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Ten out of the Twelve Tribes of Israel were exiled and lost their identity. Their descendants are now to be found amongst Western Peoples. This is proven from the Bible, Talmud, and Rabbinical Sources as well as from Secular Studies in Ancient History, Archaeology, Mythology, Linguistics, and related fields.

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Brit-Am Now no. 1872: Ten Tribes Studies.
7 May 2012, 15 Iyar 5772
1. Whatever happened to W. F. Dankenbring?
2. Question on the Picts.
3. Atlas Laster: Considering An Input from Ham and the Rechabites into Israel.


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1. Whatever happened to W. F. Dankenbring?
W. F. Dankenbring had a religious group of his own. I spoke to him on the phone several times. He seemed quite knowledgeable.
He bought several hundreds of our books and sold them all.
As a business associate we found him honest and easy to work with.
He spoke well of us and was sympathetic despite serious differences of opinion on Biblical matters, theological understandings, and political reality that existed between us.
He used to send us his magazine regularly and usually it contained something we considered worth reading.
Quite a few present-day Brit-Am supporters and sympathizers first heard of us through him.
Now he has disappeared. For years we have not heard anything about him.
Nor do we see anything on the web.
In his time he seemed to have a reasonably large following and to be making an impression. Now we cannot find anything about him.

2. Question on the Picts.
I am a direct descendent of Donald the Pict (first king of Scotland) and was wondering if you would know if he was of a lost tribe of Israel?
Thank you in advance,

Brit-Am Reply:
We have quite a bit about the Picts scattered over our writings.
Basically we trace them to Achiezer from Gilead of Manasseh (Numbers 26:30) though other Tribes were also intermixed with them.

3. Atlas Laster: Considering An Input from Ham and the Rechabites into Israel.
From: Atlas or Janet Laster <>

Note: The letter below from Atlas Laster is actually a combination of several letters that we joined together.

Shalom aleikhem, Yair.

We all must continue to remember the influence that Yosef had on his family, especially when in Egypt. A likely and theoretical descendant of Yosef - by way of his Hamitic wife. Ralph Bunche (PhD, Harvard, 1934), an African American, was singularly responsible for the Israeli-Arab peace agreement that led to Israel's independence as a State. Dr. Bunche received the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts, yet there appears to be no memory and mention of Dr. Bunche in Israel's Independence Day celebrations. Yosef's Hamitic descendants, to this day, are relegated to the "sea of forgetfullness," at best.

In ArtScroll's Yechezkel, is written the following: "An insight into the dual roles of Leah's and Rachel's descendants is offered in Michtav MeEliyahu (vol. 2, p.218). It is the destiny of Rachel's descendants to prepare the way for Leah's descendants to serve God in the ideal manner, in much the way that the Josephic Messiah is to prepare the way for the Davidic Messiah." Dr. Bunche, a likely descendant of Rachel, was used of [the ALMIGHTY] to prepare the way for a new era in Israel. As a united family, the best is yet to come for Israel.

People need to know about Dr. Bunche's role in helping to establish the modern State of Israel, Yair. Hopefully my e-mail to you last week about that was a catalyst for you to share the current study about Ham. The Almighty is watching us now, maybe more than ever, in regard to "color prejudice" as you say, and, I will add, concerning other motives of our hearts.

It's good that you shared previously about the Rechabites, which I brought to your attention when we met on the campus of Hebrew U at Givat Ram in 2006.

The essence of my point to you about the Rechabites was that although technically not Israel, they would be treated as Israel's descendants (Jeremiah 35:18-19).

On another note, I am finally completing the reading of James Carroll's book, Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews, which is strongly recommended to all Catholics and Christians who follow your work.

The essence of my point is to say that, in my personal, professional, and spiritual opinions, followers of the Christian viewpoint - especially including "Hebrew roots" Christians - must come to terms with the (spiritually genetic) predisposition toward what James Carroll terms "anti-Jewishness" and "anti-Semitism," that is unconsciously and innocently inherited, so I believe. Israel is still Israel, and Amalek is still Amalek; the Almighty, not man, will do the sifting and separating.

The Almighty will no longer "wink at" the residuals that are carried within, and will enforce the blessing of those that bless Israel, and cursing of those that do otherwise. If the Almighty so spoke, then it will happen sooner or later, as I wrote in my recent paper on "Henry Ainsworth, the Teraphim, and Applications in Contemporary Forms of Therapy."

Let us all be circumspect and guard what we are learning, because we will be held accountable and responsible.

Atlas Laster

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