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Brit-Am Now no. 1863: Ten Tribes Studies.
23 April 2012, 1 Iyar 5772
1. New Article.Individual Tribal Personalities.
2. Addition to articles:
(a) Hebrews or Yew Trees?? What Did the Celts Call Themselves?
(b) Origin of the Name "Wales". A New Appreciation.
3. Question on the Lemba of South Africa.


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1. New Article.
Individual Tribal Personalities.

An expansion of our mini-article:

We are the People. Tribal Hints to Goodness.

2. Addition to articles:

Addition to article:
(a) Hebrews or Yew Trees??
What Did the Celts Call Themselves?
The name of the legendary Ebraucus king of Britain, recalled by Geoffrey of Monmouth (1100-1155 CE), also bears the EBER root. It was recognized that the word-root Eber related to an ancestral figure.

Ebraucus (Welsh: Efrawg/Efrog) ...founded Kaerebrauc (City of Ebraucus) (later York) north of the Humber, (see Eboracum) and Alclud in Albany, (see Dunbarton, capital of Strathclyde). He had twenty wives who produced twenty sons and thirty daughters. All his daughters he sent to his cousin Silvius Alba in Alba Longa (Italy) to be married to the other Trojan descendants. Except for Brutus Greenshield, all of Ebraucus's sons, led by Assaracus, went to Germany, creating a kingdom there. Brutus thus succeeded Ebraucus upon his death.

(b) Origin of the Name "Wales".
A New Appreciation

Historically the term "Cymru" encompassed North Wales, North England, and Southern Scotland all of which areas were referred to by the Romans as Valentia or "Walentia". "Valentia" derives from the Welsh term "Wale" or "Bile". Britain in general was considered "the Honey Isle of Bile". Bile equals the Celtic Belenus, or Bel who is identical with Baal of Ancient Canaan and Bel of Mesopotamia.
# Belenus is also written: Bel, Belenos, Belinos, Belinu, Bellinus, and Belus.#
Both the Celtic Bel (Belenus) and the Near Eastern Baal (Bel) were sun-gods and apart from their name quite a few similarities exist between them.
Baal was known to the Phoenicians as "Baal-samayim" (lord of heaven) and in Gaul the similarly named Belisamus was a consort of Belinus.
The earliest British monarch known definitedly to history is Caswallon or Cassivelaunos (Cassiuelaonos) Catuvellaunt,ca 48 BC ruler of the Catuvellauni in east England. He was the son of Beli and brother of Lud and had established himself as the high-king of the British tribes.
It has been suggested (by Xavier Delamarre) that this name Cassivelaunos means "The Prince of Tin" with the end part of his name meaning "ruler".
# "Vellaunos" as "ruler" is fundamentally beyond doubt.# David Stifter.
Another proposed explanation is that,
#the tribe name Catuvellauni itself means 'The Host of Belinos' and their most well-known leader Cassivellaunos' name means 'The Devotee of Belenos'.#
This proposal however is speculative and the explanation that valaunus meant ruler (in the name Cassivellaunos) appears the most consistent with British Nomenclature.
At all events "bal" or "val" connoted ruler.
In both Semitic and Celtic nomenclature the sounds of "v" and "b" are interchangeable.
In other words we have the term "val" (equals bal) meaning ruler. This is the same meaning as the word "Baal" has in Hebrew! Bile in Welsh tradition was the god of the dead and consort of the goddess Don.
Bile and Don were considered ancestors of the Welsh.
The husband and wife combination of the gods Bile and Dana is also recalled in Irish mythology.
See Also:
Don and Bile. The Welsh Version of their Origins
The name "Wales" derives from Bile. The term Valentia at first was applied to that portion of the Welsh identified with Cymru and the Cymry.
Later the name was applied to Wales itself. The Anglo-Saxons identified the native British and Welsh as foreigners and assimilated the existing term "Valentia" (Walentia) to a similar sound ("Walas") in their own tongue. This term also had significance to the Anglo-Saxons in the English language of that time.
Such linguistic adoptions and adaptations and revised interpretations by outsiders of existing names are quite frequent.

3. Question on the Lemba of South Africa.
 shalom Yair
I would like to discuss the Lemba Tribe in South African and Zimbabwe with you
many blessings

Brit-Am Reply:
Brit-Am is concerned primarily with the location of the Ten Lost Tribes as defined by Scripture..
Ephraimite Criteria

There exists several different groups all over the world who claim to have some kind of connection to the Jews or to Ancient Israel..
Afghans and Pathans
Captive Jews
Other Claimants to being the Lost Ten Tribes

I do not know much about the Lemba.
The claimed DNA linkage however has been greatly exaggerated and in itself does not prove anything.
I once saw a National Geographic article about them.
Some of them had strong Semitic Middle Eastern type features.

In the past in other cases (e.g. Burma, Japan) claims of Israelite origin were traceable to the fancies of Christian missionaries.
The natives discovered that this interest meant material benefits and so they did what they could to please in the required direction.
There is nothing wrong with this if the traditions in question are genuine.

There is a group of mainly Reform Jews known as Kulanu that has been quite active amongst these people teaching and instructing.

I would check out records of what they believed 50, 100, and 200 years ago and how their Israelite connections were discovered.

A person goes where their heart leads them. The Almighty directs us.
I would recommend sympathizers of Brit-Am from Brit-Am nations to concentrate on Brit-Am matters.

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

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Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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