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Awareness of Israelite Origins and National Survival.


Awareness of Israelite Origins and National Survival.

There were Twelve tribes of Israel who separated into two halves.
One half comprises the Jews (Judah). The other half is composed of the Lost Ten Tribes.
Each section of the Israelite Nation has its own task. Judah is expected to Keep the Law and learn the Torah; the Ten Tribes should reform the world.
We are now apporoaching the End Times. An Era of Tribulation may be at hand. For the sake of the survival of the Israelite Nations it is important that both halves of the Israelites do what they should do. It is also necessary that the Ten Tribes become aware of their Hebrew Ancestry. Their very survival may be dependent on this!



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16 July 2012, 26 Tammuz 5772


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Awareness of Your Israelite Ancestry is Imperative!

The Ten Tribes are now amongst Western Peoples. Judah is identified with the Jews. Both sides have their own task. The good of the one is that of the other. Descendants of the Ten Tribes need to be made aware of their Israelite Ancestry. The good and well-being of the nations they belong to may be dependent on this!
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Awareness of Israelite Origins and National Survival.

Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations Knowledge is Needed for the Sake of Our Peoples.

Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations
stresses that:

The Ten Tribes are amongst  Western Peoples.

Brit-Am is concenred with spreading this information.

The Three Rs of Brit-Am are:

Research -finding where the Lost Ten Tribes went to.

Recognition - Bringing the Results of our Research to Public attention.

Reconciliation - Working towards the eventual re-unification of Joseph and Judah.

Consciousness of the Hebrew Origins of the Lost Ten Tribes today is one of the factors necessary  for Ultimate redemption!

These Three Points represented by the Three Rs are what needs to be emphasized and worked for.

Other matters such as who should come to live in Israel in our times etc. are SECONDARY considerations.
They may be discussed and argued about.
We have very clear notions on these matters but they are not (to our mind) the main point.
At any rate, only once the Threes Rs are well in progress will there be any point in even discussing other matters.
The Knowledge as to who the Lost Ten Tribes HAS to be made known. It must be clarified, discussed, propagated, deepened, and added to.

This is what Brit-Am/Hebrew nations sets itself to do.

We need your help through financial offerings, feedback, and learning to help spread this knowledge.

In our recent article
Judah and Ephraim Need Each Other! The Separate Tasks in One Verse.

We quoted from several great authorities including Don Isaac Abarbanel, Daat Mikra: Yehudah Kiel,  Rashi, Mahari Kara, Malbim, and  RAMADO.
The comments all concerned the verse Hosea 10:11

Hosea 10:
11 Ephraim is a trained heifer
That loves to thresh grain;
But I harnessed her fair neck,
I will make Ephraim pull a plow.
Judah shall plow;
Jacob shall break his clods.

All the Commentatories emphasized that in the End Times both Judah and Ephraim have their separate tasks.
Each has their own plow to plow with.
The success of the one is to some degree contingent on that of the other.
They need each other. In the End Times they will re-unite.

RAMADO (Rabbi Moshe David Walli , 1697-1777 Padua, Italy) on Hosea 10:11.
 it will be impossible for Judah and Ephraim to each keep going and to fulfill their respective tasks UNLESS  they align themselves with and join on to the source of their strength:
The source of strength of BOTH Judah and Ephraim is  the Glory of Jacob their forefather.
Jacob is another name for Israel. This for the Ten Tribes means knowing about, and owning up to, their Israelite Origins.
The Ten Tribes (i.e. Ephraim) must be made aware of and recognize their ancestry. This will gives both of Joseph and Judah the strength to complete their tasks.

Recognizing Ancestry entails both KNOWING who your ancestors were i.e. that you are probably descended from the Tribes of Israel (whether from Judah or from the Ten Tribes) (Ephraim)
and also of INCREASING Biblical Consciousness.
This means learning the Bible and studying and endeavoring to lead a life of Biblical Value.
This is what Brit-Am is working at.

Brit-Am NEEDS your help and input to do this!

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Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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