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Brit-Am Now no. 1854: Ten Tribes Studies.
30 March 2012, 7 Nissan 5772
1. Brit-Am Gives You the Low-Down on Several Issues.
2. Challenge on the Jews and Ashkenazim.
3. Chris Geary: Unconvinced.


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1. Brit-Am Gives You the Low - Down on Several Issues.
Biblical Proofs, Rabbinical Sources, and Historical Evidence proving that the Ten Tribes are amongst Western Peoples
that are valid and acceptable originate in many cases today from Brit-Am Researches.
In some fields (e.g. Rabbinical Sources, DNA, aspects of historical research, etc) ALL (or nearly all) what we now have comes from Brit-Am.
This is an achievement and it is ongoing and still in progress.

2. Challenge on the Jews and Ashkenazim.
Charles  wrote:
Are not Jews at all. According to the Bible, they are the sons of Noah, but not of Shem.
Israelites, including the House of Judah are descendants of Shem, Abraham and God's Promise.
Clearly, the Bible states that Ashkenaz was a grandson of Japeth, another one of Noah's sons and not Shem.
Why in the world would a group of people call themselves a name that is not associated with Shem?
But the bottom line, in the Bible and not according to the Ashenaz jews who are not jews, therefore  hardly able to claim a 1000 year old inheritance according to the Promise.
They are not jews according to genealogy which in the Bible is passed on from Father to son, and never determined by a woman as it is today with the Ashkenaz Jews and others. This in itself invalidates the claims of any claiming jewish ancestry because it departs from the way God determined genealogy should be drawn, through males and not females without considering the Ashkenaz as sons of Japeth, not Shem.
Finally, as with Ruth all that converted and followed the law became Israelites but none, but the Bible points out clearly those who came from idol worshipping religions ( like the Catholics and Mormons), for instance Ruth, the wife of Joseph, the idol worshipping wives of Solomon.
None of them were passed off as having been born to God?s Promise.
Thank you, Charles Slakan
I want to remind you that Truth is not hate mongering and even when there is a conflict of opinion, research should happen before an evaluation is made.

Brit-Am Replies:

(a) Re Ashkenazim.
People born in a certain country call themselves after that country.
Italians born in the USA when they meet up with Italians from elsewhere call themselves Americans.
The same with everybody.
Ashkenaz in Jewish Tradition meant Germany. Jews from Germany spread to Eastern Europe bringing Yiddish (a Hebrew-German dialect) and other customs with them.
In the course of time all Jews of Europe were referred to as Ashkenazim.
Similarly Sephard means Spain. Jews from Spain after the Expulsion went to Mediterranean Lands and the East.
In the end all North African, Italian, Greek, and Eastern Jews became referred to as Sephardim i.e. those who follow customs that originated with Spanish Jews.

(b) Descent Through the Mother.
As for Judaism being passed on through the mother this is only relevant when the father is non-Jewish.
It is based on the correct interpretation of a Biblical Passage in the Hebrew Bible.
Perhaps your father is of Jewish descent and your mother is not which is why you have some kind of problem with it?
This is a common phenomenon.
Is there any Biblical foundation for the "Jewish Mother" Law?
Anyway, Most Jews descend from other Jews through both their mother and father. Converts to Judaism when the Conversion is done properly are also legitimate Jews.
In the same way as you would not like a Chinaman to go against the American consensus and to start declaring who is and who is not a legitimate citizen of the USA  who are you to decide who is and who is not Jewish??
the last part of your message seemed a little confused.
Are you saying that David King of Israel (descendant of Ruth), and the descendants of Joseph were not really Israelites???
See our list of Questions and Answers concerning the Jews and Judah.

3. Chris Geary: Unconvinced
Some of your writings are either racist or delusional. Please seek the Lord on these matters,

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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