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Brit-Am Now no. 1868: Ten Tribes Studies.
29 April 2012, 7 Iyar 5772
1. The Google Case Exemplified by  Comparison to Yahoo Search Results.
2. Brit-Am Versus Google and Other Parties!!!
3. The Google Problem.
4. Is the Jewish State Prophesied in the Torah?
5. The Google Problem to be Solved?


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1. The Google Case Exemplified by Comparison to Yahoo Search Results.
Re: Brit-Am Versus Google and Other Parties!!!
I entered Yair Davidiy or Brit-Am into my Google Search this morning and there were many results that came up on the first page. He is a listing of them. Perhaps there was a problem with the server they were using when the search was made??? I checked the second page and it was the same as most of the links are yours! The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth and so on yielded the same results as nearly all of these links belong to you.

Brit-Am Reply:
It is not search results for Yair Davidiy or Brit-Am that is the problem.
If you go to Yahoo and enter  Ten Lost Tribes or Lost Ten Tribes or  Khazars then will come up on the first page probably in the first 4 to 6 entries.
If you do the same in Google, will NOT come up at all anywhere!!!
Until recently the results for Google were the same as, or even better than, those obtained now from Yahoo.
For some reason Google has eliminated from its main Search Engine key word answers.

2. Brit-Am Versus Google and Other Parties!!!

Brit-Am is in needs of funds.
This is the case with us nearly all the time. It is also the reality.
Divine Providence apparently wants us to constantly have recourse to those we write to.
Without your help through offerings and purchases of our books we cannot get by.
Please send something to support Brit-Am.

In many ways we have been blessed but Powers of Adversity are also often active against us.
One of the forms this takes is our need for funds for the sake of Brit-Am and for which we hope some of you will respond by sending us
your offerings. And by buying books.
The costs for running Brit-Am reach several thousands dollars each month.
Now additional unavoidable expenses and obligations have been incurred.
Nevertheless each bit helps.
Even small contributions can help and are greatly appreciated.
We also have a chance if we overcome the present hurdle of increasing our income in the future through sales of books etc.
At present we need your help.

It is our genuine belief that all those who help us will be blessed in return.

The Powers of Adversity may take the form not only of financial difficulties but also of mishappenings and of actual enemies.
Brit-Am has enemies. They hate us for all kinds of reasons, rational and irrational.
Recently a pro-Arab anti-Jewish pseudo-academic threatened us with implied action via Cyber Space.
It may be a co-incidence but another website dedicated to helping us was hit in Cyber Space. We have repaired the damage but it did happen.

Something else however has occurred. It may have taken place some time ago but just now have we become aware of it.

The entire (almost) Brit-Am Presence on Google has been wiped away!!!
In the past if one entered Lost Ten Tribes, or Ten Lost Tribes, etc in Google the Brit-Am site would come up on the first page.
Usually we were near the top and often in the first three or four.
The same applies for the Key Words Khazars and other entries.
This had been the situation for several years past.
Before then we also had good results though not always first page ones.
We worked hard to achieve this.
We have had our web site since 2002. Even Before then we were active on the web.
We have thousands of articles.
Normally we should average ca. 1800 visits per day which is roughly 30000 hits.
Also our visitors once they come to us tarry longer than they do elsewhere.

NOW if one enters Lost Ten Tribes, or Ten Lost Tribes, or Khazars in Google you will not find us on the first page, nor on the second, nor on the tenth,
nor at all!

Google has eliminated from its Search Engine answers as if we do not exist!

We still get ca. 1500 visits per day (assuming our visiting monitor is correct) to the site but this is due to regular visitors returning or to referrals from other sites.
It shows unusual resilience which is also something to be grateful for.

We searched for human beings at Google to contact and could not find any.

From a Google Help site we understood that the cause may be due to some infringement of the rules on our part; or complaints of others; or a virus attack;
or a mistake.
We requested renewed consideration and search ranking.
The request was accepted. We were told that it could take several weeks and will be restored if we have corrected whatever offence we had committed.
We do not know what or if we have committed any offence.
There is nobody to tell us.

Anyway this is a problem we may yet overcome.
Different solutions exist most of which require money, effort, and expertise.
If anyone can advise us on this matter we would appreciate it.

Brit-Am is in need of money to pay others what we owe them and in order to function on a day-to-day basis.

Brit-Am performs a needed task and fulfills a need. Many benefit from us and we hope that many more will do in the future.

Send Brit-Am a contribution:

Send us an offering and if you can also visit our site.
You will be glad you did.
Show you care.

The Ten Tribes are amongst Western Peoples.
Brit-Am supplies evidence and a forum for comments and discussion.
Brit-Am works to spread this knowledge and to some degree succeeds in doing so.
Brit-Am is able to connect with both Judah and Joseph.
These are not small matters.
This is what may be needed.
Help Brit-Am keep going.

3. The Google Problem
Brit-Am offers information about the Ten Tribes. Other sites exist. Some are good and some not. Some supplement us,  others compete, and still others do a little of both.
We believe our information is the best.
Others may think otherwise.
Those who search may judge for themselves.
Google is the tool use by 80% or more of all searchers.
If and when Google eliminates us altogether from the search (whereas previously it had put us near the top) then chances are that ca. 80% of searchers will never hear of us whereas previously they would have.

This is the problem.
God willing we will solve it but it may take a little time and effort.

4. Is the Jewish State Prophesied in the Torah?
Point of Interest.
Is the Jewish State of '48 Prophesied in the Torah?
by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher ,
# The year the state of Israel was born was 1948 in the secular calendar, which corresponds to the Hebrew date 5708. According to Kabalah, all the verses in the Tora correspond to the years of history. Every major event of all times will have some allusion to the verse which is linked to it by number. What is the 5708th verse in the Tora? It is Devorim [Deuteronomy] chapter 30 verse 3: "And Hashem your G-d will return your captivity and have compassion upon you, and will bring back and gather you from all the nations where Hashem [the ALMIGHTY] your G-d has scattered you." In this amazing prophecy, the Tora is foretelling the exact year of the birth of the state of Israel. #

5. The Google Problem to be Solved?
Professional opinion is that the Google Problem was probably caused by technical matters.
We shall take steps to rectify it and lessen the chances of it recurring.
This could take a month or so.
Chances are that in the long run Brit-Am shall benefit from this matter (perhaps greatly) though nothing is certain.
Details will follow.
We have good information, a lot of it, and have been appreciated by many people.
We deserve to be noticed by those who seek the kind of information we have.
Those who seek this information ALSO deserve that be brought to their attention.
This is only just and fair.
Google is a large multi-million dollar enterprise. People rely on it.
It should have some kind of trouble-shooting section to deal with such matters.
It is a pity that no sect unit exists or if it does its existence is not made known.
Talk about Lost Tribes.
Now we have lost Google or rather Google has lost us!!

That is no mean feat! Even for Google!
Brit-Am, never a dull day!

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

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Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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