Ten out of the Twelve Tribes of Israel were exiled and lost their identity. Their descendants are now to be found amongst Western Peoples. This is proven from the Bible, Talmud, and Rabbinical Sources as well as from Secular Studies in Ancient History, Archaeology, Mythology, Linguistics, and related fields.

In the notes below we bring news, queries, and updates related to these issues.
This is a service provided by Brit-Am, Movement of the lost Ten Tribes of Israel.


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Brit-Am Now no. 1869: Ten Tribes Studies.
30 April 2012, 8 Iyar 5772
A. The Google Losing Lost Tribes Loss:
1. The Effects of Google Losing the Major Lost Ten Tribes Site.
2. David. Checked Yahoo.
3. Probable Cause A Technical Mistake on the Part of  Google.
4. W: A Word of Encouragement Based on Misunderstanding the Issue.

B. Other Matters:
5. All books sent out!
6. New Feature.
BAC (Brit-Am Commentary) to 1-Chronicles.
7. Please Send Comments and Reactions to The Tribes 4th edition.


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A. The Google Losing Lost Tribes Loss.

1. The Effects of Google Losing the Major Lost Ten Tribes Site.
Average daily visits should be ca. 1800 to 1600.
They are now ca. 1230 and seem to be dwindling each day.

2. David. Checked Yahoo.
I see what you mean about listing "Brit Am" only. Nothing in Google, but a good response from Yahoo. I just tried Yahoo. I have always felt that such problems only indicate that we are "on the right track" and hence the opposition! Be encouraged Yair.

3. Probable Cause A Technical Mistake on the Part of  Google.
The probable cause is a technical mistake on the part of Google.
We may have transgressed or seem to have offended one of the various required Protocols but exactly what is hard to say.
We are left guessing.
In my opinion foul, even criminal, play or dishonest motivations are also a possibility but others seem to consider this unlikely.

4. W: A Word of Encouragement Based on Misunderstanding the Issue.

Just a word of encouragement to you, Mr. Davidiy. I live on the east coast of Canada. I just googled Brit-Am and the first result was your site. The 9th one and second last one on the page was your Brit-Am Introduction.avi on You-Tube. FYI only.


Brit-Am Reply:
Our problem is not so much people who know about Brit-Am and are looking for us.
If you Google Lost Ten Tribes or anything similar or Khazars etc you will not find britam.org.
You will not (at present) find britam.org anywhere at all!!!
If you do the same for Yahoo you will find us near the top of the first page.
It used to be the same for Google but now it has changed.
Google has eliminated britam.org from the scene apart concerning all those who do not expressly look for us!!!
This has reduced the number of visitors to our site by several hundred and it seems to be steadily diminishing.
We will (God willing) overcome and emerge stronger BUT at the moment we are taking yet another hard knock and there is no point in denying it.
At all events,
thanks for your positive will towards us and attempt at encouragement. This in itself is indeed encouraging.
God bless you

B. Other Matters.

5. All books sent out!
All Book orders (i.e. mainly The Tribes) from Israel have been sent out by Airmail.
Now that we have the books normal turn-around time for orders from Israel is ca. 3 weeks.  Sometimes it may take a little longer.
Most of you will have already received your books some time ago. For a few the packages are still on the way.
If you made an order and have not yet received it give it another ca. 12 days and if the book still has not reached you please contact us.
In such a case it is important to us that you let us know. Please do not put the matter aside!
In such a  case please be as specific if possible i.e. how was the order made? Cash? Check? PayPal?
If you made the order or even just think you did, you will get the book.
In the very rare cases where the order has gotten lost in the mail we will send another by Registered Delivery.
We want you to have this information.
That is what we are here for.
The money keeps us going (when it comes in) and is important to us (mainly because there is often not enough of it) but getting the information out is our main concern.
God bless you

6. New Feature.
BAC (Brit-Am Commentary) to 1-Chronicles.
Our BAC features on the Books of Proverbs and Job will continue.
We are beginning an ADDITIONAL study on the Book of Chronicles.
For psychological reasons this may actually help us learn all these works with more zest and continuity.

Proverbs 24:
6 For by wise counsel you will wage your own war,
And in a multitude of counselors there is safety.

7. Please Send Comments and Reactions to The Tribes 4th edition.
As we mentioned previously we have sold and/or given a number of copies of The Tribes to different people around Jerusalem
including several Rabbis and Torah scholars.
So far all reactions have been favorable.
A few were skeptical at the beginning but after reading at least part of the book became much more positive.
It is a large work. There is lot of reading in it.
So far however we have had only positive reactions.
We would like to hear from others who have read the work or even only part of it.
If you have any criticisms or complaints we would also like to hear them.

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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