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BAMBINO no. 32
24 Shevet 5770, 8 February 2010
1. Fabrice Bect: Mathematical Proof of Scriptural Truth part one

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1. Fabrice Bect: Mathematical Proof of Scriptural Truth part one

From: Fabrice Bect <>

What follows is an excerpt from the French review "Documents Experiences" no.65 and 73 (,
the two issues are no longer in print though, summing up the discoveries of 8 Israeli scientists in the 70's and 80's, from the Universities of Bar Ilan and Technion, and confirming what people like the Jew Oskar Goldberg and the Christian Ivan Panin already found many decades ago.

Some general considerations.

It is important to inform the reader that the Bible is written in Hebrew ...each letter of the alphabet is also a number and thus has a numerical value, with the result that in addition to the simple and usual reading that gives words and sentences there is one second mathematical reading which one obtains by adding the numbers. Let's take for example the letter B (in Hebrew Bet); this last one means also 2. The letter M (in Hebrew Mem) = 40. Let's take a full word, for example one the names of God in Hebrew YHWH. The addition of the numerical values of the four letters breaks up as follows:

Y = 10
H = 5
W = 6
H = 5
TOTAL = 26

This basic information being underlined, it is now possible to understand that there exists in the biblical text a mathematical structure which appears in an obvious way if one takes the time to look for it. By this process, one goes from discovery to discovery, from wonder to wonder, the first numerical structures that appear are already amazing. But as the study proceeds, other aspects, other structures, other mathematical laws appear, the unit then forming a whole of a perfection and complexity that no human brain could have designed. Only the most sophisticated computers made it possible to probe them in-depth, which, right now makes it possible to highlight that no human brain reduced to its own dimensions could have designed such a masterpiece. If only the most sophisticated computers make it possible to understand them, even more unlikely it was, thousands years ago, to establish them.. It seems more sensible to assume that the men God inspired did not even realize the extraordinary and complex work of numerical architecture they were transmitting. And this is true for all the authors of the Bible who wrote the books many centuries ago...

Some aspects of this astounding numerical architecture.

We obviously cannot within the framework of this article detail years of work, but by showing some examples and by revealing some of the discovered laws bring sufficient elements so that each reader can be fully convinced.

One may notice that the mathematical structure of the Bible is mainly based on the number 7 or multiples of 7, this following the pattern that we find in God's creation. Seven indeed, is the number of the divine perfection and the number of the relations between God and the created world. It is the divine signature in world events, the sign of the spiritual world, and this is why the account of the creation, for instance, in its numerical structure, is replete with phenomena of this kind.

In the literary unit (i.e. a text forming a whole) represented by Genesis chapter 1, verses 1 to 31 and chapter 2, verses 1 to 3, one of the Hebrew name of God (Elohim) shows up 35 times, that is 7 X 5. The text is divided into seven paragraphs corresponding to the seven days of the creation week. In each paragraph the significant words reoccur seven times. Thus, during the creation of the light, this word, with variants, reoccurs 7 times; the same applies for the fifth day, during the creation of the luminaries. In the second and sixth paragraphs the Hebrew word for "water" shows up 7 times. In the second paragraph again the Hebrew word for "sky" shows up 7 times and the same in the fourth paragraph. In the whole text, the Hebrew word for "ground" shows up 21 times, that is 3 x 7. In the fifth and sixth paragraphs the Hebrew word for "animal" shows up 7 times. The first verse is comprised of 7 words of 28 letters, that is 4 X 7, the second verse 14 words, that is 2 X 7. The end of the text on the Sabbath 35 words: 5 times 7 (as many times as shows up the name of God in the whole text of the creation).

In the last paragraph one finds three sentences of 7 words where reoccurs the thought that God blessed the seventh day. One can highlight in this text many other phenomena of this kind whose listing would be tiresome, but these phenomena constitute a true intertwining, and it results from this enumeration that there is a mathematical harmony which binds together all the parts of the text. What is true for the beginning of Genesis is also true for the whole Bible and in all the texts, the Israeli researchers inferred 3 laws from them:

1) In each text forming a whole the name of the main character of the account or the most significant topic of the account reoccurs 7 times or a multiple of 7.

2) When the needs for the text require that these data be mentioned more than seven times, the Bible changes the word, the grammatical form, or the style to comply with the "law of seven".

3) The "law of seven" applies not only to words but also whole sentences. It explains the changes of style in the Bible.

These laws applies to the whole Pentateuch (Torah) in particular and prove its unity. Let's give some examples:

In the account of The Flood, the main topic of the account is the general rebellion of humanity against God, which the Bible summarizes by using the expression "ALL FLESH" which is then the significant word.

The other topic of the account is the safety of Noah and his family through the Ark. The second significant word therefore will be the word "ARK".

However it may be noted that the expression "ALL FLESH" reoccurs 7 times and the word "ARK" 14 times (2 X 7) as soon as this one starts to play an active role in the account (i.e. when the Bible says: "then the windows of heaven were opened" (Genesis chapter 7 verse 11).

In addition, starting from the verse that says: "And God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the cattle that was with him in the ark" it is with that statement that the water of The Flood will start to recede, the expression "out of the Ark" reoccurs 7 times, in the same way the word "ground" which is then the significant word since the essential topic of the passage is the appearance of dryness.

Third example: Abraham in Israel.

In Genesis chapter 12, verses 1 to 18 the significant topic of the passage is "Abraham" hero of the account and "the country" to which God leads him. "The country" is mentioned 7 times and Abraham 21 times (= 3 X 7). Same thing in the account of the coming of Abraham to Egypt.

Let's quote finally two other easily verifiable instances even in the English Bibles because they are short texts: the meeting between Abraham and Abimelech in Genesis chapter 21 verses 22 to 34: Abraham is mentioned there 7 times and Abimelech 7 times. Same thing with regard to Moses and Amalek in Exodus chapter 17, verses 8 to 16, Moses shows up 7 times and Amalek 7 times.

These laws also apply to whole texts dependent on each others; example: the first three chapters of Genesis where the word "garden" shows up 7 times in all the three chapters.

There is moreover a true intertwining of structures of seven within the texts: example of Numbers chapters 33, 34 and 35, that is at the end of the book of Numbers thus, one finds there: 42 times the expression "they left" and 42 times "they pitched", that is 6 X 7.

7 references to significant events of the exodus
7 times the word "country"
7 times the word "Jordan"
7 times the word "heritage"
7 times the word "possess"
7 times the divine name
7 times the expression "sons of Israel"
7 times the word "sea"
14 times the word "borders"
7 times the word "tribes"
7 times the word "city"
7 levitical cities
7 times the word "blood"
14 times the word "murderer"
7 times the expression "death to the murderer"
7 times the word "judgement" etc....

These laws also apply to the number of letters of a verse or even of an entire passage; for instance, Genesis chapter 1, verses 2 and 3 comprises 35 words, that is 5 X 7.

The addition of words and letters, in general, gives a multiple of 7 or a multiple of 7 or a number having a significance in the Bible.

Many other examples could be shown but that would exceed the framework of this document. That is enough to say that there is not one passage where these laws do not apply.

For instance, the divine name which has a numerical value of 26 is quoted 1820 times in the Pentateuch, that is 26 X 70, but it should then be affirmed that we are dealing with an obvious miracle here since to comply with all these laws in a deliberate way, it would have been necessary much more than a man's lifetime. If, for example, the "documentary hypothesis", according to which this last one had been written by four different authors, at four different times, before being put together and harmonized after the end of the Exile, was true, it would have been necessary that the various authors who lived during different generations consult and agree with each other over the centuries - which is simply inconceivable - and be able to complete such a work, which is shown mathematically impossible. The only logical conclusion is that a supernatural mathematical mastermind providentially led the authors of the biblical text, unknowingly, to introduce this numerical structure, but things do not stop there!

The law of seven is also true for whole sentences; example: the book the Exodus is divided into two parts: a part before the release from Egypt, chapters 1 to 12, and another part after the release of Egypt. However the expression "Yahweh spoke to Moses and said...." shows up 42 times (6 X 7) in the whole book of Exodus, 21 times (3 X 7) in the first 12 chapters and 21 times in the remainder. Many examples of this kind show the unity of the Pentateuch as opposed to what the "documentary hypothesis" asserts.

Mr Grylak stated on this subject: "I explained these things to someone who was interested and suddenly he realized where it would lead him. Then he said: "Anyone can find in the Bible whatever he wishes!" I replied: "No! On the philosophical level one can think whatever one wants, one can imagine everything, but here we are dealing with a mathematical structure!" However the truth is even much deeper than this, this is only the superficial aspect of the structure."

One can indeed imagine a man trying to write the account of the creation so that the name of God appears 35 times, but as soon as one adds the need to mention 7 times the word "sky", 7 times the words "water", "light", without mentioning the number of words, letters which in the same text must be multiples of 7, without speaking of the numerical value of the words, verses, etc... The difficulty become such that it simply exceeds the human abilities.

One tried to write a text of this type by taking into account only three words which were to reoccur 7 times or multiples of 7, it took six months to write ten lines having a coherent meaning: There I think we have the indisputable proof of the inspiration of the Bible.


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