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Brit-Am Now no. 1864: Ten Tribes Studies.
24 April 2012, 2 Iyar 5772
1. Checks from Australia, Canada, and Other Such Places.
2. Query About the Lemba.
3. Question on the USA, Manasseh, and the American Melting Pot.


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1. Checks from Australia, Canada, and Other Such Places.

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 Checks from Australia, Canada, and Other Such Places.
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2. Query About the Lemba.
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1863: Ten Tribes Studies.
Quoting your reply to Marianne about the Lemba ( Brit-Am 1863 ) :
#I do not know much about the Lemba.
The claimed DNA linkage however has been greatly exaggerated and in itself does not prove anything.
I once saw a National Geographic article about them.
Some of them had strong Semitic Middle Eastern type features. " [END Of Yair QUOTE ]

You state that "Some of them had strong Semitic Middle Eastern type features. "
Does this mean that some of them were Arabs? Arabs are certainly "semitic" !

Brit-Am Reply:
It could be that they were Arabs.
They themselves now say they came from Yemen and then Ethiopia.
This is probably a modern rationalization of their situation but it is feasible. In Ancient Times there were several Judaizing movements at different times in Yemen and some of them converted to Judaism.
We have written of this in our book "Ephraim. The Gentile Children of Israel."  The Lemba could be an offshoot from such an event. Or they could be derived from Samaritans. Or there may be some other explanation. Black Africans with "Semitic" features are to be found in some parts of East Africa.

3. Question on the USA, Manasseh, and the American Melting Pot.
Rob Marr wrote:


You make the claim that Menasseh is of the USA but history records numerous people groups making up a melting pot society.
In fact, USA is simply a new land.  And a variety of people groups (French, Brits, Italians, Scandan., Africans, Mexicans) all call it their home.
It is impossible to identify Menasseh with this type of description.

History also records a group of people called the Massgetae who lived in Scythia.  It would seem they fit the best towards being
Menasseh.  And even so, the Bible records Menasseh was always divided, some with Ephraim (who were probably sailors) and the others with Gad/Reuben, even close to Dan.

It would be fitting to find Menasseh with these other tribes as well.


Brit-Am Reply:
Rob Shalom,
Queries and Suggestions such as your own should preferably always contain references to Biblical Verses or historical sources referred to.
We do not know what the details in your claims are based upon.
We have answered your question in general in several of our works including  "The Tribes".
The USA on the whole does have a national character just as it has its own history and its own name. These fit Manasseh.
Also groups in the British Isles and to some degree in Continental Europe whose descendants  comprised a good proportion of the early settlers of the USA came from areas we may identify as Manasseh.
The Bible says that a decisive segment of the US population descends from the Ten Tribes and it identifies these as comprising many from Manasseh.
It also indicates that the Manasseh element will decide much of the national character.
We show how enclaves and portions of the various Tribes  were often mixed up with the others.
Nevertheless overall in the different regions one Tribe or other became dominant.
That is what we need to know.
God bless you,

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

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