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Ten out of the Twelve Tribes of Israel were exiled and lost their identity. Their descendants are now to be found amongst Western Peoples. This is proven from the Bible, Talmud, and Rabbinical Sources as well as from Secular Studies in Ancient History, Archaeology, Mythology, Linguistics, and related fields.

In the notes below we bring news, queries, and updates related to these issues.
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Brit-Am Now no. 1873: Ten Tribes Studies.
8 May 2012, 16 Iyar 5772
1. Robert Bowie Johnson: Naamah is Athena!
2. Article Upgraded. Finland and the Ten Tribes.
3. Upset by Longtom alias Avraham Sandor!
4. Alexander Zephyr:  Disputing the Brit-Am Interpretation of the Black Woman!
5. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Some Remarks on Long Tom Inferior Superiority.
6. Question on China Being Sinim Instead of Australia and New Zealand.
7. David Jackson: Website Matter.
8. Mark wrote: ten tribes in the west on Google.
9. Update on the Google Gaggle.
10. Blessing to Brit-Am.
11. Question About the Germans and Assyria.
12. Question on Jeremiah 31 and Finding the Way Back.


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1. Robert Bowie Johnson: Naamah is Athena!
From: Robert Bowie Johnson <>
Subject: Greek art and Genesis

In Greek art, Naamah is Athena (and many others), Cush is Hermes,
Nimrod is Herakles, and Nereus is Noah.

Atlas is Naamah's father, Lamech. Greek art celebrates the triumph of
the way of Cain after the Flood.

Please see:

Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr. (bob)

2. Article Upgraded.
Finland and the Ten Tribes
(1). Finnish Traditional Sources.
Pekka T. Lyyranen and Tuula-Hannele Ikonen:
(2). Finland and Switzerland.
(3) Finland and Issachar.
(4) Marshall Mannerheim,Issachar, and the Ten Tribes
(5) Finland and Caleb of Judah
(6). The Identification of Finland.
(7) The Physical Aspects.
(8) Finland in Bible Codes.
(9) Conclusion and Note on Purpose of this series
(10) Some photos of Finnish people.

3. Upset by Longtom alias Avraham Sandor!
Re Is Longtom a Shortjohn?

Dear Yair, i was very grieved with the article from Longtom , even angry...i cant sleep...i want to send them an email and ...C.

Brit-Am Reply:
There is no need to get upset it is all part of  what we do. Some like us and other do not.
the article is in effect an exact copy of:

Myths, Hypotheses and Facts Concerning the Origin of Peoples
The "Lost Tribes" of Israel - They Are NOT British -

We have dealt with this article in the past but it seems to have since been upgraded and with new material added.
[Or maybe I am getting old and forgot what it looked like in the past']
The author is the infamous Abraham Sandor of  Italy or Hungary or Germany and who goes by numerous aliases.
Now he is calling himself Longtom.

We shall continue replying to the article of Sandor in future installments.
By quoting from this article and replying to it we are negating negativity and also clarifying different issues.

4. Alexander Zephyr:  Disputing the Brit-Am Interpretation of the Black Woman!
re The Black Woman Color Prejudice
The Black Woman.
Color Prejudice Forbidden

Hello Yair, It has been long time since we talked. In your last issue of Brit-Am, May 6, 'The Descendants of Ham' you reflected on Afro-American site which teachings on white and black colors are 'ridiculous'. In your disputation against this site you are using your previous Article, 'The Black Woman Color Prejudice Forbidden'.

In this Article you strongly stand against racial prejudice. You also pointed out that position taken is your private understanding of the Bible verses of Numbers 12:1-15. You admitted that there are some other understandings of the same episode concerning Cushite wife of Moses - Zipporah and punishment of Moses' sister Miriam by 'leprosy, white as snow'.

Allow me, please, express my friendly remarks on this matter. I do not think that Miriam and Aaron rebuked Moses on account of Zipporah being black or not from of Israelite origin, or that Moses was not having sex and neglecting a husband's obligations with her. Moses marriage with the descendant of Ham was not prohibited by the Torah, as long as she was not of the stock of Canaan. Commentators say that Zipporah was a beautiful woman, (I am black but comely, Song 1:5), highly intelligent and had positive influence on Moses who chose her to be his wife because he loved her.

The literal analyses of the verses make me say that this story has nothing to do with racial prejudice. I would rather think that it shows 'political and religious' bitterness, jealousy of the fact that Moses leadership become supreme and undisputable. As you know, Miriam was an esteemed Prophetess in Israel, and Aaron was the spiritual, religious leader of the nation. They both thought that Moses should share the power of leadership with them, they wanted to be on equal terms in this regard with Moses. "Has the Lord indeed spoken only by Moses' Has He not spoken also by us'" (Numbers 12:2).

What has the color of Zipporah to do with the internal 'political' struggle between that trio?

The elevation of the power of Moses in Israel was so great that envy of his sister and brother made them to openly revolt against Moses, which is also was rebellion against God. It was the prophetess Miriam who took the initiative and persuaded complaisant Aaron to challenge authority of Moses, because they were jealous of Zipporah, whose influential opinions and advises Moses listened to. There is one example of it. When God ask Moses to appoint 70 elders who were known as leaders and officials among the Israelites (Numbers 11:16-17), his Cushite wife Zipporah was actively involved in choosing those elders which caused a burst of indignation from Miriam. We do not have to go far away to prove this point.. When God heard the words of Miriam and Aaron, He got mad with them. Who do you think you are? You have the guts to compare yourself with Moses? I make Myself known to you in your dreams and nightly visions and you want to be equal with Moses to whom I speak face to face!' This is the simple essence of Numbers 12:4-8.

Yair, the fact that God punished Miriam with leprosy, 'white as snow', you took as a main factor that here is racial prejudice involved. " You thought being white was so much better, see how you like a double dose of it", you wrote of Moses sister. I am sure that you know the passage of Exodus 4:6 "Then the LORD said, "Put your hand inside your cloak." So Moses put his hand into his cloak, and when he took it out, it was leprous, like snow". Here is another example of the leprosy, 'white as snow': 'Therefore, the leprosy of Naaman shall cling to you and to your descendants forever.' So he went out from his presence a leper as 'white as snow" (2 Kings 5:27).

'Leprous as snow' is the regular punishment God uses throughout the Scripture without any connection to racial prejudice. Nevertheless, it is good to know that creator and director of the Brit-Am is firmly stands against race prejudice regardless of the meaning of leprosy 'as white as snow' in Numbers 12:10. His position find its support in Scripture which says that 'God is our Father and people of any color are all His children'.
Sincerely yours,
Alexander Zephyr

Yair Replies:
Zippora did not play a part in choosing the Sanhedrin but the Seventy Elders were indeed appointed as a result of the advice of
Jethro the father of Zippora and father-in-law of Moses.
As you mentioned our own explanation  of what happened is different from that of the mainstream Commentators but it does have something to stand on.
Abarbanel, for instance, also considers the likelihood of racial prejudice amongst other possibilities.
Other Possibilities exist.
In the future we may write an additional article on the subject or add to the present one.
Zippora died and that Moses took a Cushite woman in a way that may have seemed to be only border-line acceptable?
Suppose that Miriam and Aaron being community leaders had a genuine concern that the example of Moses could lead to conduct endangering the whole nation?
In Numbers 25 we hear how some of the Israelite males received the services of Moabite and Midianite women who were prostituting themselves for the sake of their peoples.
Suppose that in the circumstances it may have not been so clear that this was forbidden?
Nevertheless the whole people of Israel was in danger because of this and only the intervention of Phinehas saved the day.
Suppose that was just what Aaron and Miriam had feared would happen?
This would put a new light on the whole matter.
This would mean that racial prejudice was NOT the prime motivating factor in the protest of Aaron and Miriam but it could have been part of it.
Note that only Miriam was punished with leprosy. Aaron was not.
Females often have a higher racial consciousness than males do.
Anyway, we can talk of this some other time.

PS. You quote Scripture as saying:
Scripture which says that 'God is our Father and people of any color are all His children'.

There is no such verse though I suppose such is the message.

5. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Some Remarks on Long Tom Inferior Superiority
RE Is Longtom a Shortjohn?

Yair, this is in response to your article with a definition of Nazi.

Expressing Superiority

This idea that one person is appointed to a certain position and its responsibility becomes a blessed person and is more blessed than others has a ring to it that puts others who do not have that position off a bit. I have heard this expressed when I am sure it is not meant to sound this way. It comes across to me a little like Joseph walking out with his coat showing favor and also telling his dreams in a bragging way.

Actually, in my assessment of God's kingdom there is a place and an appointment for everyone. Some will not want to live in the city. A person that likes plants and gardening may find a city too confining. Others with their personality would like to be standing at the gate to check whether a person is ready to go in or not. This is not in judgment but for their own protection. If a person is not holy inside, then when he goes into a holy place it could be very devastating. Each person has a responsibility that is blessed regardless of what it involves.

When we say one is more blessed then another, we are thinking like the world we were born into, that some aspirations bring more glory and honor than others. This makes paths like formidable hiking instead to making straight paths for the kingdom of God to come.

You are right the Nazis had a very poor way of expressing their feeling of superiority, but it was based on poor thinking about what makes a person more superior.

C. Mecklenburg

6. Question on China Being Sinim Instead of Australia and New Zealand
David Barlow wrote:

I always thought "Sinim" referred to China.  e.g. "Sino-Japanese Conflict." "Sino - Russian War."  etc.

Just wondering.

David Barlow,  N.Z.

Brit-Am Reply:
It is true that Sino means Chinese in English and is derived from Older sources.
Sino- comb. form meaning "Chinese," 1879, from L.L. Sin'(pl.) "the Chinese," from Ptolemaic Gk. Sinai, from Arabic Sin "China," probably from Chinese Ch'in, name of the fourth dynasty of China (see China).'term=Sino-

This could make China a candidate for the Land of Sinim in Isaiah 49:12.
Isaiah 49:
12 Surely these shall come from afar;
Look! Those from the north and the west,
And these from the land of Sinim.'

Australia and New Zealand however are also candidates as shown from the articles below.
Applying our Ephraimite Criteria we find Australia and New Zealand to fit the verse better than any other.


Aussie Blues
TG Challenges Brit-Am Over the Land of Sinim-Australia Equation!

The Lost Ten Tribes in Australia:
Reply to Criticism

Land of Sinim
The Lost Ten Tribes and Australia

New Zealand in Biblical Codes

Biblical Codes: Australia and the Land of Sinim

Biblical Codes: Australia and the Matrix
Based on the Research of  Shmuel Treister.

7. David Jackson: Website Matter
I'd be frustrated with the website situation too. Not being able to talk to anyone at Google about it is understandably aggravating. But if they had a problem with your site in general I don't think they would have kept it indexed under searches for 'Brit-Am'. Also, if you enter 'ten tribes in the west' Brit-Am comes right up in positions 2 and 3, so I don't think Google is intentionally hiding you. In all likelihood you're not on their radar at all.
As you are no doubt aware, there are other Brit-Ams such as a soccer league, a security company and an insurance company.
Your existing subscribers understand the provenance of the term 'Brit-Am' but it's not meaningful to the average English-speaking person. It sounds like something to do with British-US relations rather than the lost tribes of Israel.
How difficult is it to change the organization name' Is there a significant cost to register in the US or a US state as a charitable organization' If you were so registered, Google would probably be a lot more circumspect about delisting you since you'd have some legal standing. I suspect it's a lot more involved than I'm making it sound, but it occurred to me.
If Brit-Am had a name that was more unique and descriptive of its mission, that could improve its visibility online. Other people will be more creative than me, but something along these lines may be better:
Lost Tribes of Israel International
United Israel
United States of Israel
Davidic Union
Eretz David
Jacob Regathered
Israel-Judah Alliance
Ezekiel's Vision
Eagles Wings
Anyway, this is just a suggestion. Thank you for all you provide.
David Jackson
Roanoke, TX

Brit-Am Reply:
Thanks for your message. Google did not delist us but, as partially explained in the previous item, another factor appears to be responsible.
The problem was with rather than with Brit-Am per se.
It had nothing to do with our name.
Nevertheless we are thinking of adding a name and perhaps an organizational subsidiary to Brit-Am.
One possibility may be "Hebrew Nations"

8. Mark wrote: ten tribes in the west on Google.

Shalom Mr D! :-)

I entered the phrase "ten tribes in the west" and the first page includes several mentions of Brit-Am... including links to two of your videos.

I hope that's of some comfort to you.

May Hashem bless you and yours


Brit-Am Reply:
Thank You.
Your message helps.
We also put  "ten tribes in the west" in Google and came up with a few good placements mentioning Brit-Am BUT they are all for YouTube or for other sites mentioning us.

Our main site is not to be found on Google for any of the main search entry queries that in the past brought people to us,
e.g. hebrew pictures, Lost Ten Tribes, Tribe of Dan, Khazars, etc.
If you put in Brit-Am or Yair Daviidy or the specific name of an article on our site then Google will probably show our site BUT
if you put a general search name it will not. It will show all the other sites but not that of Brit-Am.
Yahoo will show or articles from it for these search words and SO WOULD GOOGLE until recently.
It might be a technical mishap or it might not.
[We did however find links in Google to on the subject of the USA is Manasseh by W.F. Dankenbring.
This is better than nothing but not much.]
Compare the two search results or the entries, Khazars, and Lost Ten Tribes from May 3, 2012.
In Yahoo is on the first page and fourth from the top.
Until recently we used to receive almost identical results from Google.
Now  for the entry Lost Ten Tribes from May 3, 2012 on Google we do not appear anywhere on the first page, nor on the second, nor anywhere else it seems!

9. Update on the Google Gaggle.
The conundrum may have been solved.
It seems that Google may be now accessing us as before
BUT no results are YET showing from Google Web Searches for Key words or Phrases such as Lost Ten Tribes, Khazars, etc.

We will not be certain until we see the results on the Web.

It would seem that Google was not at fault.
The problem (if it is solved) was resolved thanks to the Help Pages of Google.

Nevertheless Google may not be entirely exempt from our criticism.

We shall be able to say more once we see that the mistake has been corrected.

10. Blessing to Brit-Am
Thank you for your tireless efforts to research and locate the Israelite family. I realize and appreciate the risks you take in doing this. Also the sacrifices you have made. We all must make sacrifices worthy of our individual calling, and my hope is for more awareness and courage on the part of Israel and the faithful who are scattered for the time being.
May the Almighty bless you and keep you!!

11. Question About the Germans and Assyria.
Robert Graves wrote:

Shalom Yair,
I am wondering if you have concluded from your research whether or not the Assyrians; after their defeat/dispersal by the Babylonians, mixed in with the migrating Israelites and move into the area of present day Germany.
Limited research on my part shows some similarities between present day Germans and the 'military nature' and the symbols of ancient Assyria (the double headed eagle, for instance).
If their assimilation and migration with our forefathers is covered in any of your works please let me know.
Thank you for doing [the ALMIGHTY]'s work and may He continue to bless you and your family.
Robert H. Graves
Texas, USA

Brit-Am Reply:
If you put
assyrians german
in our online search engine you will receive 224 answers.
It could be that there are Assyrians amongst the Germans as well as other peoples.
We however tend to identify the Germans primarily with Edom as well as with Gomer, Ashkenaz, Togarmah, and Magog.
Israelites were also once in Germany but mostly moved out.
From the point of view of Scripture our u
nderstanding is that even though racially a nation may be mixed one or other of the constituent parts becomes predominant.
The dominant element may change from time to time due to demographic drift, new elites taking control, or other factors.
God bless you

12. Question on Jeremiah 31 and Finding the Way Back.
Meredith Carpenter   wrote:
Hi Yair,
I'm reading Jeremiah 31 .and I wonder if this applies to Ephraim today.
Set up for yourselves highway markers (back to Cannan), make for yourselves guideposts; turn your thoughts and attention to the way by which you went (into exile). Retrace your steps, O Virgin Israel, return to these your cities.  Jeremiah 31:21 (Amplified Bible)
If so, how do we retrace our steps?
Thank you.

Brit-Am Reply:
We understand these highway markers to be Megalithic Monuments.
Dolmens and the Bible
This would mean that archaeological and related evidence needs to be examined.
If our understanding is correct, and there is some evidence that such is the case, then this would need to be used as PROOF of Israelite Ancestry.
This would be the first step in coming back.
FIRST of all, PROOF of Israelite Ancestry to some degree of reasonable probability needs to be established.
One this is begun other matters may begin to work themselves out.

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

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