (apart from Joseph) in Scandinavia, Holland, France, etc, becoming aware of their ancestry, supporting Judah in Israel, and returning to Biblical Values and Re-asserting their Israelite uniqueness.

(c) Brit-Am Wishes at a Lower Scale.
We wish through Brit-Am to achieve an even greater realization as to who the Ten Tribes are today; to do more research; to collate and publish relevant information already available; to make it widely known; to see some type of organization that will continue the struggle alongside and after us and amplify achievements already within our grasp; to reach out and establish rapport with kindred spirits; to be more enabled materially to carry on with Brit-Am.

(d) Brit-Am Minimum Hopes.
Even if all we really end up doing is to have helped and inspired others, provided information of value, opened up conceptual doorways, and aroused positive interest this will have been quite a lot. This too, may be considered part of the Brit-Am "Mission".

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