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Brit-Am Now no. 1856: Ten Tribes Studies.
3 April 2012, 11 Nissan 5772
1. Meredith Carpenter: Some Thoughts and an Anecdote.
The Philistines as Facilitators of the Israelite Movement
to the West.
3. New Article.
Philistines and Israelites in the West
Part One. Who Were the Philistines?


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1. Meredith Carpenter: Some Thoughts and an Anecdote.
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1855: Ten Tribes Studies.

Hi Yair,
I am thankful that God's plans can not be thwarted.
When He gets ready to do something, He will do it.

As I sit on my front porch and watch the squirrels run up the pine trees and scurry from branch to branch, I am thankful to see them.
As I listen to the birds sing their songs, I believe that they are praising the Lord with their whole breath, and I am thankful to hear them.

Did you know that in nature, when animals are in a crowded space, they become homosexual and end up dying? Human homosexuals do not prosper. Sin does not produce life. It doesn't matter who (example Obama) endorses it.

A few months ago some Jehovah Witnesses came to my door. I did not reject them, but spoke to them . I think I became their favorite target. Probably the only person that was nice to them. They were black people. Not that it matters to me ...
Since I began reading the OT (Old Testament) and reading your daily emails, while reading Ezekiel I saw the tribes coming together. I was sharing with one of them (on the phone), what I was reading, and the response was ... well that is the old testament, we live in the New Testament. I said the Bible says "God Never Changes" so the OT is for us today. Then she replied "well why would God do that?" What's the point and I said, well God is going to keep His promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob'. Then she said Well what's in it for me? I replied, Why does there need to be anything in that for you? Then she asked me if I was part of a sect . I told her to read it for herself, and see what is says and that I am not part of a sect. I did not tell her anything about what I think personally.
I find it interesting that people think others can not be a part of, or have anything, apart from what they can get out it. These are not people who are seeking God, for who he is.

This is religion in America today. God is someone who, when you push the right buttons, will give you everything you want. Preaching centers around a couple of verses of scripture which have been taken out of context in order to fit this theology.
And guess what, It's not working.
Televangelists/preachers who swindle others for gain... Fleecing the Flock. But in Jeremiah 14:16 that people can not be deceived except by their own consent. So, when they get tired of pushing buttons that don't work, they might possibly search for the truth. I think this is one way that God will wake up the Tribes - through truth. When they search for Him, they will find Him.
So, even though things don't look "good" out there, God's plans can not be thwarted.

(Oh, and I have not heard from the Jehovah Witnesses since then. And that's alright with me. )

For that I am thankful. Meredith.

The Philistines as Facilitators of the Israelite Movement to the West.

3 April 2012, 11 Nissan 5772
We saw that it had been prophesied that a portion of the Israelites would be exiled by Sea [Isaiah 9:1, 11:11], in large ships and fish-boats (Amos 4:2).
[See the Brit-Am Commentary (BAC) to these verses.]
They were to be taken away by the Philistines (Gaza, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Ekron, see Amos 1:6,8) and delivered to Edom in Europe. Gaza, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Ekron were Philistine cities.
The Israelite Exiles from the Ten Tribes were also to be taken away by the Phoenicians of Tyre (Amos 1:9) .
Scripture and History indicate that the Philistines and Phoenicians were intertwined with each other to some degree.
The Philistines had a mixed Canaanite-Phoenician, Minoan (Isle of Crete type), and Mycenean (Greek) type culture.
Just after the Exile of the Israelite Tribes by the Assyrians we find changes in Europe. Colonies were established under Assyrian aegis of Minoan (Philistine) culture in Spain, North Germany, Scandinavia. Likewise settlements of Phoenician culture were also set up in Western Europe.
In some cases a direct correspondence with the exploitation of local mineral resources took place.
Most of the Megalithic monuments and the culture behind them appear to date from this period.
Many of the inhabitants of the new polities were of Israelite origin.
The movement of Israelites to the west by Philistines and Phoenicians from Tyre is confirmed by archaeological, historical, and mythological sources. We are preparing a series of articles on this subject.
The proofs we have from secular sources on these matters correspond with Biblical Passages.
This is Evidence. It is yet more proof that the Ten Tribes today are to be found amongst Western Peoples.

3. New Article.
Philistines and Israelites in the West.
Part One. Who Were the Philistines?

Illlustrated with Maps.

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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