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Brit-Am Now no. 1860: Ten Tribes Studies.
17 April 2012, 25 Nissan 5772
1. Improved Article. Hebrews or Yew Trees??
What Did the Celts Call Themselves?
2. Question about coming to Israel.
3. Encouragement from Sheri.
4. Ilan: Follow Up on Samaritans.
5. Meredith Carpenter:  Israel Plants Trees.
6. JT: Pleased With BAC [Brit-Am Commentary] Proverbs Project.
7. David Barlow:  "The Tribes" in New Zealand.


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1. Improved Article.
Hebrews or Yew Trees??
What Did the Celts Call Themselves?

Additions include some additional information, another map,  new illustrations and the additions given below.

Additions to Article.
Names bearing the element Ober, Hiber, Aber, Iber all derive from the word-root IBER. This may be associated with places of Celtic culture. It appears to be an ethnonym and related to a particular people. It is in fact derived from the Hebrew word, IBRI, meaning Hebrew. The term Hyperborean and the name Abaris in Greek mythology concerning Celitc and Scythian peoples of the north is also derived from the same source. The widespread presence of this word-root has been recognized by scholars. Alternate explanations have been given concerning the origin of the word root. These include words meaning water source, the yew tree, and the boar. We examine these alternate claims and show that though in some cases they may have been used as secondary applications they cannot explain the original usage and spread of the Iber ethnonym. In the Hebrew language the word IBRI derives from the root IBR connoting pass over, go beyond. We show how the Greeks also understood the Celtic application of this name to mean the same. They therefore rendered it Hyperborean i.e. beyond the north wind. In Scotland the root was rendered as ABER and here too it could connote an area of passing or crossing over. The use of this term as an ethnic appellation (i.e. Hebrew) for peoples of Celtic culture together with a great deal of additional evidence shows that the said peoples encompassed a significant proportion of Israelites within their ranks.

Modern Inventions and the Hebrew Hyperboreans.
Ireland was called Hibernia by the Romans. Recently it has been suggested that the name derives from the Latin word hibernus meaning wintry, i.e. the Winter Country.
Other names given to Ireland included Ierne (Pytheas) and Iouernia (Ptolemy).
It is said that:
# Iouernia was a Greek alteration of the Q-Celtic name * Iweri from which eventually arose the Irish names Eriu and Eire. The original meaning of the name is thought to be "abundant land". #
This it is suggested was changed to make it sound Hibernia and mean Land of the Winter.
These speculations are not, to our mind, serious ones.

Irish tradition said that the name Hibernia came from an ancestor named Iber, or Heber, or Eber, thus showing that the different forms are all considered of the same origin, as in Hebrew.
We also find the Iberni in southwest Ireland and the Eborone people in what is now Gaul as well as the Hiberi soldiers from Dacia. We see therefore that it was an ethnic designation.

Returning to Greek and Roman usage we are reminded that they recorded the Hyperboreans in the far north. These have been identified with the Celts and Scandinavians.

Hyperborea, or Hyperboria, was said to mean "Hyper [beyond] the Boreas [north wind]" .
Pindar placed the home of Boreas, the Rhipean Mountains and Hyperborea all near the Danube.[12] Heraclides Ponticus and Antimachus in contrast identified the Rhipean Mountains with the Alps, and the Hyperboreans as a Celtic tribe (perhaps the Helvetii) who sat just beyond them.[

Hecataeus of Abdera and others believed Hyperborea was Britain.

Ptolemy (Geographia, 2. 21) and Marcian of Heraclea (Periplus, 2. 42) both placed Hyperborea in the North Sea which they called the 'Hyperborean Ocean'.[27]

A particular Hyperborean legendary healer was known as 'Abaris' or 'Abaris the Healer' whom Herodotus first described in his works. Plato (Charmides, 158C) regarded Abaris as a physician from the far north, while Strabo reported Abaris was Scythian like the early philosopher Anacharsis (Geographica, 7. 3. 8).

The various applications of the term Hyperborean overlap regions where we find the IBER ethonym. The name of ABARIS the Hypoerborean is also derived from the Iber or Aber root.
The Greeks understood the term Hyperborean to be derived from the root Hyper meaning over or beyond. This is the same meaning as the Hebrew word root IBR which gives us the term IBRI (Ivri) meaning Hebrew!!!
We may understand the Greeks as having rationalized the Ethnic Name Iberi (or Ha-Iberi) as parallel to their own word Hyper meaning over or beyond. They were correct. The Greek word HYPER is probably directly derived (like much of Greek vocabulary) from the Semitic IBR.
The early Greeks thus identified the northern peoples as Hebrews.
This should not sound far-fetched.
They (or their Roman successors) also equated the Israelites with descendants of Cronus (Saturn) whom they said had been exiled from the Middle East and gone to live on one of the British Isles.
This legend reflects the Exile of the Ten Tribes of Israel who went to the west and a portion of whom from an early date did indeed settle in Britain.

2. Question about coming to Israel.
 J wrote:
Hello from B'nai Ephraim in North Dakota. We were in Israel visiting for ten days. It was Outstanding! Upon arriving back to the U.S. we realized we were not really home here. Will Israel permit Ephraim to come home to stay and if this is possible what is the process?

Brit-Am Reply:
Different arrangements exist for special purposes e.g.  learning Hebrew on an Ulpan, etc BUT on the whole residence is only available for ca. 3 months at a shot.
Those who stay for longer periods usually have to leave the country for a day or two every three months and then have their visas renewed. I know people who have been doing this for years.

3. Encouragement from Sheri

Don't be discouraged.

Walk in faith that God has been and will continue to direct you.

When the time comes, the newly identified Israelites will flock to your website to gain insight....

That time is soon....

4. Ilan:  Follow Up on Samaritans
Re Well, Tickle Me Pink!
Dear Yair,

Thank you for such quick and impressive response. I dont know who Larry is. I didnt even know you had a chapter on Samaritans, you must be working day and night because your Library of articles continues to grow at a dizzying rate. I dont know who this Larry person is. I grabbed the link to the Samaritan page and went from there. The story of 800 Lions roaming loose was a pretty horrifying thought and I hope today they have all died out or are in zoos.
Anyways as regares your final paragraph I was wondering, are we not to be the United Nation of Israel anymore as during Moshe thru Shlomo Hamelechs time? If the 10 tribes are in a class of their own, what does this portend for the future. It sounds like a recipe for disaster when we are no longer AM ISRAEL, but 10 returning tribes on one side and the Judah/Benjamin/Levi admixture on the other. Sounds like Oy Vey my daughter is dating a Gadite, time to sit shiva ;-) [i.e. mourn] . I thought the purpose of finding and awakening the 10 tribes to their heritage and Torah was to bring us back to being the greatest collection of people ever to live on this earth, close family, not distant cousins 2500 years removed. That we all meet together as we did at Har [Mount of] Sinai and reaffirm our nationhood, all let all matters concerning current sectarian beliefs, Samaritan, Karaite, Donmeh, finally worked out by Hashem outstreched hand of Geulah [Redemption].
Shalom Veshavuah Tov  [Good Week]

5. Meredith Carpenter:  Israel Plants Trees.

Hi Yair,
Thought I'd share this Fact of the Day. Israel is the only country in the world that entered the 21st century with a net gain in the number of trees.!*

6. JT: Pleased With BAC [Brit-Am Commentary] Proverbs Project.
Shalom Yair:

To me, your commentary to Proverbs is enlightening and unique.


7. David Barlow:  "The Tribes" in New Zealand.
Dear Yair,


Have just received your book in good order. I am thrilled with it. My late great uncle was very involved with British Israel, but so much that they put out was conjecture mixed with fact. I am so pleased to be able to study the facts - at last!

Blessings to you and yours; and thank you again!

Most sincerely,

David Barlow,

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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