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Brit-Am Now no. 1855: Ten Tribes Studies.
2 April 2012, 10 Nissan 5772
1. The Hebrew Warriors. Brit-Am Speaks.
2. Duane Hiebert:  Let HaShem [the Almighty] do the sorting!
3. Extracts from Brit-Am Reply to Hate Letter.
White Supremacists and Black Racists from the Same Stock!!!
4. Ordering Joseph and other books via PayPal.
5. Sending of The Tribes in Progress!


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1. The Hebrew Warriors
Brit-Am Speaks.

Those of you who realize their own probable (or certain) Israelite Ancestry
and that the Ten Tribes are now to be found amongst Western nations
should realize that in a sense they are chosen.
They have merited this awareness whereas others have not.
There is A Divine Purpose for this.
Each one who has been so blessed should do what they can to increase
and spread awareness of Israelite Ancestry amongst descendants of Israelites.
This includes helping Brit-Am financially and other ways.

In our last Appeal one supporter sent in a modest but very helpful
offering and that was all.
It happens that we make Appeals and the response is quite good and
comes from quite a number of Brit-Am sympathizers and supporters.
Overall considering the relatively small base who are aware of us and
whom we appeal to we do not usually do so badly.
Nevertheless, it is not always sufficient.
There are times when we do better and times when we do not.
There are also times when the financial pressure is more pressing.

At present we are in need of increased support.

They who value Brit-Am and think along the same lines are Hebrew Warriors.
We need your support to stay in the front line and to shape up for
the impending struggle.
Do not let us down.

Brit-Am is important. Brit-Am has a message of value.
Others should hear it and deserve to do so.
Help us get the message to them.

Brit-Am is a Biblical Message and we believe that whosoever helps
Brit-Am will in turn be helped and blessed from heaven.

Malachi 3:
10 Bring all the tithes into the storehouse,
That there may be food in My house,
And try Me now in this,"
Says the Lord of hosts,
"If I will not open for you the windows of heaven
And pour out for you such blessing
That there will not be room enough to receive it.

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2. Duane Hiebert:  Let HaShem [the Almighty] do the sorting!
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1854: Ten Tribes Studies.
#2. Challenge on the Jews and Ashkenazim.

Shalom Yair...shalom.

Your response to this gentleman is extremely gracious and accurate. It is the position I have come to as well.

Both Ruth and Rahab should give most pause to reconsider their thoughts towards who is who.

I have found myself at times, since awakening to the possibility of my own Hebrew roots, on the ugly side of trying to sort out who is who...
And in my search for answers, fell prey to the hate mongering out there.
I repented of these positions only after I turned to the only true source, the Tenack.

My thoughts are; if the Jews could show mercy to such gentlemen as these. As I've decided in myself to let HaShem to do the sorting.
Even then....even if we did know with all surety, who is who....we can look at the example of the fathers, Job and Eliazar....they were friends.

3. Extracts from Brit-Am Reply to Hate Letter.
White Supremacists and Black Racists from the Same Stock!!!

Brit-Am Reply to Hate Letter e-mail:

This is perhaps the fifth hate letter you have sent me.
I do not usually answer such missives but I in your case I made an exception.
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1854: Ten Tribes Studies.
#2. Challenge on the Jews and Ashkenazim.
At first I thought you were a white Identity supremacy type racist but I see by your defence of  Obama,  the homo-lover, and other things that you are actually an Afro-American racist.
This is interesting. You both write the same style of letters.
It indicates that white Aryan Nations scum and Black Racist Jew-haters are of one and the same stock!!!!

You same obsessed with the Jews and you even quote the Bible.

The Bible says that God loves the Jews.
It also says that homosexuality is a perversion and abomination.
Is that why they call it OBAMINation?

Anyway, Brit-Am emphasizes BIBLICAL Proof concerning the Ten Tribes.
All other evidence is incidental and controversial though we also use it.

US State Dept to force gay agenda on foreign nations!
The Obama administration has announced that it is taking the unbelievable role of pushing the homosexual agenda around the world and punishing countries that don't comply.

Back in July, MassResistance reported how the Pakistanis angrily denounced the US Embassy's open homosexual parties as "cultural terrorism." Well, that was just the beginning.

Now, foreign countries which seek to protect their citizens against homosexuality and the homosexual movement will be actively confronted by America's State Department, foreign service, and other federal departments, according to a Presidential Memorandum released by the Obama Administration announced on Dec. 6.

Unless countries around the world subordinate their own social and religious values to U.S. demands that they embrace homosexuality and the homosexual movement, they can expect interference from the US government in their internal affairs and punishment -- using foreign aid and in international commerce, trade, banking, travel restrictions, and the like.

Mirroring the homosexual lobby's (and the Left's) traditional tactics, Obama is characterizing this as a "civil rights" quest for homosexuality and transgenderism.

4. Ordering Joseph and other books via PayPal.
There may be a problem ordering Joseph and other books via PayPal.
We are trying to fix it.

As far as we know it only applies to Joseph!!!
Order for The Tribes and Contributions are OK.
If you wish to order Joseph or any other work and encounter a problem with PayPal:
Place the money for the book in the Contributions box and send an e-mail to us at:
At all events,
Please Let us Know!
This is important to us.

5. Orders for The Tribes being sent out.

Orders for The Tribes are now being sent out.
They are being sent in batches.
Some will have already received the book.
Others are on their way.
Some have not yet gone out but should do so soon.

Reactions so far have been very favorable.
The printer chose a certain type of paper that is pleasant to the touch.
The book is user-friendly and so is the content.

I gave a copy to a Rabbi whose lessons I attend. He told me that a group of Yeshiva students were guests of his at a Shabbat meal.
They were intrigued by the work.
# So, you have your fans! #, he said.

Any reactions, criticisms, praises, etc will be very welcome.
We published 1000 and have only 400 left.
Ca. 250 were bulk orders.
This has not solved our financial problems but it put a dent in them and prevented them from worsening.
We are once again under severe financial pressure but if we get through this phase things could be much better.

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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