: Mathematical Proof of Scriptural Truth part two">

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BAMBINO no. 33
26 Shevet 5770, 10 February 2010
1. Fabrice Bect: Mathematical Proof of Scriptural Truth part two

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1. Fabrice Bect: Mathematical Proof of Scriptural Truth part two

From: Fabrice Bect <fabrice_bect@yahoo.fr>

Below second part of the discovery made by 8 Israeli researchers between the 70's and the 80's (excerpt from the "Documents Experiences" no. 65). The codes:

A discovery only made possible thanks to the computer.

It is thanks to this discovery of the modern technology that it was possible to discover beneath the biblical numerical structure that men like Panin, Bullinger and the Jew Goldberg had already highlighted during the last century, another even more complex structure. Initially, we should give some words of explanation: So far the Bible is copied by hand by Jewish scribes according to very strict rules that are thoroughly described in the Talmud.. These rules imply exactitude in the shape and size of the letters: Thus, a biblical text is declared impure if only one letter is missing there or if only one is added. Rabbi Ishmael declared to a scribe: "My son, you should be very careful in your work because it is a celestial work, do not remove or add any letter because they contain the whole world". By these very strict rules, one succeeded in preserving the authentic text of the Bible from generation to generation. Some liberal critics doubted it, but today the computer has just plainly confirmed this.

For instance, in certain sentences the same word may show up several times under different orthographies and without apparent reason. The scribes respected these strange transformations. However, the computer has just discovered the why of these things. The computer makes it possible to read the Bible by what is called in Hebrew the "letters skip" (dilugim). One builds words starting from letters distant to each others and separated by a fixed number of letters according to a frequency given at the beginning by certain criteria and which one names "codes". For that purpose, it is also necessary to disregard the spaces which separates the words between them. Indeed, an old Jewish tradition asserts that Moses received the Torah from God without spaces between the letters (following the example of certain ancient languages of the same period, the Egyptian hieroglyphs for instance). Thus, there are several possible ways to read the Torah and it is only later that God commanded Moses to separate the words and indicated to him where these separations should be introduced.

The codes (i.e. the frequency of the letters which reoccurs in a fixed order) make it possible to discover words having a precise meaning and in connection with the central topic of the passage that they sometimes help to clarify. Among the most used codes one finds 7 of course, and the code of 26 because it is the numerical value of the divine name, and especially the code of 50. 50, that is 7 X 7 + 1, but in the Bible it is the number of the redemption and the hidden revelation. They are indeed 50 days after the exodus from Egypt and Passover, the day of the Pentecost, that the Jewish people received the revelation from God: The Torah.

It is also during the 50th year that the redemption of the land would occur and the release of the slaves who could return in possession of their goods. The Talmud asserts: "The only free man is the one who accepts to carry the yoke of the Torah".

3 laws.

However by means of the codes, a new world appears before our eyes and one may finds at this point three new laws highlighted by the work of the Israeli scientists thanks to the computer:

1) The name of the main character, or the main fact of the narrative, appears every 50th letter,

2) The key words are always in relation to the text and shed a new light on it,

3) There is often an intertwining between the "law of seven" and the codes, the letters and the words thus formed by the codes overlap the words that obey the law of seven and which are the names of the main characters or the essential facts of the text.

For instance, if one takes the last letter of the first word of the Bible "bereshit" ("in the beginning") the letter which corresponds to the Latin letter T, by a code of 50 one can find the word "Torah". The same applies for the book of Exodus. On the other hand, as regards to the book of Leviticus it is necessary for us to use another code: that of 7 by which one doesn't find the word "Torah" but YHWH which is the divine name. In the book of Numbers and Deuteronomy a code of 50 enables us to see reocurring the word "Torah" but backward this time. This phenomenon disappears as soon as one passes to the other books of the Bible (Josuah, Judges etc...) because the Torah is only comprised of the first 5 books. On the other hand, in the other books of the Bible other coded words show up in relation to the main purpose of the book.

The book of the encounter with God.

As regards to the Pentateuch, it is as though the book of Leviticus was at the center of the Pentateuch towards which the other books look at. Isn't Leviticus indeed the book of the worship of the encounter and the communion with God? But to reach this communion, it is necessary to go through the obedience to what God has revealed in the other books of the Pentateuch. It also occurs as if there was a true seal of the authenticity of the divine revelation. The same phenomenon is found in many passages.

Let us take a few examples:

In the genealogy of Adam in Genesis chapter 5, a code of 50 allows us to find 25 times the name of Seth and a code of 26 makes it possible to reveal it 3 other times. With a code of 50 in the same passage, the name of Lamech appears also 25 times. As for the name of Enoch, a code of 86 makes it possible to see it appearing 16 times. It is the only place where one uses a code of 86 which is the numerical value of the word "Elohim" (God). However, it is known that the Bible asserts "Enoch walked with God" (Gen 5:22 and 24). Always in the same text the name of Noah is given to us by a code of 26 and appears 29 times. In Genesis chapter 7, the name of Japhet appears with a code of 26 sixteen times, while the name of Lot appears with a code of 26 in Genesis chapter 19 and in Genesis chapter 31 nine times and 25 times.

But the coded words also often appear in the name of the character quoted in the plain text. For instance, in Genesis chapter 4 verses 13 to 15, the first letter of the coded word Cain appears in the name of Cain quoted in verse 13 and so on.

Same thing in Genesis chapter 49 verse 9 and verse 12. Jacob blesses each one of his sons before his death. However in the blessing of Judah the word Judah (Hebrew Yehuda) appears with a code of 50 but each letter of the coded word clings in the various mentions of the name of Judah quoted in the plain text, which of course constitutes an additional complication for the author of the text! In Genesis chapter 12 verses 11 to 20, the name of Sara appears with a code of 7 fourteen times and that of Pharaoh with a code of 50 twice.

In Genesis chapter 32 at the time of the meeting between Esau and Jacob, the name of Esau appears with a code of 26 twenty one times and that of Dinah 22 times. It is probably what led the Jewish oral tradition to assert that Dinah who is not quoted among her eleven brothers would have been hidden by Jacob in the luggage (in verse 22 only 11 sons of Jacob are quoted, but at that time Jacob had twelve children and among them a girl Dinah).

A new dimension of the study of the Bible.

Another interesting example relates to the dreams of Joseph in Genesis chapter 37 verses 9 and 10. This last one tells his father and his brothers he saw the sun, the moon, and eleven stars bowing down in front of him. Jacob understands the meaning of the dream and declares: "will it be necessary that your mother, your brothers and me came to bow down in front of you?" However, at that time, the mother of Joseph, Rachel was dead. The Jewish tradition tried to solve this problem as follows: After the death of Rachel, her children Joseph and Benjamin were raised by Bilha, maidservant of Jacob who had raised them like his own children, so that Joseph regarded her as his own mother; Joseph's vision was then related to Bilha and not Rachel. However, in this passage, in code the names of Rachel and Bilha appear... But there is even more: If one reads the Hebrew text without space between the words appears then the following sentence: "Rachel dead Bilha".

Another astonishing example deals with Leviticus chapter 23 verse 40 and the following. It is about the ritual of the Feast of Tabernacles that should be celebrated using the products of the land: "the boughs of goodly trees, branches of palm trees, and the boughs of thick trees, and willows of the brook". However in this enumeration, two trees are not mentioned explicitly: Those are "the goodly tree" and "the thick tree". The Jewish tradition has always asserted that "the goodly tree" was a variety of lemon tree and "the thick tree" a variety of boxwood (Hebrew Etrog and Lulav). However the names of these two trees appear in code in the text of Leviticus chapter 23.
Let us take Genesis chapter 38 now: The story of Judah and Tamar which revolves around the levirate topic, i.e. the command that we find in Deuteronomy chapter 25 verses 5 to 10, according to which the brother of a man who dies without child must marry his widow and have a son with her who will be regarded as a descendant of the late one. However in this text one finds with a code of 50 the word "levirate H", the word "Judah", and again the word levirate but using a skip of 248, i.e. the total sum of the commandments of the Torah where God says "You shall do". But things do not stop there. In this same text, one finds in code the names of Boaz and Ruth, Obed, Ishai and David himself, i.e. there is a very clear reference to the book of Ruth which tells the story of the ancestors of king David and which, also, deals with the levirate topic. There are thus there very clear references to what was still the future for the author of the book of Genesis. But always in this same passage of Genesis chapter 38, with a code of 26 one finds the expression "Ruth Thora" and "Ruth Torah". However, the book of Ruth has a close connection with the Torah because it is the book that one reads during the feast of Pentecost which is the feast of the gift of the Torah.

The following translation is another excerpt from the "Document Experiences" no. 73, it explains the method used to find the codes:

Like a film rolled up around a cylinder

What's the method then?

The purpose is to scan the text for words and expressions by letter skips, but with codes and frequencies far more significant. These codes may vary from several hundreds to several thousands of letters.

A problem of text processing appears then. The solution thus consists in imagining the whole book of Genesis with its 78064 letters written on a film without space between the words.

.....During several years, before publishing these surprising results, the Israeli mathematicians and statisticians devoted themselves to check if whether the appearance of these phenomena was or not the product of chance. The results of this work has been just published in Hebrew in a consequent book entitled "Hamimad Hanosaf" ("The Additional Dimension"), in this work, all the possible objections were examined and answered carefully. We cannot enter, within the framework of this review, this extremely complete examination. We will only evoke some aspects of these studies.

In any book can appear randomly, by the means which we have just exposed, word pairs by Equidistant Letter Sequences. But although similar word pairs generally seldom appear in any book, they are not in connection with the meaning of the text in which they are found. In addition, one does not find satellite words as is the case in the book of Genesis.

The Israeli scientists checked this using the equivalent of 125 books of general literature both secular and religious, picked randomly.

Another verification consisted in scrambling the letters of the book of Genesis by inverting their order. The phenomena we mentioned previously did not appear with higher frequency than in normal book such as we already announced it..

The book of Genesis was divided into 78 fragments of 1000 letters where the letter A had been systematically replaced by the letter H. There too it resulted in the disappearance of the phenomena of the coded words with their satellites, it was the same if only one letter was removed or if one letter was added.

The team of researchers then randomly picked in the "Encyclopaedia of the Great Men of the Jewish People", in 4 volumes, 34 names which were introduced one by one in the program. Each time this name showed up with his nickname when there was one, the date of birth and the date of death, and sometimes many details about the biography of each one of these great men.

A foreign statistician to whom these results were communicated suggested a counter-proof and submitted to the Israeli researchers two other lists that he himself drew up using the same encyclopaedia, which was subjected to the same treatment than the first one with the same result; this ultimate checking took several months which delayed the publication of the study.

Finally, let us point out that the text of Genesis of the Samaritan Torah, which differs from the traditional text by tiny details - iota or nikuds - does not make it possible to see appearing the coded messages we mentioned.

Even more amazing the method itself, such as it has been just described, appears in code as an internal confirmation. The expression "letter skip" shows up with the "principle of the minimum" (shortest skip) and that of the "two-dimensional reading". In Genesis, chapter 26, verse 5, it is written: "Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws". (It is the only place of the book of Genesis where the word Torah is found) However, in this text appears in code the words "Torah", "Jew", then the expression "Yahweh Elohim", then "truth", "Torah of God" and "God of truth" and finally the expression "Seal of the Truth" and "Equidistant Letter Sequences: Proof of the Truth".

At this stage of the discussion an obvious conclusion should be drawn; the appearance of these phenomena in the book of Genesis is a miracle of God, the God of truth Who revealed a Word of truth so that all those who practice it will live by it.

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